Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Weigh In Wednesday!

After discovering that my weight was causing most of my leg pain and my neurologist told me I needed to lose weight, I decided to make my health a priority again.
Last week, my starting weight was...184.7 lbs.

This week my weight is...

184.7 lbs!

I'm trying to not be too discouraged...

There were some positive things over the course of the last week...

My diet soda consumption is going down.  I have replaced some of it with diet Snapple.  (Though I need to get going and have more water)

I didn't have ANY chocolate or ice cream in the past week - which I haven't been able to say in a very long time.

My fruit and veggie intake has gone way up.

My activity level is starting to go up as well.


I'm thinking my portion sizes are way off still.  And, while I hate counting calories and measuring stuff out, I am going to try to do it for a few weeks just to get back into understanding portion control.  I dusted off my SparkPeople account and will be logging everything in there.

Not losing weight this week is super disappointing but I didn't gain anything which is good I guess, right?

Hopefully persistence will pay off and I will see a nicer number on the scale next Wednesday.


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    1. I'm trying to be patient but also ramping up my weight loss efforts! LOL

  2. No gain is a win in my book! At least you didn't gain like me. :-( Have you tried getting the water flavorings to add to water? For me, I know that that has helped me combat the diet coke addiction (although it has reared it's ugly head the last few weeks and it has showed.)

    1. I'm glad I didn't gain but I was disappointed since I was expecting to lose something the first week...Maybe that means next week will be big?
      Don't be yourself up about your weight gain! It's a lifestyle change and you have a lot of determination! Keep your eyes on the finish line!

  3. Counting calories is a major pain, but for most people (minus any type of medical issue or problem with medicine) it takes a deficit of 3500 calories to lose 1 pound. You can find out your BMR-how many calories your body burns naturally here-

    Then use that to figure out how to either cut out or burn off 3500 calories each week. Because I am a huge nerd I treat it like I treat my budget. I try to eat 200 fewer calories than my BMR and then I try to exercise 300 calories each day (or some combination) When I get extra steps in I think of it like a side hustle (I said I was a nerd!)

    Sparkpeople really helps me track everything and keeps me on track.

    I think you should be very happy and proud that you didn't gain any weight this week! That is huge!

    1. Hi Jax! Thanks for the tips and the link! I like that Spark has everything in one place so I have a total snapshot - which helps me tremendously! =)

  4. Some meds make it harder to lose weight. Don't know if you take any steroids but they cause problems. My husband stopped diet soda and lost weight. Some people say the artificial sweeteners make you crave sweets . Not sure if this is true. Hang in there it will happen.

    1. Thankfully I don't take steroids! I know some people with MS do take them for flareups and have a lot of puffing/weight gain. The jury is out regarding Tecfidera (my MS drug). My doctor says it doesn't make you gain weight but people who are on it find that it does. I'm sre you are right about the Diet Coke too - it makes perfect sense! Working slowly on cutting back so hopefully I'll see some results. =)