Thursday, April 27, 2017

Gas, Garbage, and G1 to the Neurologist...

Whew!  Another busy day around here today!  I'm wondering if this is how the rest of the school year is going to shape up!

Remember that $75.43 that was left in my budget last week?  That I was so proud of still having?  Yeah, well, this week's driving made up for it!  I put $60 (TWO fill ups) into the tank since last week!  It's been a crazy kind of week!  I have $15.43 left in the budget along with a half tank of gas.  Sadly, I am almost positive that I will have to do some sort of "top off" because of Friday's driving - bringing G1 to Ramsey's house.  I doubt there will be any surplus to add to my summer driving fund.

I had two kitchen sized (13 gallon) bags again.  Plus another full recycling bin.  Same old, same old....

This morning it was G1's turn to see our favorite neurologist....

We all get migraines but G1's have amped up lately in intensity and frequency.  So, it was time to get "officially" checked out by the doctor.

I thought for sure an MRI was going to be ordered but, luckily for our bank account, that wasn't the case.  The doctor has decided to try a preventative medication to see if it keeps the migraines at bay.  I dropped the script off to CVS earlier and will be picking it up later this afternoon.  Hopefully the cost will be nominal and the medication will be effective in helping manage G1's migraines.

And, with that, I'm off running again!

Time to pick G2 up from school!

Have a great Thursday!

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