Friday, March 3, 2017

Groceries This Week for March....

Start of a new month and a fresh new grocery budget!   I am striving to keep my grocery bill to $450 or under for March. It's going to be a challenge considering the pantry is getting a bit bare!  And I am aiming for $100 less than a "normal" budgeted month.  But, I'm game to try!  =)
What is included in my monthly budget?  Food, paper and cleaning products, and health/beauty items.  We are a family of four....Papa, Me, Guppy1 (18), and Guppy2 (14).  Plus we often will have an impromptu dinner guest or two thanks to the Guppies!  =)

Originally I didn't plan on going to the store at all this week!  However, to keep the natives from getting too restless, I went once to grab a few things....

Big Y:  $33.37
1 (5 pack) croissants
1 lb butter
1 package Cabot shredded cheddar cheese
1 dozen store brand large eggs
2 (1.25 ltrs) Diet Cokes
1 bag On the Border tortilla chips
1 (16oz) jar Skippy peanut butter
1 (16 oz) store brand grape jelly
6 store brand sparkling "ice" drinks
1 (16oz) container fresh salsa
1 lb sweet potatoes
2 lbs onions

No Farmer's Market for us this Saturday!  We are planning on sleeping in!   LOL 
I have no need to buy anymore milk yet.  Plus, since Papa has been eating breakfast at home due to his schedule, we have no immediate need for more yogurt either.  (This will change as soon as Papa's work project is over and his schedule returns to normal.)

Costco:  $0*
*retail price $230.32
Earlier this morning my parents surprised me with a impromptu Costco trip!  While I'm sure I could have done better with my purchases, I bought a lot of treats to keep the family happy.  Thanks Mom and Dad!  This should help me stay within March budget!

5.5 lbs of ground beef
4 large NY strip steaks
1 container (3 boxes) Keebler Coconut Dreams cookies
2 bags of shredded cheese
1 large clamshell of organic salad mix
1 (5lb) bag clementines
1 flat of diet Coke
1 bag of frozen veggie pot stickers
1 flat of Gatorade
1 flat of diet Snapple
1 large bag of Brussel sprouts
1 (double pack) chicken noodle soup
4 lbs of bacon
1 jar of chocolate almonds
1 box (152 bags total) Ziplocs
1 box of individual pack Pringles (60 total)
1 large bag of Ciabatta rolls
1 container of mini cinnamon rolls
1 (7lb) bag of brown sugar
1 large bag of broccoli
4 lbs of butter

Total Spent:  $33.37
$$$ Left in March budget:  $416.63

How did the first week of March go for you budget wise?


  1. Wow, what a great gift from your parents!
    This year one of my plans is to give my mama consumable items as gifts. I'm hoping it goes over well with her.

    1. Yeah it was a nice surprise! They took me last month so I wasn't expecting to go again so quickly - on average they will bring me to Costco on their dime every few months. I will probably make them some more homemade English muffins as a thank you at some point in the next week or so. =)

  2. That is incredibly kind of your folks! Nice for you too!

    1. Should give me a great "leg up" in staying within budget this month! =)

  3. How nice of your parents! I think your Costco haul looks pretty balanced, all things considered. Lots of things that can be used over the course of the month (or even two)!

  4. Nice treats from your parents. I remember the days when pantry items found their way from mom's cupboards to mine, and was super appreciative. I try to do the same with my daughter wjen she visits.