Sunday, February 19, 2017

What's Cooking?

Let's see how I did this week getting food on the table for my family!

It's like the crud isn't ever going to go away!  I woke up stuffy and with a sore throat to boot!  G1 comes home from Ramsey's today (most likely after dinner when the nasty weather is supposed to switch over to rain in our area).
We all slept in late again today!
G2:  Hashbrowns with syrup
Papa:  French toast with syrup (leftover from yesterday)
Me:  The last piece of pizza from Friday night 

G2:  Pasta salad
Papa & Me:  PB&Js

Such disappointment!  The yummy ham Papa was going to make couldn't get done because I mistakenly thought I had gingersnaps in my pantry when they were actually cinnamon graham crackers!  I had one very small bag of crushed snaps in the cabinet from the last time we made the ham but it wasn't nearly enough to cover our entire 11 lb ham!  I was so in the mood for it too!  It's being put off until next weekend because the roads around here were too iffy to chance driving when we would have needed the snaps!
I searched the freezer/fridge/pantry and improvised...
Baked BBQ Chicken
Boxed Mac N Cheese
Garlicky Green Beans

G1:  Egg McMuffin style sandwich
G2:  Hash browns
Papa:  Yogurt with granola at work
Me:  English muffin with butter

G1:  French onion soup
G2:  Had friends over after school (when she typically has her "real" lunch since she chooses not to eat a full lunch at school)  They raided the cabinets for snacky things including popcorn, the chocolate chip cookies I made today, and Doritos.
Papa:  Leftover BBQ chicken dinner from Sunday
Me: Leftover creamy mushroom soup from Saturday

Up late last night with the dog - she's out of sorts thanks to the lack of exercise due to the snow.  I was feeling really tired and couldn't take the nap I needed.  I really really REALLY wanted to give in and order a pizza...especially since G2's BFF was going to stay for dinner.  But, I pushed on and upcycled the ham G1 brought home from Ramsey's....
Cheater's Version of Bourbon Gingersnap crusted Ham (Papa, G1, & Me)*
Au Gratin Potatoes (leftovers G1 brought home)
Roasted Sweet Potatoes
Roasted Carrots  
(a LOT of orange on the plates between the carrots and sweet potatoes but sometimes what can you do?)
* I rooted through the freezer for another alternative for G2 & BFF and came up with Tempura Chicken bites I bought from Aldi a few months back.  They had these along with the sweet potatoes and carrots.

G1 woke up with the stomach bug....Marvelous
G2:  Hashbrowns
Papa:  Yogurt with granola at work
Me:  Homemade English muffin with butter

G1:  A couple of saltines since her stomach couldn't hold anything else
Papa:  Spaghetti with meatsauce (leftover from Saturday night)
Me:  PB&J, two small mandarin oranges, and 4 chocolate chips cookies (((OOOPS)))

G2 went out to dinner with the ex-boyfriend as "just friends" but I think this is going to turn into an on again/off again thing between them.
Papa & Me:  Roasted Mushroom Risotto
G1: Had a tiny bit of our dinner too but decided that her stomach couldn't handle it
Chocolate cupcakes with homemade buttercream frosting for dessert....I made the cupcakes for "Valentine's Day-ish" by sprinkling leftover Christmas red sugar on them.

G1: Nothing as her stomach bug persists
G2:  Hash browns
Papa:  Yogurt with granola at work
Me: The last chocolate cupcake from last night...Sorry not sorry!  LOL

G1:  Wanted scrambled eggs with cheese  She held them down okay.
G2:  Grilled cheese
Papa:  PB&J, two mandarin oranges, chocolate chip cookes  Sadly, the mushroom risotto is too heavy for Papa's gallbladder at the moment.  He enjoyed it but then was up all night last night with gallbladder pain.  We think it may need to be removed at some point this year as it has bothered him off and on for three years now.
Me:  Leftover mushroom risotto because apparently you can NOT freeze cooked risotto and I won't let it go to waste.

Here's something that hasn't made an appearance in quite a little while....
G1, G2, and Me:  McDonalds -  So, I caved.  This cold has been kicking my butt, I'm mentally and physically exhausted.  And, my right leg gave out while I was walking down the cellar steps.  I'm okay and only fell down three or four steps but I'm pretty sore.  G1 said she was craving MCD so that also cinched the deal.   Not going nearly as often made it a real treat again for the Guppies.  
Papa:  Tuna melt when he got home from work as it was another late night for him.

G1:  Grabbed something from the counter but I can't figure out what it was.  Maybe an oatmeal breakfast cookie?
G2:  Hash browns
Papa:  Oatmeal at work
Me:  Homemade English muffin with butter, 2 really small mandarin oranges

G1: Scrambled eggs and toast
G2:  Grilled cheese
Papa:  lunch was provided at work today
Me:  LAST of the mushroom risotto  (I'm all risotto'd out for awhile!  LOL)

G1 invited Ramsey over for dinner tonight so I kept things simple since Papa offered to deal with cooking dinner since I'm still sore from my Wednesday afternoon tumble:
with or without caramelized onions
French fries/Chips

G1: Bought herself something from Dunkin Donuts
G2:  Croissant
Papa:  Oatmeal at work
Me: 2 slices of buttered toast

G1:  Went to Ramsey's afterschool and ate there
G2:  picked at snacky foods
Papa:  Seafood salad on a pita
Me:  PB&J

G1:  At Ramsey's
G2 & BFF:  Pizza
Papa & Me:  Split a mushroom, spinach, and garlic calzone (with leftovers to spare!)

G1: At Ramsey's
G2 & BFF:  G2 treated herself and BFF to Dunkin Donuts
Papa & Me:  Split an everything bagel with cream cheese from home

G1: At Ramsey's
G2 & BFF:  Leftover Pizza

G1:  At Ramsey's
G2:  At her friend's birthday party
Papa & Me:  We finally used that Groupon I had purchased for the Irish pub the next town over.  The food was really good and I would definitely go back again - especially if I found another Groupon for the place!
Papa had a mustard glazed salmon
I had a gorgonzola topped steak
Not sure how "Irish' the dishes we chose were....But still delicious just the same!

Now it's time to get back into home cooking again!  Our little takeout/restaurant treats are over for awhile!

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  1. So sorry about the stair mishap. Glad you didn't go down to many steps. If it was the Playwright, they sometimes have coupons in those business mailer envelopes. Hope everyone is on the mend!