Monday, March 6, 2017

Positively Monday!

Happy Monday everyone!   I think Mother Nature missed the memo here in Connecticut!  We are supposed to be warming up as we inch closer to Spring....It should not be 15 degrees out this morning!  Brrrrrrr!

Anyway...Here are my positives to start the week off right!

1.  I was able to "save" some chicken breasts in my fridge before they spoiled.  (I took them out of the freezer last Tuesday I think.)  I made them into Blackened Chicken salad which we ate yesterday for lunch and will both eat today for lunch.

2.  I used up the last of the buttermilk (dated 3/2) in a new recipe for Buttermilk Coffee Cake. While the recipe is not going to be one of our new favorites, it's definitely delicious enough to be eaten!

3.  I divided/hid/froze some of the Costco haul to help make it last a bit longer which will help my overall grocery bill this month.

4.  This *should* be the last big week for Papa's project!  Come this time next week we should be  back on a relatively normal schedule....where long work days mean seven or eight o'clock in the evening not two or three in the morning!

5.  This weekend Papa was able to fix the hot water handle in the shower with extra washers he already had in his tool box.

6.  I got my planner "in order" and feel so much better about it.  Even though this week doesn't have much planned, there is just something about feeling organized and more in control when my planner is set.  I also customized it a bit more so I can keep track of other stuff (my meds, exercise, food diary, meal plan, grocery list) so I can keep it all in the same planner now. And I did it solely with stuff I already had so it was free!  =)

Those are my top 6 positive things!

Anything positive to share on your Monday?


  1. I have decided looking for and counting the positives makes my week much better. Or maybe it just makes me better.

    1. I agree and, at least for me, it's a little bit of both! =)

  2. I am completely cleaning out my craft room...after over a year of just piling stuff in there. When I was in school I had time to either craft or clean and I picked crafting...boy did I make a mess...but the positive is --- the end is in sight. Second positive, I am gifting and donating some items I don't believe I will ever use.

    1. Two great positives! And, I envy you having a craft room! I would like to eventually upcycle an armoire into a crafting space in my living room. I *could* always turn one of the Guppies bedrooms into one when they are off on their own but I don't think I will have the heart to do anything to either of their rooms.