Thursday, March 2, 2017

Day Book for Thursday March 2nd, 2017 Plus Gas & Garbage

Outside my window....
The sun is shining but whoa!  Is it ever windy out there!  So much so that I decided it was too dangerous to take the dog for her walk this morning!  I live in a pretty wooded neighborhood and the chance of limbs coming down is huge right now!  So, instead I'm sitting in the dining room watching the trees dancing.

I'm wearing....
Old Navy jeans, sneakers, and a long sleeved gray V-neck sweater.

I'm hearing....
The wind roaring, the heat kicking on, the washing machine and dryer going, and my dog snoring.

I'm thinking....
I am going to change my Wednesday Weigh In and Project Me 365 posts from once per week to once per month.  While that may seem counterproductive, I have found myself dreading writing these posts since my progress has been pretty slow.  It may help to see my "accomplishments" bundled together at the end of each month.

I'm feeling....
Exhausted from the broken sleep I have been getting!  And possibly a wee bit cranky to be honest...

I'm reading....
Somebody Else's Daughter by Elizabeth Brundage
I'm only about 50 pages in but I like it thus far...although it is a tad depressing.

I'm creating....
Some new pages for my planner.  Later today I may look on Pinterest for some additional inspiration.

From the kitchen....
I made French Toast for Papa and me for breakfast since he has been eating breakfasts at home due to his schedule.  I may make some Rice Krispies Treats for the Guppies afterschool snack.  (G2 has a friend coming over to help her study for a math test.)  I also have boneless skinless chicken breasts defrosted in the fridge that I need to decide what to do with for dinner.  Anyone have any good chicken recipes?

I have a bit over 1/4 of a tank left from the last fill up in February!  So, I still have my full $130 gas allotment intact....for now.  I will most likely have to fill up either tomorrow night or over the weekend at some point.

Two kitchen sized (13 gallon bags) went out this week.  Plus our very large recycling can was overstuffed - pick up is every two weeks for recyclables.

And, that's how my Thursday is going.  How's yours?


  1. Glad you didn't walk if there was a danger of getting conked with falling limbs. I wish I had that excuse, but I just didn't walk today because.

    1. It was truly THAT windy here! And, while I DO have an excuse for not walking outside, I DON'T have one for not getting my butt on the treadmill in my basement! ;)