Saturday, March 25, 2017

Saturday Plans & ATM Fees

Happy Saturday! 

I'm hoping to have a very lowkey type of weekend...However it seems like, whenever I post that, something crazy happens!  LOL
Papa is out getting a haircut right now and G2 is getting ready to go to her boyfriend's for the day.  G1 is already at Ramsey's for the weekend.
So what do I plan on doing today?  Not a heck of a LOT!

Take the dog for a walk
Do a load of laundry (or maybe two)
Finish reading my book
Read some blogs
Make a spinach/mushroom/onion quiche for dinner
Snuggle with Papa and watch TV

The above is what I am hoping for!  We will see what happens...fingers crossed that it works out this way though!  Especially since I know Papa is feeling rundown too.

Onto the lovely ATM fees...

When we moved back in 2003, I knew we were moving at least thirty minutes from any of our credit union locations.  But, at the time, I found it to be a minor inconvenience (especially since I was using my debit card a whole lot more than cash).  I love our credit union - we have been their customer for 20 plus years, no low balance fees, and I do have a few bills that are directly taken out each month which would be a pain to change.
So, whenever I need to take cash out and found myself at a different ATM, I would mentally think of what was coming up and I needed cash for - to try to slow the hemorrhage otherwise knows as ATM fees.
Up until very recently, I would only incur fees from the ATM I was using (anywhere from $3.25 to $4).  Now, my credit union is ALSO charging to use another bank's ATM so add another $1 to my withdrawl fees....which is quite alarming when considering that now, if you want to take $20 out of your account -I never take this low amount but still, it now is going to "cost" you a total of upwards of $24!
While I still don't want to change banks, this is going to take some extra planning on my part. I have a way around these fees for now....
I can take $$$ out when buying groceries with my debit card for no additional charge.  This is how I am going to have to roll for awhile I think, even though I like using cash for groceries.  I am also going to research banks closer to my home and possibly open an account to deposit money (via my current checking account checks) to withdraw as necessary.
I refuse to keep leaking ATM fees! 

Anyway, I'm off to bring G2 to the boyfriend's.

Have a great day!


  1. Hope you get your low key weekend! I have been cleaning house this morning as I have been sick the last 3 days and the house shows it! LOL

    Just a word of warning about taking cash out at stores, some stores charge a fee if you want cash back at the register. I think it depends on the store (I know here Kroger and Walmart do not, Dollar Tree charges a $1 fee). Just something to look at.

    1. So far so good with the weekend! =)
      And, I hope you are on the mend!
      Thanks for the warning...I will try it at my usual grocery store once the new month begins and check my account online for any extra fees.

  2. Check with your credit union. Mine lets me use the ATM's at 7-11 stores with no fees. It's worth checking to see if they have any options without fees near you. We also get overage at the grocery stores. Just takes a little planning is all. Take care.

    1. I will definitely double check! Thank you! And, yes it definitely will take a little extra planning but it's worth it to keep the money is my account. =)

  3. Replies
    1. That is my first choice for a place close to home! G1 & I have her checking account there and they are awesome! =) (My name is on it as well so I can control it here while she is on her gap year...deposit monies, etc.)

  4. Here in the UK we are not charged for withdrawing money at any ATM whoever you bank with . The only exceptions are some ATM,s in small stores .

    1. You are very lucky to have that in the UK! Here it seems to be the other way around for the most part. And all those fees add up quickly!!!