Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Wednesday Weigh In and Project Me 365

My weigh ins/nutrition/exercise has been a bumpy ride at best this year so far.  The last time I posted, I was UP FOUR POUNDS!  Yeah, so not good! 
Well, despite not eating well at all really, I am happy to say that I am DOWN ONE POUND!  Not much I know but it is a step in the right direction.
I think that keeping my veggie/fruit intake higher (even while eating my sweets) has helped a bit.  Plus, all that "free exercise" via shoveling snow probably combated my eating habits a little.
My original goal on January 1st was 30 lbs.  After gaining January weight, the new goal was 34 lbs.  After this morning's weight in I have 33 pounds to go to reach goal.

Project Me 365
Not a ton has been happening with this.  Thanks to the ongoing illnesses going around my house and the yucky weather, a LOT of things are at a standstill.

To stay accountable though, here are my totals to date.

2473 miles....
Not doing well here this month....yet.  Since last updating this post, I have only logged in 5 measley miles...bringing my year total to 72.  Everyone is getting a bit of cabin fever here - especially the dog!  But, the sidewalks just aren't very safe at the moment because of the melting/refreezing cycle we have found ourselves in.  I have no excuse for NOT using my treadmill though...other than being off and on feeling yucky and truthfully unmotivated this month. 

Be good to yourself....
Not a whole lot going on in the department either.  Yesterday G2 told me that I was the "most stressed out person she has ever met"!  OUCH!  It's past time to fire up that relaxation app I downloaded on Feb 1st!
I have been trying to make the time to read.  I bring a book with me everywhere in the car so I can use the time I spend waiting for the Guppies to sneak in some reading.  I also take my book with me while G2 is in her hour long therapy session and just sit in the quiet waiting room and read.  The office is centrally located so I potentially could do a few errands if needed but I purposely set this as "down time" for myself.  G2's therapist has noticed it as well since she commented yesterday when she came in the waiting room to get my daughter  that  I am "always reading".  (Said nicely as more of a compliment than a negative statement)

365 Acts of Random Kindness....
1.  I let a woman go in front of me at the grocery store.  She didn't have a cart and was juggling six items and speaking to (what I assumed from what I heard) her sick teenager on a cellphone cradled against her ear.  I have been there before and would have appreciated if someone had let me cut ahead so this was a no brainer!

Is it "random" if it's done for someone you know? 

2.  I helped Papa out a LOT with shoveling out of last week's snowstorm....much more than I usually can/do. 

3.  Then yesterday, I took advantage of the slightly warmer temps and scraped/shoveled the melting ice where I could so Papa wouldn't have to do as much and to help stop the cycle of melt/refreeze.

4.  I drove G2's ex ("but now we are just friends Mom") home from school on Monday....only to find that the power was out on his side of town and he couldn't get into the house.  (no house key and obviously garage keypad wasn't working)  He said he would be fine waiting outside but I wouldn't do that of course.  He came over to our house and hung out with G2 and her BFF until his father picked him up after work.

52 New Recipes....
Here's one place I AM excelling!
For my 10th new recipe this year, I made Frugal Girl's English muffins.  They were delicious!  And I was super proud of myself for having succeeded!  Five out of five stars.

For my eleventh new recipe, I made Walt Disney World's Le Cellier Mushroom Risotto.  It was quite a long process.  When Papa came home and saw the stove filled with various simmering pots, he was surprised!  But, this recipe wasn't all THAT complicated and just more time consuming as risotto's usually are.  Well worth the effort!  Five out of five stars!

For my twelfth new recipe,  I made this Vanilla Buttercream Frosting to go on top of our Valentine's Day cupcakes.  Very easy and yummy!  Another five out of five stars!

52 Dates....
Not too much happening on this front.  When Papa and I have found ourselves with a little bit of time, we have been watching movies/shows on Netflix.
However, last week I saw a great idea on The Picky Pinchers blog!  Basically, her idea was to get some popsicle sticks, color code them (free, inexpensive, etc) and put date ideas on them.  I love this idea!  And, it is something I would like to brainstorm and make with Papa this coming weekend.
By the way, if don't already, go check out the Picky Pincher's blog!  It's filled with great ideas all around!

And, I guess that's where everything stands this week.  Some good, some meh, some bad.  Such is life right?

Onto the "new" week in these areas!

Happy Hump Day!


  1. It sounds like an over all good week to me! Congrats on the weight loss. A pound doesn't sound like much until you visualize it as 4 sticks of butter.

    1. Thanks Anne! And yuuuummmm....butter! LOL