Tuesday, March 28, 2017


This morning finds me filled with worries...big and small. 

Maybe it's partly the gloomy rainy weather that is affecting my mood.

I don't know.

Yesterday morning, I did finally email my neurologist.  He emailed me back within 45 minutes to tell me to make a follow up appointment.  Since my time/date was rejected on the website scheduling program, I had to call the office.  It still amazes me how lacking his office staff is, for the most part.  There is literally one person who is on the ball and she normally works at the secondary location.  Anyway, after telling my story (the morning emails, possible MS flare, needing a follow up), the woman on the phone is quiet.  Finally she says that she is trying to find a spot to get me in.  Okay, fine....

"I can get you in on April 20th."
Wait, what?

I told her that I was in the middle of a possible flare and, by April 20th,  it would probably be over. (And at that point really there is no reason to even bother going in at all besides documenting it.)  I requested an appointment sooner.
She put me on hold to "talk with the doctor".
And came back less than a minute later with an appointment for today at noon.

I'm thankful to have the appointment.  But, besides being nervous about the outcome, the timing is horrible. 

G1 gets out of school at 12:30 today. (She has to walk home.)
G2 gets out at 2pm but has a therapy appointment right at dismissal. (I may or may not make it back in time to pick her up and bring her.)
And, it's supposed to rain today....all day.

I know they aren't made of sugar and won't melt.
We live less than 1/2 mile from the high school.
G2's therapy is a few blocks away from the high school.

But, the rain makes me feel like I am dropping the "good parent" ball.

There are lots of other little and big worries going through my head today as well.  Too many to get into on this post.
I am thinking about taking some time tonight to get out a new journal/notebook and list them all.  Then see what I can do to help/change each worry and make an action plan.

I guess that's the best we can do somedays right?


  1. They'll understand mom needs to be healthy. That is being a great mom.

    1. That is completely true too SAM! I think I'll add that as my mantra moving forward! ;)