Friday, April 7, 2017

Another On the Fly Birthday Party!

I got a text from G2 five minutes after I dropped her off at school.  She was supposed to go to her BFF's house tomorrow for a birthday party sleepover.  Well, the BFF's mom is sick.  G2's text asked if we could move her birthday party/sleepover here. Today and tomorrow were already filled with a lot to do - including going to the mall to buy the BFF's birthday present tomorrow afternoon!  Now, it's even crazier, since I did say yes the party could be moved here.  G2's bestie is like my third daughter so I wanted to help out.  Oh, and in case you were wondering, this was completely my daughter's idea to keep her BFF's birthday plans going.

However, my grocery budget is going to take a little bit of an extra hit now.  Thankfully, I do have a good variety of drinks available.  But, we are running low on chips/snacky foods.  And, since the BFF doesn't like cake, I will probably buy a small ice cream cake from either the grocery store or Dairy Queen.  And, to make my life easier, I will most likely grab pizza for the kids to eat for dinner.  Pizza is a no-brainer for teenagers and much easier than trying to find something they will all enjoy for dinner!

Some people will probably think I'm crazy doing this.  And, I know things like this add up in our bottom line financially.


This girl IS family to me.  I love her mom and I know that she would say yes if the situation was reversed.  As a matter of fact she has helped me out in the past when the girls were younger and I had some bad MS flares.

It all evens out eventually and we do things for the people we love....

Happy Friday!