Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Tuesday Miscellany...

It's only Tuesday and I feel so unorganized already with spring break here!  But, G1 is having a good time off at Ramsey's house - they come back here on Friday for the weekend and our little Easter dinner.  And, G2 is having a really good time too!  After I dropped her boyfriend off at home last night, she gave me a huge hug and thanked me for everything I have been doing!  So, hey for that kind of appreciation, I can handle a little chaos!  LOL

Here are the random things floating through my head today....

PayPal verification codes?
So, I'm throwing this out there to see if this has happened to anyone else...
This morning at 8:37am, I got a text with a my "Pay Pal verification code" which would only be good for the "next five minutes".  After checking with G1 and Papa to make sure they weren't using Pay Pal (they weren't), I went on PayPal to make sure there wasn't any recent activity (there wasn't) and changed my password. But, I got extra paranoid because my debit account and checking accounts are linked to Pay Pal....so I went and deleted all my banking information and cards from Pay Pal.  It was probably overkill but I'd rather be safe than sorry.  Has this happened to anyone else?  I'm guessing it's another phishing scheme of some sort.

Papa's family
I could write a very long post about everything that has been happening with them!  But, I won't because I just don't want to work myself up.  It seems like when I think they have reached the highest point of insanity, they ramp it up even further!  I keep trying to tell myself that it's not my circus and not my monkeys.  But it kinda will be when my mother in law and Papa's great aunt pass away since Papa inherits a third of each house - and all the debt that surrounds it.  I told Papa he really needs to have a discussion to get off the wills so we don't end up losing anything in the process.  (And, since Papa's sister and her entire family are living in both houses for free, they won't be willing to sell the houses when the time comes.)  It's a mess I don't want my family to be a part of.
Papa's brother is not doing well either.  I know I haven't written about him lately either.  It seems about every two to three months he is back in ICU with his kidneys shutting down.  He is in the hospital currently, recovering from it yet again but has been moved to Papa's hospital to await some procedure to help take strain off his liver and kidneys.  While I feel badly for him, its hard because I worry about Papa.  He called Papa last night at 11pm to find out what time he gets to work and will be coming to see him today.  He doesn't seem to understand that Papa has to actually work and cannot sit and entertain him for hours on end.
Okay, stopping myself...rant over.  LOL

Let's get cooking!
I'm still trying to figure out what is going to work best for me in regards to my path to successful weight loss.  The first week I ate super healthy but didn't lose a single once.  The second week, when I started to use SparkPeople, I tried counting calories and felt limited in what I could eat/make since logging information in is unbelievably time consuming - may be due to my wifi connection but still super frustrating! 
So, I think I am going back to a combination of the two for now.  I will continue to use Spark to keep track of my exercise (until the Fitbit comes in) because I like seeing that in black and white.  But, I will go back to cooking/making healthier food/recipes and cutting back my portions.
I miss cooking to be honest.  And, I don't want to use a lot of cooking sprays/fake cheese/etc.  (Says the girl with the diet coke addiction! haha!)
As a matter of fact, I think I'm going to crack open my kindle and start to read two books that I have on there...
Real Food: What to Eat and Why by Nina Planck
100 Days of Real Food by Lisa Leake
to help gain some inspiration/motivation.

As a quick example of what makes me happy, I am having a wonderfully delicious lunch as I write this...An English cucumber sandwich on farm market olive bread with a garlic & herb cheese spread.  Simple & delicious and, most importantly, left me very satisfied! 
I'm a foodie at heart I guess!  But that doesn't mean I can't find a way to get in better shape!

A gift from G1
G1 came home last week very excited about a TED talk she saw during her psychology class by a man named Phillip Zimbardo.  He was talking about the Stanford Prison Experiment and what makes people good/evil.  She wanted to buy the book he wrote about it.  So, after I reminded her that she had a Barnes & Noble card left from Christmas, she ordered it.  But, she also ordered two Clive Barker books - one that we both wanted to read (Books of Blood Volumes 4-6) and a book that I have wanted for a very long time....Weaveworld (it's one of my top ten favorite books).  It was so sweet of her to buy it for me!  And, I'm really excited because it came in the mail today. =)

That's probably enough miscellany today!  I really should tidy up the kitchen and see what G1 is planning with friends today. 
It is absolutely beautiful out so I may try to sneak away for a hike if I can.

Have a great Tuesday!


  1. Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday also.
    I took Mom to the cardiologist this morning and they have all this heart healthy audio pumped in the waiting room. I kept hearing Delicious Decisions over and over so I looked it up when I got home. Some of these extremely healthy meals look very tasty . Here is the link https://recipes.heart.org/categories/31/delicious-decisions

    1. Thanks for the link Anne! I will definitely check it out! =)

  2. I looks like break us going well for you. Definately look into getting off those wills. A good friend of ours was an only child and when the mom died he & his wife inherited her house and all debt with it. Plus there was sooooo much clutter it took nearly 6 months of purging. Ver stressful and did a number on their credit by Hingis to do the right thing

    1. Thanks for the advice! And, I agree about the wills! His sister and family are basically squatters in the house so I am quite sure they won't be leaving once his mom and aunt pass away.

  3. It is Spring Break here too so I can relate to the feeling of unorganization! It is these weeks where it is more chaotic because there is no set schedule.

    I have gotten those messages before from ebay and they are a phishing scheme from what ebay told me at the time (over a year or so ago). Never got one from paypal but you did the right thing changing passwords, etc.

    Good luck on the diet. I kind of do what you are doing. I use "map my walk" to track my walking but dont really track calories, etc. because then I feel very limited and I then tend to overeat. I am going back to a simple version of carb cycling (I will have my WIW post up in a bit.)

    Have a great day!

    1. It's 4pm on Wednesday and I just sat down at the computer a few minutes ago...Can't wait to read your post! =)