Monday, March 27, 2017

Positively Monday!

The weeks have been flying by, I swear!

I'm not sure I have very many "positives" of late but I'm going to try to  best since listing the good things helps me quite a LOT.

Here we go...

1.  I am trying my hardest to not have to buy any more oil for this heating season.  I have the thermostat set at 59 degrees so, yeah, it can get a little chilly in the house right now!  LOL  To ward off the chill, yesterday I did some baking.  I made a new to me Bundt Coffee Cake recipe and some chocolate chip cookies.  The house warmed up nicely AND smelled delicious!  Of course, let's not forget that my family was very happy to have some baked treats as well.  Wins all around in my book!

2.  Whatever was going on with our almost ten year old dog's stomach seemed to have worked itself out and she is back to her normal "puppy" self!  No extra vet bills for now!  =)

3.  For the most part, I had a really nice and relaxing weekend! Lots of sleep, reading, watching TV, and snuggles!

4.  I talked to my mom about Easter this year.  Easter was really only a big deal when the Guppies were smaller....Easter dresses, egg hunts, huge baskets, etc.  Since my mom has to work the entire Easter weekend (she's a nurse) and my leg isn't even close to where I would like it to be, we decided to not do the big Easter dinner at my house like usual.  Initially I felt really guilty but my mom said it's actually easier for her to cook the ham and have a small dinner for the two of them at her house.  We will go visit them on Saturday for a bit however.  Like I said, Easter wasn't ever a big deal growing up in my house and only was really a "thing" when the Guppies were small.

5.  My last positive for today I guess is having good healthcare.  I (finally) set up my patient portal for neurologist and will be emailing him after I publish this post.  It's past time to figure out what is going on with my leg.  To be honest though, I am terrified.

Any good positives in your world?
Have a great Monday everyone!


  1. We are passing on Easter with my in laws-a big deal. We might go to my sisters, simpler more relaxed in spite of more people. I might opt to stay home.

    1. I am not sure what's going on with my mother in law's house yet. I am really hoping we can just all stay home and have a nice relaxed meal.
      Hope your in laws are understanding about your family not going this year!

  2. I don't even know which weekend is Easter this year lol! My family doesn't do anything for Easter anymore but I imagine my daughter will have a day off work - likely Good Friday. If she does she'll likely be with her friends anyway :)

    1. I'm glad I'm not alone here with the non-existent celebration of Easter this year. LOL Of course, my girls will still want their Easter baskets, which will still happen. Other than that, I hope it is totally low key.