Thursday, March 30, 2017

Day Book March 30th, 2017 and Gas & Garbage

Picture taken earlier this week....My 85 pound puppy thinks she's really a lap dog! This is her earlier in the week with me.  Whenever I feel sick or down she won't leave my side....

Outside my window...
The sun is coming up.  There is the usual hustle and bustle of cars going by and kids walking to the bus stop.

What I am hearing...
Cars, the refrigerator humming, the clothes dryer.

What I am wearing...
Purple long sleeved sweater, black jeans, black socks.

What I am feeling...
Determined....I have to lose this weight now, no more fooling around.  And, grateful to those who have reached out to help support me!  =)

What I am reading...
The Dead and Gone (Last Survivors #2) by Susan Beth Pfeffer
This is a four book series.  I really liked the first book a LOT.  The second one has a new set of characters and I'm not feeling it quite as much.  However, because the third book goes back to the first book's characters AND the fourth is supposed to tie all the books together, I am going to finish this one.  Confusing?  LOL   Anyway, the books center around a post-apocalyptic theme - an asteroid hits the moon and knocks it out of its orbit and closer to Earth.

From the kitchen...
The kitchen is currently a MESS!  So, I gotta get on that.  I'm hoping to make some granola for Papa since he's out.  But, that probably won't happen until later this afternoon.


I did it guys!  My budget for the month was $130.  Last time I went to the gas station, I only put in $20.  It's going to be close but I think I can make it until Saturday (April 1st)!  So, I used only $110 of my $130 allotment!  Super psyched about it!  The extra twenty will be "saved" to help defray summer driving expenses.

We had two (13 gallon kitchen sized) bags go out this week.  And a very, very, VERY full can of recyclables.

Today is going to be a busy day for me so I better get moving!

Have a great day!


  1. Great job on the gas! I do very little running that isn't business related and if it isn't my busy time of the year a tank can last me all month.

    On the weight loss front, remember small things add up over time. Make little changes you can live with long term.

    1. One tank for the entire month?!?! Wow! That's amazing!
      And, definitely slow and steady wins the race weight wise. I would love to do something drastic to make it come off quickly but that's not the smartest way to go about it. So, it will be day by day and small changes all the way! =)