Friday, March 31, 2017

March Goals Recap

Today I am taking a look at March Goals and what I was (and was NOT) able to accomplish.  After reading these, it's more than clear what areas really need improvement!  Those will be moved to my biggest priority for April --- But, to be honest, they were being moved there anyway!

Here is the original list with how I did....

March Goals

I am aiming for $450.  I also need to restock quite a few things in the pantry so this is going to be interesting.  But, I am determined! -- DONE by the skin of my teeth!  Total for groceries:  $447.19!

I am budgeting $130 - this is for just my car.  If I am able to stay under this, any money left will be rolled into a "Summer fund" for the extra driving I do in the summer.    -- DONE!  $20 saved towards summer driving season!

I would like to read at least four books in March.  -- DONE!
Somebody Else's Daughter by Elizabeth Brundage
Colony of the Lost by Derek Cavignano
Trigger Warnings: Short Fictions and Disturbances by Neil Gaiman
Life As We Knew It (Last Survivors #1) by Susan Beth Pfeffer

I have been far too lazy so far - okay some of it was due to illness but still I'm way off the mark for where I need to be.
1.  Aiming for 5 miles per day minimum.  I don't have a fitbit but my phone keeps track of my steps taken/miles walked.  I have been using that for about a week now.  While not perfect (I sometimes leave it on the table and forget to have it on me), it's a decent indicator of my level of activity.  --NOPE!  I did the math and figured out my average steps for the month and then converted it to miles.  I averaged 8365 steps per day...a little less than 2 miles per day!  Awful!!
2.  Strength/Weight training twice per week.  -- NOT FOR MARCH
3.  Yoga once per week - try to find a beginner program on Netflix or YouTube  -- FOUND A PROGRAM BUT HAVEN'T TRIED IT YET
4.  Limit diet coke to 2x per day - It really is my weakness.  -- NOT FOR MARCH
5.  Up water intake to at least 16 oz per day - baby steps here. -- NOPE
6.  Weight loss - I'm hoping if I do the above I will see the scale move a decent amount.  I'm aiming for a 5 lb loss in March.  -- HAHA!  NOPE!

1.  Try to make tortillas or pita bread. -- DIDN'T GET TO IT
2.  Try at least four new recipes in March. --DONE!
Cheesecake Recipe
Red Potato Bacon Soup
Corned Beef Brisket
Buttermilk Coffee Cake
Bundt Pan Coffee Cake
I think there was one or two more new recipes during the week Ramsey was here with us but I can't remember!  And, since I didn't keep a What's Cooking log for that week.....

1.  Save/Earn at least $100 in March.  Some of my ideas so far as to how to achieve this include selling things on Ebay and/or through consignment, bottle returns, money saved in grocery budget - if any, Swagbucks, Ibotta, and any of other shaving of bills I can find!  I am also contemplating finding some part time work outside the house.  --- SO CLOSE BUT SADLY MISSED THIS!
There are still bottles/cans to return and a bunch of Nursing Scrub tops to Ebay/Facebook tag sale.  Just didn't get to them for March.  Also still considering part time employment.

Start using a journal/calendar system again!  It fell by the wayside in February and I can see how much I truly need it to stay on track with everything!  I am a complete mess without it!  -- DONE!  Totally helps me stay focused!  Still tweaking the best format but super helpful to be tracking everything again.  I got a new free (with Target gift card) journal to start writing my thoughts down at night too.  So doubly done! 

Way too much red up there!

Going to take some time tonight and figure out April goals.  I'll post those over the weekend.

How did you do on your March goals?


  1. I think your accomplishments look pretty good. I think most of us struggle to do better with eating and exercising. I know I do.

    1. Thank you! I am determined to put the exercise and eating in the forefront for April! =)

  2. There's green and plenty of it. You've had a busy month of papa still on long hours, snow, health issues.

    1. Thank you SAM! And, you are right about the way the month went! =)

  3. I think you did quite well, too! If life were perfect, I'm sure we wouldn't know how to react.

    1. Thanks Bee! And very true! Come to think of it, I don't even think I remember how to relax and not worry! LOL

  4. I think you did fabulous!! :-) You have to keep in mind that life happens and as long as your trying your best then that is what matters!