Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Weigh In Wednesday

Sorry for such a late in the afternoon post!  I wanted to write this earlier but this is the first time I have been able to sit at my computer for two minutes!

After discovering that my weight was causing most of my leg pain and my neurologist told me I needed to lose weight, I decided to make my health a priority again.
Last week, my weight didn't budge....I was still at 184.7.

Last night I had already begun planning this post in my head.  I was simply THAT sure that the only way that scale was moving was upwards!  Last week was a disastrous (but delicious!) week, food wise...from eggplant parmesan and garlic bread to Popeye's fried chicken and biscuits.  It was simply not the way one who wants to lose weight eats!  (At least not that many days in a row! LOL)

As a matter of fact, last night I bought my one and only crème egg for the season and enjoyed every last bit of it.  I figured it was better to have it "count" towards today's weigh in, right?


I got on the scale...


Because I couldn't believe what it said...

I'm down 1.7 lbs!  So, currently I am an even 183....

an awful number for sure!

But, I will take the loss!

How the heck did it happen?

I'm not entirely sure.  I know I weighed myself in the same clothes and the same time of day.  I'm guessing that my saving grace was all the movement (walking and hiking) that I have been doing lately.  And, possibly the changeover from a little less diet soda to a little more diet Snapple and water maybe?

Whatever it is, I am happy it happened!

Here's to a great upcoming week and an even better number next Wednesday morning!

If you are trying to lose weight, how did you do this week?


  1. Yay! That is awesome! I think the movement probably had something to do with your loss so good for you! Here's to saying goodbye to more pounds in the days and weeks ahead.

    1. Let's hope! And I'm sure the walking/hiking made a difference! And Congrats on your loss this week too!

  2. That is great! I've been trying to lose some weight too, but purposely did not get on the scale this week as I am sure I went in the wrong direction. Sigh. I'll try for next week! Good job on your weight loss!

    1. Glad to hear someone else use the "fat fingers" line too! I do it all the time while texting - LOL! It is frustrating to try to lose weight isn't it? Happy to have some sort of "win" to report.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Deleted because my fat fingers hit "enter" twice! LOL

  4. Super on the loss. Any loss is a good loss!