Monday, March 13, 2017

Positively Monday!

And another week begins!

In case you are new to my blog (Welcome!), for the past few weeks I have been trying to start off my Mondays with some positive things since it's far too easy for me to be crabby and catch a case of the Monday blues!  LOL

Let's see what I can come up with today!

1.   So, I am definitely no longer disappointed with how much money I spent at the grocery store after hearing about the horrid Nor'Easter heading our way for early Tuesday morning! Current prediction is 15 to 25 inches!  I am super pleased that we are completely ready kitchen wise for whatever comes our way....which in turn meant no elbowing my way through people at the grocery store fighting for supplies!

2.  In doing a quick inventory of stuff, I realized that we don't have any "backup" batteries in case of a power outage.  But, I decided to NOT go out and try to grab some because 1. the batteries in our flashlights are fairly fresh and 2.  I have a TON of candles that can be used.  So, the money stayed in what's left of our grocery budget.

3.  Last Nor'Easter related positive....when I heard on Saturday that we were most likely in for a wallop, I went out to our dwindling woodpile and hauled most of the remaining wood into the garage so it can be used should needed.  Much better than trudging across the yard and unearthing it from a pile of snow during the storm!  =) 

4.  Papa & I went out yesterday afternoon!  For less than $20 (cost of two tickets and a box each of dollar store candy), we went to see the movie Before I Fall.  I think the adaptation was pretty well done.  While they didn't keep the story exactly like the book, the writers did keep its integrity/essence.  I am not ashamed to say I may have shed a tear or two. 

5.  G2's sleepover/ birthday party for M went great!  All the kids had a great time - from what I am told.   At one point, G2 asked if we had any speakers to hook up IPhones  for music and I remembered that G1's Orange guitar amp had a way to do it so Mama was the hero of the impromptu "dance party".

6.  After all the kids left, G2 took it upon herself to completely clean the family room and her room up!  No nagging or asking involved from me!  She even vacuumed the family room.  I could've cried from happiness!  LOL

7.  A huge positive and stress reliever was that, as I blogged about a few days ago, G1's prom dress was still at Windsor and was half of what I budgeted for a dress!  Also (not sure if I mentioned this or not) but my mom offered to buy G1 a second dress should she change her mind about this one!  Neither G1 nor I think she will but G1 will probably ask Grandma to buy some accessories for this dress - such as potentially a rhinestone belt.
Here is a picture of her in it (without her face).  Remember the theme is Hollywood Red Carpet..  In the picture you can see what I was trying to describe regarding the neck/choker area.
And, yes I am aware that is a LOT of cleavage!

8.  I attempted to make a new recipe last evening....Braised Corned Beef.  Papa liked it and thought it was done "the right way".  G2 hated it.  I thought it was okay but I'm not a fan of the texture.  I am including this as a positive because I tried something new that was successful even if I wasn't that much of a fan.  And leftovers will be consumed this week by a happy Papa as corned beef sandwiches on Jewish rye.

9.  Papa goes back to regular hours this week at work!  Enough said!  =)

I wanted to make this an even ten so let me think about this....


10.  Since we are now in the "Blizzard Zone" of the impending snowstorm, Papa will not be trying to venture out to work tomorrow!

Have a great Monday all!


  1. The dress is gorgeous! And offset with her glorious hair she'll be a picture :)

    1. Thanks Jane! She wanted dark green for that exact reason! Her hair is actually a deeper red then in the picture so yes, it definitely off sets it well! =)

  2. What a beautiful dress and she wears it well!

    1. Thank you Anne! And, yeah she does, if I can be so bold as to agree. This is the daughter who went through anorexia so to have her at a healthy weight is a tremendous blessing! She has one of the bodies that can basically wear anything and make it look good....I actually have NO IDEA where that came from gene wise! =)

  3. Oh to be young again. Love the dress and her beautiful long hair. She will have so much fun and be the bell of the ball. We are finally getting nice weather. We have been backwards from most of the country - here in Nevada. Have had so much snow and rain and freezing temps. for months. Much more than we ever get. Our snow pack at Lake Tahoe is at 200%. No drought year this year! Stay safe and glad you can stay in and be prepared for the storm heading your way. Take care.

    1. Wow! Definitely no drought for you this year! =) And thanks for the compliment on G1's dress..she's very happy. =)

  4. The dress is very pretty and looks great with her hair color. :)
    Glad to hear that you are prepared for the storm. My family on the east coast are all getting it too. If I am at all tempted to complain about the measly 8 inches we got here this week I immediately shut the thought up when I see what you guys are getting. You are all in my thoughts, hopefully you won't get as much snow as expected. Stay safe (hopefully you can stay inside) and stay warm, my friend. :)

    1. Hi Dawn! Thanks about the dress -that's exactly why she loves the color dark green now! We weathered the storm power outages and not quite the amount originally expected. We got around a foot plus maybe an inch or two I think, although I have friends in upstate New York who got pummeled!