Monday, April 10, 2017

Positively Monday!

Phew!  What a weekend!  Let's see what I can come up with for positives to start the week off right....

1.  G2's BFF's birthday party sleepover here was an absolute success!  Everyone had a great time!  And, I stayed under my self imposed budget of $100 for everything - including a gift of some great items from Lush!

2.  It's simply gorgeous out today!  The sun is shining and it's supposed to reach around 70 degrees!

3.  Papa, puppy, & I went for our first hike of the season yesterday afternoon.  Sleeping Giant State Park was packed (and we did the most popular trail -The Tower Trail) but it great to be out doing it again!  And, my pup got to meet a lot of other dogs so she was pretty tuckered out by the time we were done due to all the stimulus and walk!

4.  I got a lovely text last night from Cee, a young woman I met through a friend of a friend.  Cee has been struggling a lot and I have been doing my best to be a good friend/mom figure to her.  Today is her birthday and she wanted to tell me that I was one of the biggest reasons she was still around to celebrate it....not gonna lie.  I teared up when I read it!  It's so good to know that I am able to make a difference!

5.  After four days of craziness (eating wise), last night I finally reigned myself back in.  I'll tell the full story on Wednesday but I don't expect to see any movement on the scale..except maybe some climbing.  It's all okay though because I stopped myself last night and that's what matters.  I'm back to making better decisions again!  =)

6.  I can't remember if I used this one yet but a promotion may be in Papa's near future!  It will mean a slight jump in money but, more importantly, put him on the track for bigger things in the future.

7.  I was proactive with G2 regarding this week's Spring Break plans.  Rather than letting things fly and saying yes or no to each idea or plan she and her friends came up with, I pulled $50 out for her and told her it was hers to budget for this week's plans.  And once the money was gone, it was gone for the week.  End of story.   Oh and as extra incentive, I also told her that IF there was any money left at the end of break, she could keep it.  While $50 may sound extravagant, trust me, it's a bargain compared to what I might have shelled out if I didn't do it this way! 

And, I think that's it....

I'm going to go outside and enjoy the sunshine and read a magazine for a bit....Hey, I guess that would be #8!


Have a great Monday!


  1. The $50 for the week of stay cation is an excellent idea. Plenty for a movie, dinner our with friends, hanging out money, but not excessive to the point they don't have to get creative. Nice job! The skills managing a small amount of money for a vacation will serve her well in years to come.

    1. That is my hope Sam! G2 has always been better with handling money than G1, but, when it comes to outings, she doesn't pay attention to how quickly things add up! So far I think she has spent $5 today on Panera with friends - it would have been more but she used the remaining balance of an old gift card. And, now because it's so warm out, she and three friends are here doing water balloons (which we had leftover from last year) in the yard. Everyone is having a blast for practically free! =)

  2. I think the 50 for the week is brilliant and I am sorry I never thought of it when my sons were still in school!
    Also excellent job staying within the birthday budget. It is easy for "just one more thing" to have things spiral out of control.

    1. I wish I had thought of it earlier too! But, I have a few more years of high school school breaks with G2 so better late than never!
      And, yes it is easy to just give up and let everything go downhill! I'm happy I didn't do that! And, the BFF was thrilled with the gifts and party so it was a win! =)

  3. Love the $50 idea. I will have to keep that in mind as my kids get older. Now they are happy getting a new toy at Dollar Tree to play with for the week. Rebecca is getting older though so I know the time is coming sooner rather than later.

    1. It has made such a huge difference so far! And less stress for me too since I don't have to keep being questioned about whether she can do something and having to say yes or no! All she has needed to ask is if I could drive and if friends could come here. =)