Friday, March 17, 2017

Thank God It's Friday & Miscellany

I, for one, am very happy today is Friday!

And, I am hoping for a fairly quiet weekend where I can relax a bit...I guess we will see how it goes!

To those of you who have reached out, thank you.  It means more than you can imagine!  I'm getting through on a mixture of Tylenol and Motrin.  And, if that ends up not being enough to help me get the rest I need during the night, I do still have a partial bottle of Valium left from an old prescription - though I view this as a last option.  I'm not one to take a lot of meds which ends up being a GOOD thing, because, boy are they effective when I do use them!  =)

Ramsey & G1 have left for the weekend to head over to one of Ramsey's friend's houses two towns over from me.  And, wow!  After having him here since Tuesday, the silence is crazy!  LOL  Of course I'm sad I lost my chef de cuisine from this past week too!  =)

G2 is heading out with her boyfriend tonight for a bit....if they can decide on what to do!
 I'm not sure what she is doing the rest of the weekend yet.  I don't think she even knows!  haha!

And, Papa had to leave work in the middle of the morning to pick his brother up to come to the hospital since he has two or three appointments during the day.  Papa will also be driving him home afterwards so I don't know how late he will be tonight.

On a happy freebie note, my parents gifted me with some more groceries!  Yeah, I know how lucky I am and I have included the "haul" in my grocery post for the week which will be posted tomorrow afternoon most likely.  I have a good six or seven dinners "planned" in my head between what they brought and what I already had.  We will still head to the farmer's market tomorrow, because, you know we need our dairy fix!  =)

I feel like I'm rambling on like a crazy person....or at least one who didn't get a lot of sleep last night!  My almost ten year old puppy has been getting a case of cabin fever because of the snow!  We have finally been able to walk her (briefly) in areas that were cleared but it's been nowhere near as long as usual.  (Leg partly to blame there too)  Anyway, last night around 1am, she started whining.  Between one and three am I took her out a total of three times....Two to just eat snow (seriously?) and one to pee.  I didn't get back to sleep until after four!  And, now this afternoon, puppy puked on my bed (thankfully on one of Papa's bedshirts!) and on the floor of my bedroom!  Hope she isn't sick too!

Oh, and there is some major crap going on at the high school with the new principal!  I'll leave this for another post....maybe over the weekend?  But, I already have a nickname for her....Miss Trunchbull!  Any Matilda fans out there?  =)

Okay, I'm done!  Hopefully I will have more cohesive thoughts tomorrow after a nice night's rest!

Have a great Friday night all!


  1. Sometimes I wonder if our pets keep us from getting sleep more than our kids did when they were young. Whatever the case, we love them all.

    1. Definitely! And, it's so funny you said this because my husband told me I let the dog "get away" with more stuff than the kids! =) But, I always remind him that he knew what he was getting into with me....I'm a true animal lover at heart! Even if I get a little annoyed at getting up in the middle of the night for her snow eating addiction. LOL

  2. I hope you can take it easy all weekend and see an improvement in your leg.

    1. Thanks Jane! I'm going to work on it! I have a ton of magazines from the library and a couple of good books. And, all my favorite blogs to catch up on too! =)