Saturday, March 11, 2017

Busy Last Few Days!

  It's been a few busy days around here! 

Thursday found me doing all my errands among throngs of people who were worried about the impending Friday snowstorm....that ended up being nothing.

Yesterday a LOT of the day was spent on cleaning up - including SPRING cleaning of both the Guppies rooms which were just plain awful! 
But, in the middle of the day as I was driving G1 and Ramsey to a friend's house, I got a phone call from G2 about the sleepover she is having today....
Having a large group of kids over for a hangout/then girls sleepover isn't that strange an occurrence to us.  I would say it happens at least every other month.  BUT, G2 confessed that this one is "sorta" a birthday party for her close friend "M".  I guess M really wanted to have a birthday party sleepover but didn't want to do it at her house because of her family situation so.....I guess we are hosting a sorta birthday party?  LOL  And, then G2 asked if we could go to the mall yesterday to pick her up a gift.  Well, since we would be buying her a gift anyway, we headed out after I dropped G1 off. 
This "birthday" party isn't changing much in the way of what we were doing today in truth.  M doesn't like cake so G2 and I will bake some cookies instead.  A trip to the dollar store later to grab some birthday plates and streamers/decorations and we can call it a day.  M doesn't want much really....she just wants to be with her friends and that's something G2 and I can do for her.

While at the mall yesterday, I stopped over at Windsor in search of G1's prom dress.  G1 found an absolutely gorgeous dark green velvet dress there a few weeks ago.  She sent me a pic of her in it and she was stunning!  And, it so happened to fit the prom theme of "Hollywood Red Carpet".  She didn't buy the dress because it was a little snug when she buttoned the neck.  Whelp, wouldn't you know when we went to order it on the website, the dress didn't exist?!?!  Luckily the dress was still there yesterday!  However, when I asked if any other stores had it one size up, we found out that this was the last dress anywhere in any size!  The clerk said it might be discontinued.  I was on the phone with G1 and she told me to grab it!  We can see if the buttons can be "let out" at all.  And, if not, she said she could deal with how tight it was and that it wasn't strangling her or anything!  LOL   Bright side is that I don't think anyone else is going to have this dress at prom since it's the last one anywhere!  =)  And, best part is that is was *only* $74.99!  Approximately half of what I expected to pay for a prom gown for her.

Anyway, we are off to the farmer's market this morning.  Then I have to come home and do a little more cleaning (including mopping the downstairs floors), and bake those cookies I mentioned above.  Dinner will be easy tonight - pizza for which I budgeted already.  Then Papa and I will hang out in our room tonight to catch up on some DVR'd shows while G2 and friends will have the run of the downstairs!  I can't complain though - G2 and friends are all really nice kids.  =)
G1 made the smart decision to be out of the house at Ramsey's all weekend.  Haha!

And, finally on the docket for this weekend is a potential date night for Papa & me! There was a slight surplus in money for "entertainment" since Papa and his coworkers didn't go out for drinks after work on Thursday night as originally planned.  Plus G2 decided against going to a concert last evening for which I had already budgeted.  So, Papa and I are thinking of going to the movies to see "Before I Fall".  My entire family loved the book so hopefully the movie doesn't disappoint.  I mentioned to G2 that, since we were already probably going, that she and her BFF could join us (but sit somewhere else in the theater of course because, you know, "cool" factor  haha!).

Phew!  Sorry that was a bit of a ramble wasn't it?  =)

Have a great Saturday!


  1. It is comforting/reassuring whatever the word, to know other mom's are just doing their thing on weekends, and no expectation that life has to be epically exciting. Your a great mom, and being a support system to her friend is such a gift. We too have an open door policy with our kids friends, always welcome, unless of course, the chaos factor inside is at it's highest, then give us a little widow to clean up!

    1. Thanks Sam...but honestly, we just try to practice what we preach to the kids about being good generous people. While an open door policy definitely doesn't put or keep money in our pockets, it's one of the places/circumstances where money is secondary. Have a great weekend! =)

  2. I love that your daughter found a dress for prom especially a bargain dress. When the time comes be sure to post pictures. One tricky thing about velvet__it generally leaves stitch marks and can be a little unforgiving when letting it out. If it is just a tad to tight you might want to consider using elastic thread on the buttons for a little more "give" and it would not compromise the fabric. (Elastic thread only comes in black and white around here, but you could always color it with a Sharpie.

    1. Thanks for the tips Anne! The dress has a plunging neckline but has a little fabric at the top (like a thick choker) with two little buttons. That's where the little issue is. I love the elastic idea because all she really needs is just a tiny more give to be completely comfortable since the dress fits perfectly elsewhere. Also, since she has long hair which she will most likely leave down, I'm sure it will be covered one way or another. =)

  3. Please share a pic of the dress!

  4. I will since I am fairly sure the original one she sent me when she tried it on didn't have her face in it! =)