Friday, March 31, 2017

I Just Want a *$@!&*^% Creme Egg!!!

I'll be back later this afternoon or evening with my March Recap post but I had to share this with you this morning....

Yesterday was a very aggravating day....

The dog pulled me around like a ragdoll during our walk thanks to poorly timed interactions with other dogs.  (She's not aggressive and only wants to play)

The tension shower rod fell on me while I was taking a shower....THREE TIMES!

I messed up my medication and double dosed myself.  (Not dangerous beside a major tummy ache)

I went to the mall to return something....realizing when I got there that I actually forgot said item at home.

I was running behind schedule and wasn't going to be able to stop home to eat lunch before bringing G1 to a ninety minute appointment.

So, yeah....

After leaving the mall parking lot, I ran across the street to Target to grab a new journal for myself (free with an earned gift card).

And there they were...
Displayed and ripe for the picking!
And smelling delicious!
My arch-nemesis...
The Cadbury Crème Egg!

I wanted one (or ten!) so badly!

I texted Papa and complained about the morning.
And I complained that I wanted that damn crème egg!
I told him that I was going to buy one too!

But he talked texted me down from the ledge.
And I left Target with my new journal and crème egg free!

Thanks to Papa I didn't go down the slippery (but delicious) slope.
And, I told myself I could have one before Easter...
But I didn't need one now.

Oh and as for lunch?  Rather than grabbing fast food for us, I went to Stop & Shop.  I grabbed sushi for G1 and a premade Boars Head sandwich from the deli area for me.  (Counted in the eating out budget rather than groceries)

I am determined to not let "life" get in the way of my weight loss goals this time!

Happy Friday!


  1. Yeah you! Frustrating days are the enemy of healthy eating. I nodded reading your dog comments. Pup is only 16-18 pounds, but he sure can pull me-like a rag doll, and loves to see the other dogs as well. Social butterfly.

    1. Thanks! And frustrating days usually did me in so this is a step in the right direction for sure! Wanna trade dogs for a few days? I think you will want your little one back pretty quickly! haha!

  2. Good job on resisting the crème egg and fast food!! It is so hard...I will be honest that I bought a pack of the new reeses cups with reeses pieces in them- total impulse purchase at the grocery store this morning as I was checking out. So you did much better than me! Keep up the good work!

    1. Don't beat yourself up Rachel -- you are rocking the weight loss so far! And, it is all about lifestyle changes right? I'll have the crème egg at some point but I think it's better to have it when I am NOT stressed out since that's when I usually turn to junk food. As for the fast food, it was my go to for an easy fix to the problem - another habit I need to break! =)

  3. My husband always keep healthy snacks in the car for emergencies and he's good about tossing a small personal cooler with cold water or some other good drink in the car on days he knows he'll be out and about. Me - not so much. lol. French fries are my big downfall. As for the Cadbury Eggs I know what you mean. Just bought my two grown sons each a 5 pack at WalMart. They love them as a once a year treat. Ever since they were little. Take care.

    1. I should take notes from your husband! I really should have known there may be a possible time crunch before I went out initially! Thankfully, the original crème eggs are only easily available for a short period of time....if they were accessible year round, I would be in BIG trouble! haha

  4. You're good! I gave into the stress need for a donut in the drive thru on Friday morning and then some stress induced Mcdonald lunch at 2:30 the same day. I have to put a snack bag in the car!

    1. Trust me it wasn't easy! Plus, like I said, my husband had to talk me off the ledge! LOL
      Honestly though, the pain in my leg is a decent motivator to try my best to stay on track!