Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Day Book for March 8th, 2017 Plus Gas & Garbage

Picture of the little s'more bonfire we had at the Lake Compounce cabin we rented last year for G2's birthday.  Yes, that means I am actually ready for summer to come -which isn't usually like me!

Outside my window....
Because it's so much later than when I normally am writing, there's not much traffic (cars or pedestrians) at the moment.  It looks like the sky is brightening up and maybe the sun will poke out soon!

I am hearing....
Not much besides the dog snoring and the ferret upstairs running up and down her two flights of steps in her cage....She is a bit strange.  LOL

I'm wearing....
Sadly, it's 10am and I'm still in my PJ's!  My gray Pooh sweatshirt and pink Santa flannel bottoms.  I'm not "in season" or matching but both keep me warm!

I'm feeling....
Pretty tired actually.  Papa didn't get home from work until 3am and I don't sleep very well until he's home.  I'm so happy this is most likely the last week of this crazy schedule for him!

I'm reading....
I just finished a book last night called Somebody Else's Daughter by Elizabeth Brundage. It was an unbelievably well written, raw, and depressing book.  But, soooooo good!  Highly recommend it!  I am currently charging up my Kindle to find a book to read since I have a bajillion stored on that thing!

I'm grateful....
that tomorrow is payday here, that G1's migraine is better, and that Papa's work schedule will resume normally next week.

From the kitchen....
Nothing planned in there yet....besides cleaning up the rest of last night's mess sadly.  I have to figure out what I am going to make for dinner.  I may just do good ol' reliable (breakfast for dinner!).

Coming up for the rest of the week....
Let's see...
Tomorrow I have my grocery lists ready.  I'm hitting three separate stores to cherry pick the deals.  Also, G2 has an orthodontic appointment afterschool.
Friday the weathermen are calling for snow in the morning so I may or may not have company during the day (aka The Guppies)!  Either way, I have a LOT of cleaning to do in preparation for G2's Saturday night sleepover here.
Saturday we will go to the farmer's market for milk and poke around inside to see what other vendors are around.  Then G2 has her sleepover....I don't know how many kids are coming over but I'm guesstimating at least five.
Sunday, I plan on relaxing and getting set up for the following week!

As predicted last week, I did have to fill up my car on Friday evening for $28.25.  Currently I have a little over 1/2 tank left since driving G1 back and forth to Ramsey's house (40 minutes away) eats up some gas!  That leaves me with $101.75 left in the March budget for my car.  So far so good!  =)

Two bags again this week....which seems to be my new normal.  I would definitely like to cut that down to one.  I need to put my thinking cap on and get to cutting down the waste around here!

And, with that, I'm off to change and walk the dog!

Hope you all have a great Wednesday!


  1. Must have been the day for wearing nightclothes. I had finished most of my chores and went to check them morning routine includes fully dressed and presentable...I looked down and I was still in my gown and

    I'm never a summer person, but I do look forward to the return of sunshine on a steady basis.

    1. Haha! I would actually stay in PJs all day if I could some days! =)
      I am not a summer person either (the heat/humidity wreaks havoc on my MS) but this year I am ready for this wacky winter to just end.

  2. I just stumbled across your blog - thank you for visiting mine! :) A few months ago, I was distraught with the amount of trash we were throwing creating. I implemented a super easy recycling program that only requires a liiiitle more effort on my part to stop at the recycling center, but we are down to 1 bag per week! It's a continuous improvement sort of thing though!

    1. Great job on the trash! We are fortunate enough to have recycling picked up curbside once every two weeks. I *think* I do a fairly good job with that aspect but I am wondering if there isn't room for improvement because we seem to be generating too much trash still.
      Thanks for stopping by! I love your blog by the way! =)

  3. I put on clothes before I leave the bedroom, however sweat pants and a sweatshirt count as clothes, which is what I had on all day yesterday. Glad no one knocked on the door!

    1. Haha! I always tell my mom that my sixteen year old self would be mortified with me now! Back then I wouldn't even walk to the mailbox without being fully dressed with full makeup! Now there are days when I drive the Guppies to school in my PJs....LOL