Sunday, February 26, 2017

What's Cooking....

Let's check out how we ate this week!  And, nope!  NO fast food is included - well unless you count a take and bake pizza!  =)
To be completely honest however, I didn't start this post on Sunday like I normally do (and update through the week) so the first few days only have dinners included because that's all I can completely remember!

The four of us plus Ramsey
Alton Brown's City Ham
Mashed Potatoes
Mac n Cheese (boxed)
Green Beans with Garlic Butter

Just little old me for dinner!  G2 was at a friend's house.  G1 was at Ramsey's.  And Papa worked late.
I had:  Campbell's Tomato Soup with a buttered roll
Papa:  When he got home from work he made himself a tuna melt.  And made extra tuna to take to work on Tuesday.

G1: At Ramsey's
G2 & BF:  Take and Bake pizza from Big Y
Me:  Blackened chicken salad
Papa:  was supposed to have the salad but went straight to bed when he got home from work at 1am

G1:  Bagel with cream cheese
G2:  Croissant
Papa:  Made himself a big breakfast since he hadn't eaten the night before.  Scrambled eggs, sausage, and toast
Me:  Toast with butter

G1:  Leftover Pizza
G2:  Snacked on Goldfish on her way to her therapy appointment right after school
Papa:  Blackened chicken salad at work
Me:  Blackened chicken salad that Papa didn't eat Tuesday night

G1 & Me: Cheddar Ham & Rice Casserole*
G2:  not feeling adventurous so had leftover pizza
*new recipe and was kind of meh.  Very heavy as well.  Probably won't make again.
Papa:  Got home at 2am and didn't want to eat dinner late late/too tired

G1: Nothing - slept in because of  Dr appointment
G2:  Croissant
Papa: Cereal at home before heading to work later in the morning
Me:  Package of two Nature Valley granola bars

G1 & Me:  G1 requested Spicy Udon
G2:  Went walking with friends after school and grabbed Wayback Burgers
Papa:  Leftover Cheddar, Ham, & Rice casserole

The exhaustion from the lack of sleep the past two nights (coupled with stress of handling situations) is real.  G2 had her BF over so the five of us just had:
Lemon Roasted Chicken
Mashed Yukon Golds
I was just couldn't be bothered with cooking a veg too.

Papa brought home some misc pastries/muffins from a late morning work meeting yesterday...
G1:  Raspberry turnover
G2:  Croissant
Papa:  Opted for his yogurt at work with granola
Me:  Chocolate Chip muffin

G1 & G2:  Pasta salad
Papa:  Chicken salad at work
Me:  Leftover pizza

Both Guppies out so just Papa and me for dinner.  Original plan was mushroom/spinach frittata but Papa was worried about his gall bladder acting up so instead we had:
Roasted Veggies and Cheddar sandwiches
Papa had pretzel rods with his.

G1:  At Ramsey's but texted me a picture of her breakfast from a well known diner in Ramsey's area of Connecticut - how thoughtful right?  LOL
G2:  Croissant
Papa & Me:  Raspberry turnovers (freebies from Papa's meeting)

G1 and G2 both out
Papa & Me:  Leftover Roasted Veggie and Cheese sandwiches

Just Papa and me again!
Garlic & Broccoli Cavatelli with Parmesan
Garlic bread - store brand I had lurking in the was so bland!  Edible but no taste really.


  1. You do really well tracking how your family eats. Papa seems to miss a lot of meals due to his work/sleep schedule. I can relate at so does my hubs, and then he will overeat another meal, and it gets to be a starve then over indulgence cycle. It's hard trying to keep everyone fed and healthy isn't it?

    1. Thankfully Papa's schedule is only temporary! The middle of March can't come fast enough! It will be nice when this project is over and things can go back to normal! =)