Sunday, March 26, 2017

What's Cooking?

I was able to stay on track this week!  Let's take a look at what we ate....

G1 was at a friend's house overnight on Saturday.  She texted me she won't be home until after dinner since a bunch of her group decided to go out to eat. (she is using her own $$ to do this)
G2:  2 Hashbrown patties with syrup
Me:  1 cup of dry Malt-O-Meal version of Lucky Charms
Papa:  Bowl of Cap N Crunch with milk

G2:  Grilled Bacon & Cheese sandwich with Pringles
Papa & Me:  Split a grilled cheese sandwich and we each had a bowl of potato soup (leftover from last night's dinner)

Ricotta Stuffed Shells (G2 requested these rather than the bacon broccoli cavetelli originally planned)
Green Beans with Garlic (leftovers from last week)
Garlic Bread

G1:  2 Cherry turnovers
G2:  Hashbrowns with syrup
Papa:  Maple yogurt with granola (at work)
Me:  1 cherry turnover and 1/2 cup dry Malt-O-Meal Lucky Charms

G1: Scrambled eggs, toast, spicy sauce
G2:  Leftover stuffed shells with garlic bread
Papa: Leftover potato soup with garlic bread
Me:  Leftover potato soup with garlic bread

Steak Fajitas with shredded cheese, salsa, and sour cream*
*the Guppies and I did NOT like the steak's texture this time!  It was the usual cut but something was just really off like it was too thick.
Jasmine Rice

G1:  Egg McMuffin style sandwich with American cheese, egg over easy, and sausage
G2:  Poor thing had bad cramps and wasn't hungry.  =(
Papa:  Oatmeal from his stash at work
Me:  1/2 English muffin with peanut butter (half dropped on the floor upside down and the dog happily scarfed it up!  Joke's on her because the wheat is going to make her ears itch later!)

G1: Frozen individual pepperoni piiza
G2: Grilled Cheese & Carmel popcorn
Papa:  Leftover steak fajitas - that man seriously took one for the team today!
Me: One of the individual frozen chicken pot pies my parents bought me last week

G1, Papa, & Me:  Veggie fried rice (made with bits of veggies needing to be used, two eggs, and leftover rice)
G2:  Leftover stuffed shells (not a fried rice kind of gal)

G1:  Chocolate Chip muffin
G2:  Croissant with butter
Papa:  Chocolate Chip muffin and 2 mandarin oranges
Me:  1 cup (dry) Malt-O-Meal version of Frosted Mini Wheats

G1:  Popcorn chicken with spicy sauce
G2:  Cheese and Crackers while we drove over to her therapy appt.  Popcorn once she got home to tide her over until dinner.
Papa:  Leftover veggie fried rice
Me:  Small salad with blue cheese dressing

Papa working late since he had his day broken into segments because he had to drive his brother back and forth to an appointment at the hospital.  His sister is useless lately with helping.  (((sigh)))
G1, G2, & Me:  Fried Dough with sauce and parmesan cheese
Papa:  I have sandwich fixings ready for him to make whenever he gets home.

G1: Chocolate Chip muffin
G2: Croissant
Papa: Oatmeal at work
Me:  1 cup dry Malt-O-Meal Frosted Mini Wheats

G1:  Ate once she got to Ramsey's house
G2:  Ate at her friend's house
Papa:  Leftover seafood salad sandwich
Me:  Leftover Fried Dough

What was originally going to be G2, her friend, Papa, & me ended up just being Papa and me!
Garlic & Thyme Roast Pork (froze the leftovers to use for future fried rice)
Mashed potatoes
Buttered Corn

No school today for teacher inservice.  G1 is spending the weekend up at Ramsey's.  G2 slept at a friend's house and should return by dinner time.
Papa:  Maple Yogurt with granola at work
Me:  1 cup dry Malt-O-Meal Frosted Mini Wheats

Papa:  His department is going out for lunch
Me:  The last of the leftover fried dough (I will freeze half the dough next time rather than make it all!  Blech!  Stomach ache!)

G2: Quesadilla & Salsa
Papa & Me:  Crockpot Chili

G2:  Croissant with butter
Papa:  Smorz cereal with milk (ancient box he is using up for me)
Me:  1 cup dry Malt-O-Meal Frosted Mini Wheats (getting boring since I have been doing it all week but it works)

G2: out with boyfriend
Papa & Me:  Chili with cheese, sour cream, and tortilla chips

Papa & Me:  Homemade quiche with onions/mushrooms/spinach
G2 came home earlier than expected.  Since she doesn't like quiche, she opted to have leftover pizza from her lunch with boyfriend.  (He had her bring home all the leftovers because they got her favorite type of pizza.)

How did you week go menu wise?


  1. This is a pretty nice frugal menu! Good for you for staying on target!

    1. Thanks Anne! I'm trying my best and using up as many leftovers as possible. =)

  2. Could you post your quiche recipe? I've been wanting to try to make one and I googled all kinds of recipes, but I'm not sure which one to make. Yours sounds yummy! Thanks.

    1. Hi Mia! I don't really have a recipe for the quiche, unfortunately. I always wing it so it's never the same.

      This time, I caramelized two onions in a tablespoon or so of butter until they were nice and brown. I pulled them out of the pan and sautéed the mushrooms in another tablespoon of butter. I layered the onions and mushrooms at the bottom of the crust. Then I put some baby spinach on top of that. In a bowl, I whisked six eggs, salt, pepper, onion powder, and garlic powder together with some milk (1/4 c? I don't know because I didn't measure). I poured this over the veggies. Finally I sprinkled the quiche with about 1 cup of freshly grated cheddar cheese and baked it in a 350 degree oven until the middle was set.

      Hope that helps a little! =)

  3. Thanks. This totally helps. And it sounds really good. I'm going to make this tonight for dinner. Thanks again.