Friday, April 14, 2017

Yesterday's Adventures, the Washing Machine, and Today's Plans

What a great day Papa and I had yesterday!  The weather was perfect (in the low 60's) and we really enjoyed the day!

After taking the dog for a walk of her own, we decided to head of to Sleeping Giant State Park and tackle The Blue Trail - hardest trail on the mountain.  While it was fun, it truly kicked my butt too!  And reminded me that there was a reason why I wanted to get in better shape!  It was still worth attempting it because it gives me a "baseline" as to where I started this year's season.  When the blue trail met up with the much easier Tower Trail, we had a choice of either going up the Tower trail to the stone castle like building on top or going down to the parking lot.  We decided to head up and, after doing the Blue, this incline seemed like nothing.  LOL  All in all, I think we were on the mountain for about two hours - including the break we took up near the castle.

We went back home to have lunch and asked G2 if she wanted to take a ride with us to Milford to the REI store and have dinner across the street at Plan B burger bar.  She declined and stayed home reading her library books. 

By the way, we were in the convertible with the top down for the entire day which was fun too!

The REI store has been in Milford since late October but yesterday was the first real chance we had to go.  We both LOVED this place!  It has everything we will need for our hiking adventures and doesn't sell guns like other big outdoor stores do.  NO guns is a big plus in my book...just my opinion though.  We got to talking to a guy in the hiking boots department and learned quite a bit about the store and boots.  He took his time with us, even knowing up front we weren't buying anything yet.  He also explained how REI is extremely community focused - if you become a member ($20) that money goes directly into community activities and every March you get 10% back from what you spent the previous calendar year.  (For all the gear Papa and I need to eventually get, this could add up nicely!)  The employees don't work on commission which is partly why I think there wasn't any huge sales pitch/pressure to buy at that very moment.  I'm so happy we made the time to go look - It definitely helped my motivation to keep going on the weight loss/better shape journey!  And, I love that Papa actually wants to do the Long Trail hike with me in a few years.  We had a great discussion about the benefits of long distance hikes and how much he is looking forward to it....Originally it was MY dream that he was helping me realize.

Since G2 didn't want to eat out, we came back home and cooked an easy dinner here.  No sense for Papa and I to spend the money at Plan B since it was offered to G2 as something special for her.

And then....

Long time readers will remember me posting about my washing machine awhile back...It "agitates" fine but doesn't completely spin the clothes out, leaving them pretty water logged and making the dryer work harder.  I have been trying little "tricks" to get the machine to work better/clothes spun out but it's really gotten difficult lately.  It takes my dryer at least three cycles to even come close to completely drying a regular sized load....translating into not only frustration but crazy high electric bills!  And as for line drying or hanging the clothes up?  I can hang them up but they drip everywhere on the floor because they are simply THAT WET (even after trying to wring them!)  So the dryer was the best option.

Papa took the washer apart last night.  It's not a broken or slipped belt.  It ended up being the clutch.  The clutch is at most a $25 part but now Papa has to figure out what model we have because I lost the manual long ago.  ((hangs head in shame)) LOL

So good news is we can fix it!  Bad news is I'm not sure how long it's going to take!

I have my back up plan ready though...

My parents said I was more than welcome to use their machines while mine is down.  So, probably on Monday (if we can hold off that long), I'll take my laundry and my book and "play laundromat" at their house.  Thankfully I won't need any change for these machines.  Haha!

Hopefully Papa will be able to locate the ID number tonight for our washer and get the process the time he was done taking it apart last night and figuring out what was wrong, it was getting late.

Today is shaping up to be a busy one for me....

Besides the usual walking the dog and straightening up the house,

I have to run to the store to buy dog food
Pick G1 up from Ramsey's, drive her back here to drop off her stuff, and then drive her to New Haven for a doctor's appointment
Finish compiling our small Easter menu and make a corresponding grocery list
Run to the mall (possibly will be put off until tomorrow) for a few last minute basket items - including something for Ramsey since he is spending Easter with us
Bring the Guppies to my parents house to visit and pick up their baskets since we won't be seeing them on Easter....I'll probably bring some of my laundry today to leave for Monday.

And, I *think* that's it...


Happy Friday!

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  1. We did a hike too yesterday with on overlook trail that kicked my butt! LOL Definitely need to get in better shape; can't let my kiddos see me not being able to get up the trails like they do.

    Hope you have a great Easter!