Sunday, March 5, 2017

Sunday Plans....

I feel yet another cold coming on!  I am positive it's due to all the crazy temperature fluctuations in Connecticut lately coupled with the crud everyone keeps passing around.....over and over!
But, no I refuse to be cranky today!  Especially since right now all I have is a bit of the sniffles, a tickle in my throat, and some overall tiredness.

Yesterday, Papa asked me to go with him to work and help with the big project.  They are pushing for it to be completed by this coming Friday.  And, even though his actual job doesn't have him physically processing parts, it's been all hands on deck since the project is a complete overhaul of the OR supplies room -which Papa was head of researching and reconfigurating.  Anyway, we spent over four hours walking through the areas that have been completed...with me reading him stock numbers and him inputting it into the new location spreadsheet.  I enjoyed watching Papa interact with all the people bustling in and out and I am super proud of him....As are his bosses so YAY!
My point in saying all this is....


By the time I got home, G2 and her BFF (who came while we were out and was sleeping over) were starving!  So, I focused on that and sadly didn't get much done afterwards.

Which leaves a bigger "to do" list today than I would have liked but it is what it is....

1. Iron Papa's shirts
2. Fold the 2 loads of laundry already done
3.  Wash & fold 2 more loads of laundry
4.  Walk the dog (daily chore) 2x
5.  Bake buttermilk coffee cake to use up buttermilk with date of 3/2
6.  Figure out what dinner is going to be!
7.  Repackage and freeze half of bite sized cinnamon rolls for later this month
8.  Set up planner for coming week
9.  Clean both bunny and ferret cages
10.  Straighten family room and vacuum
11.  Clean kitchen and sweep floor
12.  Sweep dining room and clear table of my papers and junk
13.  Sweep and tidy living room
14.  Make blackened chicken for salad during the week (if chicken is still good as it's been in the fridge for a few days)
15.  Try to get some reading in!

And, there you have it.  I am a LOT less organized than I was last Sunday but I'll get my act together today to make sure this week is as smooth as I can make it!

Happy Sunday!


  1. We got very little done on house. A few meals cooked, some required laundry and poor kid, so much homework. Good for your hubs and you helping!

    1. Being in high school now is awful when you get sick! I have watched my girls struggle to get all the missing assignments done after they are out of school a day or two....Your daughter (and in turn you!) must feel so stressed about it. =(