Sunday, April 23, 2017

Still Here....

It's an absolutely beautiful day here and I'm planning on stealing a little bit of time for myself with a walk in the sunshine on the rec path here in town.

But, first I thought I should write a quick post....

It's been a crazy couple of days - which is why I haven't been able to write.  Papa, the Guppies, and I are all okay...

Papa's brother is not.

He has been internally bleeding for close to a week and the doctors cannot find the source.  They have been pumping him full of blood products and still his numbers are going down.  His kidneys are also completely shot now with no hope of returning.

Papa and I were in the room when a doctor came in and told him he needs to get his affairs in order because there is a good possibility he isn't making it out of this hospitalization.  While he has been close to death's door before, I think this time is even closer.  And I know this time is the first time anyone has told him.  Mostly because this is the first time he has been lucid enough to understand.

The most difficult thing for everyone, including my brother in law, is that he feels so good at the moment and is his "old" self.  Old self as in twenty plus years ago.  The Guppies don't even really know their uncle because he hasn't been "him" for so long!  We think he is acting this way because essentially his body has all new blood - between dialysis and all the IV bags full of blood products.

Last evening, they started a last ditch effort in stopping the bleeding by giving him a blood clotting agent.  It's a very dangerous thing to do because this medication could send him in the opposite direction and have his blood clot too much....which could lead to rogue blood clots that could lodge in his heart or brain.

Papa talked to him this morning and I guess some of his numbers are going up...which could mean potentially that the area that is bleeding could be slowing/clotting now.  But, it's way too early to get too optimistic.

Papa is heading over to the hospital soon but told me to stay home today since things are as stable as they can be at the moment.

I have been trying my hardest to support Papa as needed.  Yesterday was a tough day when Papa had to start calling friends (per his brother's request) to let them know what was going on.  Papa is trying to be strong for everyone and can only do so much until he crumbles too.  My priority is to be his soft place to land whenever he needs it.

And, I really hope that my brother in law can make it through this....

No matter what happens, it is a long road ahead....

I'll try to go back to a more normal blogging schedule tomorrow or Tuesday.

For today, I'll recharge as best I can and be there for Papa when needed.

Have a great Sunday everyone.


  1. Hope everything turns okay. Keeping your family in my prayers.

  2. Prayers for strength going up for your family.

  3. This is a very trying time for your family. While you're taking care of Papa, don't forget to take care of yourself, too.

  4. Hope everything turns out okay for everyone. Praying for strength and comfort for your family during this time. Your brother-in-law is lucky to have you and your husband caring about him.

  5. I'm really sorry Tracey. I'm just catching up as we were away this weekend. Our prayers are with the family

  6. Thank you everyone! I have to be completely honest and say this is hitting me harder than I anticipated....I think mostly because of how lucid/real he seems. He is the guy I met so long ago, the guy who was a close friend, and just the good guy I knew him to be. I'll be giving a quick update later in the week but things are as stable as they can be at the moment.