Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Day Book for Wednesday March 22, Plus Gas & Garbage

G2 and I are always texting each other silly memes.  I have no idea why but this one cracked me up yesterday!

Outside my window....
It literally just began to flurry...which is strange because I don't remember hearing that in the forecast.  The wind is blowing the trees around like mad.  Other than a few cars going by, there really isn't much activity.

What I am hearing....
The furnace kicking on AGAIN! I really didn't want to fill the oil tank again until after the cold weather was over.  There was something satisfying in being able to say we only filled up twice for the entire winter.  But, with only a quarter of tank left and some more cold weather on the way, I'm not sure I am going to win this one!

What I am feeling....
Meh.  But, I am not going to be one of those bloggers who just complains all the time!  LOL  Yesterday I logged in almost 12,000 steps so that's definitely progress from where I have been lately. So, let's stick with that!  =)

What I am wearing....
Still in PJ's as I have yet to hop in the flannel PJ bottoms, black long sleeved T shirt, and dark blue Disney Beach Club zip up sweatshirt.  Yeah, I know you are jealous of my fashion sense!  Haha!

What I am reading....
Trigger Warning by Neil Gaimon.  It's a compilation of his short stories.  It's awesome so far and I am taking my time with it! 

From the kitchen....
Nothing yet.  Papa was my hero last night when he cleaned the kitchen for me!  So, I have a nice neat kitchen to mess up today!  HAHA  I need to make more granola later on this morning.  And, it would probably be a good idea to figure out tonight's dinner as well!  Papa already warned me he is most likely working late - more snafus in the final phases of the computer portion of his project.

From the learning rooms....
I don't use this one quite often but I have something to say today!  G1 got a formal written warning via email from Gaggle/Administration.  It was beyond ridiculous!  And, I'm not talking about just because I don't agree with it!  It was a form email that said her work had been "flagged for inappropriate words/content" and to "refrain from such language in the future".  Talk about being vague?!?!  No specifics whatsoever!  We have encouraged her to go to administration and ask for particulars!  (As her English teacher did as well)  Before G1 went to bed last evening, she told me she WANTED to continue to turn things in on Google Docs because she strongly believes in freedom of expression in a creative writing classroom.  She even told me the idea she has for her next short story and, wow!  It's a doozy! It draws on past experiences over the years at the high school while still staying in the fiction realm.  It's not her usual gory stuff, but, if she does indeed write it, it will probably freak administration out, which is fine.  Let G1 graduate with a bang!  I'm pretty sure her AP Creative Writing teacher will get a kick out of the story too!  Especially after G1 shows her the one she wrote sophomore year!  Some people may think that we are encouraging G1 to go looking for trouble....What we are doing is helping her find her voice and stand up for what she believes in.

My goal gas budget for the month of March was $130.  This is for my car only.  As of last my last update, I had $73.57 left.  Last Friday night I filled up for $30.43, leaving me with $43.14 for the rest of the month.  I have a little over 1/2 tank currently and will most likely need to fill up again on Friday.  I am considering only putting in $20 and trying to make it the rest of the month with only that.  This way, I can "bank" $23 towards summer driving.  We will see how this goes!  =)

Only ONE (13 gallon kitchen sized bag) this week!  (((cue applause)))  LOL  I'm extremely happy with this!

I'm off to take that shower and get the dog out for a quick walk!  I hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. We had a short break from the furnace over the past two days but today the temp is going up to -2c. Though I do appreciate the brilliant sunshine!

    1. Sunshine is always appreciated! Especially at this time of year! =)

  2. I probably should not mention that we had to turn our a/c on yesterday during the late afternoon, huh?

  3. Good for G1. If it is not hurtful to anyone, and I find that unlikely from how you have shared, let her voice be loud.