Monday, April 17, 2017

Attack of the Laundry on Positively Monday!

What a late post today!

But, considering I dropped the Guppies off at the high school and drove straight to my parents' house to do laundry for five hours,  I guess a late afternoon post is to be expected right?  LOL
I feel like instead of "Positively Monday", this week should be called Good/Bad or Silver Lining.  It's been a rough few days...

Let's see what I can come up with to keep me in a good mood!

Straight out good stuff...

1.  The last book that G1 ordered for both of us  came in today!  (Delivery wasn't expected for another 14 plus days so that was a welcome surprise!)

2.  We "celebrated" our dog's 10th birthday on Saturday with a rowdy rendition of  the Happy Birthday song and a nice bowl of tuna fish - for the dog, not the humans.  We used to make her steak for her birthday but discovered about five years ago that she loves fish more.  Way difference in cost!  =)

3.  Most of Easter was relaxing.  Papa &  I went to his mother's house by ourselves so the guppies and Ramsey were very happy about not having to go.....which kept my Guppies from being grumpy for the day!  =)  Bonus points for me in that I was able to keep my mouth shut when my sister in law's "baby daddy" started spewing some truly asinine statements/ideas.

4.  Our Easter dinner here was delicious!  And, my cream puff recipe came out spectacular.....a little too spectacular if you know what I'm getting at.  Don't want to hop on that scale on Wednesday!  ;)

5. Papa & his boss had a more in depth discussion regarding the new position the boss wants to create for Papa.  So far everything sounds promising!

Okay, now the bad stuff with silver linings...

1.  Papa has to order the part of the washer.  He originally thought he could get it locally but can't.
SILVER LINING:  Besides the guppies not haphazardly throwing clean clothes in hampers, I was able to get to my parents' house and use their washer and dryer for free.  All I had to do was bring my dirty clothes and detergent - although they were expecting me to use their detergent.  While I hope this is a very short term problem, it was nice to not have to spend like $35 to get clean clothes again!

2.  I got a really bad flat tire on Friday afternoon, right before I had to take G1 to a doctor's appointment in New Haven!  The tire is completely shot/unfixable!
SILVER LINING:  The flat happened about 30 minutes after I drove G1 home from Ramsey's house. If it happened any earlier than it did, I could have had a major blowout on the highway.  I called Papa and he was able to leave work early for the day so I could take his car to drive G1 to her appointment.  Last part of the silver lining is that I am finally getting used to driving his car and it's actually fun since it's a convertible.  OH!  I forgot the really good silver lining....I had overestimated the payoff of a larger bill by $500!  So, there's my new tire money...since you have to buy two new tires at a time...Why is that anyway?

3.  The house is an absolute mess!
SILVER LINING:  I am surrounded by people whom I love more than anything.  I would rather have chaos than loneliness any day!

I think that's it!  Truthfully my brain is a bit fried today from lack of sleep this weekend....I had overestimated/incorrectly remembered the size of ham we normally purchase and got one TWO TIMES as big as normal!  We went to start our recipe at ten on Saturday night and it didn't finish getting to the first "proper" temperature until 5 am on Sunday morning!  So, instead of sleeping fully, I was "catnapping" and having to keep checking the thermometer.

Hope everyone had a great weekend/Easter/Monday!


  1. Oh I feel your pain with the catnapping while ham baking. This year I opted for a fresh uncured ham which was huge. I was like you were, up and down to baste and check temps.

    1. Hi Anne! I forgot to mention that at least the ham was worth the trouble! Hope yours was delicious too! =)