Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Spoons and Day Book April 18th, 2017

I have discussed the "spoon theory" in the past on this blog but I found this great interpretation on Pinterest.

I knew last night I had hit the brick wall with how exhausted I was.  I had hoped that going to bed early would be enough.  Sadly it wasn't. 
There are times when I am so full of energy that it's easy to "forget" that I am "sick".
Then there are those days like today when I have to remember to use my spoons wisely.
I can't even begin to describe how frustrating and depressing this can be. 
Thankfully, Papa understands since he sees me cycle through this more than either of us cares to have happen.
I'll rest today and conserve my spoons the best I can.....
And keep my fingers crossed this episode is extremely short lived.

Day Book for April 18th

What I am feeling...
I think we covered that in the beginning of this post!  LOL

Outside my window...
The sun is shining!  The weather is supposed to become unsettled so this may be the last time we see this kind of sunshine until next Tuesday!  While I don't think walking very far is in today's plans, I do hope to be able to sit on the deck for a bit to soak up some sun!

What I am hearing....
Birds chirping, cars going by on the street, the dog happily playing with the Kong I filled with treats this morning.

What I am wearing....
Black T shirt, pink cardigan, and jeans....although I am debating putting back on my jammie bottoms.  ;)

What I am reading...
Still working on finishing the Neil Gaiman short story book...I'm almost done though and that will be four books so far for April - which was my goal!  So yay me!

What I am grateful for...
Many, many things! But here are some of the "top" ones on my mind today...
Papa and the Guppies
My "fur babies"
My parents
Clean laundry!  LOL
That my MS is truly not "that bad" in the grand scheme of things - there are people whose bodies have reacted much worse to the disease!
Being alive!  (More on that below)

From the kitchen...
Not much going on in there currently.  But, it's clean thanks to Papa last night!
My mother in law gave us a TON of homemade bread.  I froze some of it but am thinking about making French toast for dinner tonight with the remainder.
Also I need to bake/make something "grab and go" for the Guppies breakfasts for the rest of the week.

What I believe...
On Easter night, the Guppies and I drove Ramsey home in Papa's car.  After dropping him off around 9:30 we turned around to start our ride back home (remember Ramsey lives about 40 minutes away).   I was going the speed limit (65mph) because it was a holiday weekend and I was still getting used to driving Papa's car.  Less than halfway home we were in a stretch of highway that branches out into three lanes with me in the middle lane.  A car to my right moved into my lane without looking or signaling (G1 saw into the car and the driver was in her early twenties and texting on her phone) which made me swerve into the left lane to avoid it.  There was a car in the left lane next to me and somehow I was able to avoid BOTH cars!  G1 said it was like the wizarding bus in Harry Potter where the bus contorts the fit in the alleyways of London!  It was like I had created a FOURTH lane!  Oh and everyone was on their horns because the distracted driver that almost hit me went on to almost hit the driver that was on my left side too!  She was all over the road!  By the time I regained my composure enough to think of getting the license plate, the car was back on the right side and heading off an exit.  Hopefully someone else was able to get it and report it.
Anyway, what do I believe?
Honestly, that there was some type of divine intervention.  I know it sounds hokey but we were all amazed that we came out of it without a scratch on the car or any of us!  We should have been crushed, seriously.  G1 is an atheist and SHE even said someone/something helped keep us out of harms way!
It was so close that, after I was able to breath normally again, I began joking to the Guppies that when we got home and tried to open the door, our hands would go right through because we were ghosts and didn't realize.  Haha!
I guess it's no wonder that I have been having nightmares about car crashes now right?

To Do List:
Iron Papa's work shirts
Put folded laundry away
Take dog for short walk
Make dinner tonight
Vacuum the family room (if able)
Take G2 to therapy appointment tonight
Pay some bills online

Have a great day everyone!


  1. The car tale is very scary. I am glad for your daughters that they got to see up close and personal the reality of what happens with distracted driving. They will be much less likely to do it now. I am tired of seeing people all around me texting and trying to drive at the same time.

    1. Anne you are absolutely right! It's one thing to "tell" them something and another for them to witness it! It definitely made an impact on them!

  2. I understand the exhaustion. We are lucky our spouses have really been involved in our medical care and understand our illnesses.

    1. We really are pretty lucky aren't we? Sorry I haven't been in touch much....breakfast or lunch soon? =)