Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Weigh In Wednesday - The Dilema

The frustration is real...

Last week, I weighed in at

This morning the scale said

Ugh! Another gain!

However, here is the real kicker....

I have a confession to make....

The week that I did really well and lost weight?  I wasn't taking my MS medication - Tecfidera.  I had missed a couple of doses by accident and had put off starting again because of the uncomfortable side effects (like flushing). 
Last Tuesday night I bit the bullet and started taking it again.  I was doing pretty well - especially walking/step wise and this past Monday morning I got on the scale because I wanted a boost and I was positive that I would see a nice number....
Imagine my horror when the scale said
Papa and I were stumped!  I didn't look bloated so it couldn't be water. So...
I stopped taking the Tecfidera again on Monday morning and now, in two days, I am back down to almost near the weight I was last week.  I haven't done a damn thing different a matter of fact, due to a situation with G2, I walked even less on Monday & Tuesday!
While weight gain isn't listed as an official side effect of the Tec, there are numerous complaints about gaining weight and not being able to lose weight.
Originally when I started trying to lose weight this year and was having trouble dropping lbs, I figured that my metabolism was slowing with age.  Now I am not sure what's going on.
So now I am stuck with trying to decide what to do...
Do I continue taking Tec (two pills per day) and having this struggle?
Do I consider going back to Copaxone (injection once per day) and being able to possibly lose weight again?
This isn't just a vanity issue for me either.  I need to drop the weight since it is effecting my health.
I have to spend some serious time thinking about this and consult my neurologist.

As for my steps this past week, I accumulated
137,034 steps which is equal to almost 69 miles.

If I had had a more normal Monday, I would have definitely come closer to my 75 miles target.  Unfortunately I logged in a mere 5,509 steps for the day.  But, it couldn't be helped so I'm trying not to beat myself up too much about it.

So, I'm curious...

What would you do if you were in my shoes?
(In case you don't know much about MS, the drugs don't "regulate" things like blood pressure/diabetic drugs do.  The MS medications are to *hopefully* help slow down the progress of the disease.  Yearly MRIs monitor the progress of the disease and changes in medications are sometimes made if new lesions are detected since not all medications help all patients.)

Trying hard to stay positive here....

Have a great day!

Monday, May 29, 2017

Positively Monday!

After a little debate, I have decided to merge the way Anne does her posts by chronicling at least one good thing every day AND (hopefully) finding some extra good things to add at the end!
On to the positives!

Guppy 2's weird sunburn thing on one side of her face healed enough over the weekend so she wasn't feeling too self conscious to go to school.  (Silvadene burn cream for the win!  Glad I had some left in our linen closet from when I burned myself.)  I don't think there is going to be any long term effects either so double positive!

Ramsey was here for dinner and made us some AH-MA-ZING steak sandwiches!  Even though I am stuck with (hand)washing all the dishes, it was so worth it!

Still keeping up with my Fitbit as best as I can.  This was a decent day with me getting in just shy of 21K steps despite some stomach issues and appointments during the day.

I took a really nice night drive with G1.  I promised her a drive by the beach as a reward for finishing up the slides she needed to do for her senior experience project.  We didn't talk a whole lot but spent most of the ride listening/singing to music we both love.

I took time for myself and walked quite a bit!  Initially I was hoping to get 30K steps but, when G2 asked me to hang out and watch a YouTube series with her, I couldn't refuse!  G2 has been having a difficult time lately and needed the extra attention which is worth WAY more than a number on an app!  So, I was satisfied with my 27K and took precious time with my almost 15 year old!

G1 nailed her senior experience project about her gap year!  Remember those future Fs I had to fight to have taken off her PowerSchool record?  Yeah, well, they were replaced with (well deserved) perfect scores!  G1 was worried at first because her two "judges" were old teachers that didn't particularly like her.  (One was the sophomore English teacher who told her she wasn't "good enough" to be in AP for Junior year.)  G1 had to do a 10 to 15 minute presentation and then answer judge's questions.  She was so happy that she was able to handle all the questions - I told her it helped that she picked a project she loved so much!.  When one judge got a little snarky and asked her what she planned on doing if she and her boyfriend didn't last forever and broke up, G1 kept her cool and told the judge/teacher that this plan was happening BEFORE the boyfriend and would happen if he wasn't around.  The judge looked at her and asked if she planned on travelling alone and G1 said she absolutely would.  That judge didn't have anything else to say!  LOL  Also, Mrs. Bird was walking around the room (the seniors' projects were set up science fair style) and stopped at every table but G1's.....We all got a great laugh from that!  =)

I received a phone call back from the nurse practitioner for Guppy 2 and was able to get her in for an intake evaluation pretty quickly!  It took three weeks to get G1 in initially so this is a positive in my book!
I also had a very nice conversation with the high school secretary (who happens to LOVE G1) and she helped me clear up a few new issues that were thrown at us - including an email from the bookkeeper that said G1 couldn't receive her cap and gown because she owed an unspecified amount of money with no further explanation.  (And, of course, my phone calls to the bookkeeper went unreturned.)  G1's record is fine per the secretary with no monies owed.  Hurry up June 14th!  =)

An afternoon trip to the pediatrician for G1 left us (slightly) relieved.  G1 has been having some ongoing complaints which led me to worry that she could have gotten Lyme's disease (ticks are super bad around here this year and we have taken way too many off our dog) but the doctor we saw (not our usual one unfortunately) didn't think it was Lyme's and didn't order bloodwork to rule that out or any other possibilities (like mono).  His opinion is that G1 is over-stressed.  No really?  Haha!  I'm cautiously adding this diagnosis as a positive because this doctor didn't think it was anything worse but truthfully, I am not completely convinced.

G2 had her BFF over to hang out and then go to the movies so Papa and I had a chance to take a really nice hike!
Also, I pushed myself to a new all time high for steps in a day!  40K!  Papa and I literally took a walk at 11pm so I could finish! 

Papa made us a delicious rib dinner!
We had to go grab a gift for our great nephew's 1st birthday and I wanted to keep it under $100 in total.  We were able to get a decent sized package of diapers, wipes, a toy, 1 summer beach outfit/bathing suit, 2 shirts and 1 coordinating pair of shorts for $78.57 in total.  The diapers were our niece's preferred brand and the clothes were all high quality (on clearance) in a size that will last him all summer.

No extra positives today unfortunately...

Have a great Memorial Day!

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Out of the Loop & Quick Day Book for May 28, 2017

I can't believe I haven't posted since last Wednesday!

Phew!  The days are just flying by right now I guess....This seems to be a yearly trend in the last few weeks of school.

I will probably still try to do a May recap of some sort next week even though May has been more than haphazard for me (including losing/throwing out those grocery receipts!).

Onto the....

Day Book for May 28, 2017

Outside my window....
It's a perfect sunny day outside!  I love the way the sun is filtering through the leaves of our giant Maple in the backyard.

I'm hearing....
The clicking of Papa's computer while he sits at the dining room table across from me.  SpongeBob Squarepants on the TV from the family room thanks to G2.  The dog snoring on the living room couch.

I'm feeling....
Pretty tired still (at 10:30 in the morning!) and sore from a great walking day yesterday.

I'm wearing....
My pj's still!  Pink T-shirt and baby blue sleep shorts.

I'm reading....
Nothing really at the moment.  I started to reread my favorite book, WeaveWorld by Clive Barker, but I don't seem to have enough time to devote to it yet.

From the kitchen....
Nothing going on yet but, in a few minutes, Papa is going to start slow roasting some baby back ribs....YUUUUM!  Since the Guppies have tomorrow off, there isn't any need for me to do baking today....I'll do it tomorrow morning since Papa is going to go into work for at least a few hours so he can "save" his Memorial Day for another day during the summer.

On the agenda to accomplish today....
Papa is making the ribs and mowing the lawn
G2 is probably going to the Memorial Day parade since her boyfriend will be marching with the high school band.
I need to move/stretch out my weary hurting body!  LOL
Papa & I have to go to Target and the mall to pick up a 1st birthday gift for our great-nephew.  Since he is still so little (and can't request anything yet!), I asked my sister in law (the grandma) for some ideas of what was needed.  We will go over to Target for some diapers & wipes (always appreciated) and a small toy for him.  Then we will hit the mall to try to find some clothes (requested) and be done.  The birthday party is going to be tomorrow - we will go late after Papa's done at work; however, I won't be making the Guppies come with us as they have plans with their boyfriends.
And, lastly on the agenda, as always is the dreaded laundry!

Looking towards the week....
It's going to be a busy one!  Three separate therapy appointments for the Guppies (one is an intake evaluation for G2 about possible medication), two vet appointments at two different offices since Rum needs a special ferret vet, a trip to the town hall to renew the dog's license, and our anniversary on Saturday!  That's just what has been scheduled - I'm sure more chaos will be added to this list!  LOL

And with that, I'm off! Have a great rest of the Memorial Day weekend everyone!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Weigh In Wednesday

Another Weigh In Wednesday is here...

It's no secret that I have been struggling over the past few weeks but I'm not going to let that stop me from getting on the scale since part of the reason I have gained so much weight over the past year or two is because I chose to ignore it.  I plan on staying accountable through the good AND the bad now.

With things being as crazy as they have been here, my eating is up and my exercise time is still down.  I was lucky last week but this week it caught up with me a little....

Last week I weighed

This week I weigh

It's time to reign this in before I creep back up into the dreaded 180's!

On the exercise front, I logged in
117533 steps = approximately 56 miles
I am up slightly with my mileage from last week but I want to start pulling bigger numbers again. 
I am shooting for at least 75 miles this week.  Who knows if it will happen with all the craziness right now but I am going to try my best!

If you are trying to lose weight/get in shape, how's it going?

Have a great Wednesday!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

May Groceries Update & Moving Forward

So, about those groceries....

I'll be completely honest.....

I blew it this month!

And, to make matter worse, I accidentally threw out my unrecorded receipts in a spurt of cleaning frenzy!  And, I am NOT going to go through that particular bag of trash because, well, it's just not worth it to me this month.

However, piecing together what I can from memory and my online banking information, I have spent upwards of $700 this month.


In times of stress, I allow stress eating and convenience foods to reign supreme in my house - a combination that is never good for the waist or the budget!

So, as the dust settles down here, I am plugging up the leaks and going to try to right myself by seeing how long I can make what I already have in the kitchen/pantry last.  NO MORE GROCERY SHOPPING! (At least for a little while)  The only exception to this is our farmer's market but even there I plan on keeping my spending on the lower side for at least the next few weeks.

As we eat down our inventory, I am going to be mindful of trying to stash away some freezer meals to help in times of busyness and crisis.  I mean, let's face it, these things happen - maybe not always in the succession they have lately for my family but still a fact of life.

Also, moving forward, I am thinking about bringing back some version of our menu plan/what we have eaten for the week.  While it isn't the most interesting post, I do think it keeps me more accountable so I want to bring it back, even if it's mostly for me.  Although, maybe the next few weeks post will be a little more interesting because I may have to get creative with my meals!  LOL

Am I ready for a challenge like this?  Honestly, I am not 100% sure since I don't know if there are any more "bad things" around the corner BUT continuing on the current path isn't going to be helpful or sustainable either.....

So, I'm going to give it my all and see what I can accomplish!

Does anyone else seem to shop more/fall back on convenience in times of stress/busyness like I do?  Sometimes I feel like I am an extreme case.  Haha!

Monday, May 22, 2017

Positively Monday....

Sorry for the lack of posting over the weekend....

I've been in a funk and figured it would be much better to NOT write than to continue complaining over everything that has been going on around here....

You know those times when everywhere you turn something else bad is happening to you, your family, or someone you love?  Yeah, that's me right now.

However, it's Monday and I am determined to find those silver linings and try to set myself up for a good week!

Let's see what I can scrounge up for positives.....

1.  Papa and I made plans for our anniversary in a couple of weekends!  We have wanted to try a restaurant on the Waterbury/Stowe line in Vermont for quite some time but, every time we have gone on vacation to Vermont, never have the time to do it.  So...We are going to take the four-ish hour drive each way on our anniversary and go to dinner!  While it would be nice to do an overnight, it's really not in the budget at the moment and I can't leave the Guppies to take care of/walk our monster of a dog.  G1 and Ramsey will spend the weekend here (rather than Ramsey's house) so that G2 isn't alone - G2 gets kind of freaked being in the house alone at night.  While the idea of driving that many hours JUST for dinner might sound crazy to you, trust me we have done this sort of thing MANY times in the past - As a matter of fact, before our favorite pizza place closed in Stowe, we would drive up there just to get a pizza!  LOL  I'm really looking forward to this day!  Besides it being our anniversary and having a lot of time to unwind with Papa on the drive, there is something about this area that calms my soul - which is something I desperately need!

2.  I know I am going to jinx this, but, I *think* we have gotten our point across to the nasty Mrs. Bird at the high school - albeit in a roundabout way!  I'm hopeful we have made enough noise so that she knows we know she tampered with G1 grades (without outright accusing her) and will pursue this if needed.

3.  Papa's brother will be transferred to a physical rehab place within the next couple of weeks.  There was an infection the doctors were worried went to his heart but it thankfully did NOT!  While the liver team at Yale is dismissing him from their care, they have brought up a few times that he should try to get/stay as healthy as possible and get back on his feet because "another hospital" may be willing to put him on their transplant list.  Papa told me this was said a couple of times in passing so they are encouraging his brother to find a new route and not give up.  We both really want to see him fight through this addiction and have the best relationships with the people in his life.

4.  I am trying to figure out what the next chapter in life is going to hold since the Guppies are growing up.  In three short years, G2 will be off to college and I don't want to sit here twiddling my thumbs all day!  Yes, I still want to write.  I am trying to decide to what capacity and how I can feel productive and a contributing member of society.  Haha!

5.  I usually don't have much to say that's "good" about my hometown but I feel I have to share this....An old classmate of mine has a daughter who is six and was just diagnosed with leukemia.  While at the hospital, her dad (my classmate) told her that he was going to get a pool for her when she got out of the hospital.  The pool was purchased but no one was available for weeks to install it/set it up.  Not wanting to let his daughter down, the classmate turned to his friends at our hometown's volunteer firehouse and the town's first selectman (another former classmate).  The firehouse partnered with the firehouse from the town my classmate now lives in and they worked together to build the pool and get it ready for his daughter's return home.  I'm so sad that his daughter is sick but so happy that good people came to the rescue to help spread some happiness for his sweet little girl.

Even though I already posted this, I'm adding two more positive things....

6.  Even though our dishwasher broke again, the part that Papa believes to be the problem isn't that expensive a repair AND we can get free shipping for it from Amazon Prime. 

7.  Ramsey is going to be here for dinner tonight...which means I don't have to cook!  He's going to make us Philly Cheesesteak Sandwiches with fries and sautéed asparagus.  YUMMY!

I wish I had some more positives to share.  I am having a hard time pulling any out of my head right now though!

I'm really hoping things and my mood turn around quickly!

Have a great Monday!\

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Gas, Garbage, and an Update on W

Phew! I have spent a TON of my budget on gas this past week!  In total, I spent $62 on gas just since I last updated this!  Lots of running around (multiple times)!  I have about 3/4 of a tank remaining and really hope to make that last as long as possible.  So, if my calculations are correct, I have $38.59 left for gas this month.  It's going to be tight but I refuse to go over!

Light load this week!  Only one 13 gallon kitchen sized bag!  Woo Hoo!

I haven't talked about W (Papa's brother) in a bit and we got some disheartening news today...

He's still in the hospital and was doing fairly well.  He is continuing to be the guy Papa grew up with and whom I remember.


He made a mistake which cost him basically his life.
The doctors have permanently removed him from all transplant lists because they caught him doubling up his pain medication - taking what the nurse gave him AND some of what he brought from home.  The nurse came in, found him passed out with the bottle, and the doctor order Narcan to revive him.
Addiction is a heartbreaking thing guys.  It really is.
Moving forward, the hope is to keep him as mobile and healthy as possible for as long as possible.  But time is now finite and there isn't any rescue from this.
So far, his attitude is okay.  He's beginning the process of making peace with where he is now and where he is heading. 
Papa is okay too but I know he's really hurting and coming to terms with losing his brother at some point in the near distant future.

May has been a tough month around here.  Truly it has.
I'm sorry for being so upset/angry lately.
I'm trying to coax my cheerful self out of the cave she's hiding in....
Maybe some Halo Top ice cream will help!  Haha!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Weigh In Wednesday!

Super short post this morning because I have an appointment to get my hair professionally cut and colored for the first time in over two years!  (Thanks Mom for the Mothers Day gift!)

As I have mentioned repeatedly, this past week has been more than stressful....
Add in a dinner and two lunches of fried chicken, twice baked potatoes, and homemade biscuits...
And well it's not like I expected any movement (besides up!) on the scale....

When I got on this morning, I was exactly the same weight as last week to the ounce!


I'm not upset about this at all!  I'm actually relieved because I knew I would get depressed if I saw anything back in the 180's since I have sworn that number off forever!  LOL

I also slacked off a bit with my walking!  Upon review of last week's numbers, I saw that I missed my goal of at least 12K steps TWICE! (first time in over a month!) Both times coincided with prom weekend - Prom day 10,173 steps and Mother's Day when I wasn't feeling well 4.706 steps.

In total last week, I walked 106,330 steps....
equivalent to....

50 miles

Compared to earlier weeks, I was way off my game!

The great news is that I am back on track both eating and stepping wise starting yesterday so hopefully I will see that scale creep down a notch or two next week!

How did you week go if you are trying to lose weight/get healthier?

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Day Book for Tuesday May 16th, 2017

Sadly I still can't get Guppy 1 to approve any prom photos yet!  Haha!

Outside my window...
It's sunny and absolutely perfect weather today! 

What I am wearing....
Black T shirt, olive green shorts, sneakers

What I am hearing...
The convection oven warming up my lunch, birds chirping, some construction going on down the road.

What I am reading....
I'm re-reading one of my all time favorite books....Weaveworld by Clive Barker!  I haven't read it in at least twenty years so it's almost like reading a new book again since I have forgotten many of the details.  ;)

From the kitchen...
I'm heating up the last of the Mother's Day fried chicken and twice baked potatoes.  I'm quite sure this week isn't going to be great weight wise but, since Papa only makes this once or twice per year, I'm going to enjoy every last morsel.  LOL 
Later I need to bake some brownies for the Guppies to snack on afterschool this week.  And probably make some sort of portable baked breakfast type good for G1.  (Thank goodness G2 is pretty reliable with only wanting her croissants 99% of the time.)

From the learning rooms....
The Guppies have a half day today as the school promotes "Be One" day.....Personally, I am not a fan of this program at our high school.  Here's why:  Be One Day is a day where the school is supposed to "unify" and let the students share their feelings/stories of depression/anxiety and how they overcame it.  Sounds like it would be a very nice day right?  It would be but, to about 80% of the administration and students, the whole thing is a farce.  I have seen the way MY kids with diagnosed issues get treated and it's not always that warm and fuzzy.  Plus, as G1 put it this morning, she gets to sit in an auditorium and listen to the popular kids get up to the podium and complain about how they got a used car for their birthday rather than a new one - very depressing stuff. ((insert eye roll))  If anyone is around my age and remembers their kids watching "As Told By Ginger", there is an episode where the school thinks Ginger is depressed.  Courtney, the rich popular girl, doesn't like all the extra attention Ginger is getting so she comes into school wearing all black, with black eyeliner, bemoaning how depressed she feels.  This sums up our high school's Be One day.

Yesterday I mentioned that I had emailed G1's Senior Experience teacher to see why those future F's were still on PowerSchool.  The email conversation went a little something like this...

Me:  We were very curious as to why our daughter has Fs (and the comment "missing") for two future assignments when a friend has As for the same future assignment.  Please advise.
Teacher:  The dates are placeholders.  She has an all day presentation on the 24th and said you are helping her with the project.  Are you aware of this?
Me:  Yes, I am aware.  I'm not questioning the date.  I am questioning the Fs.  Why would an F be a placeholder?
Teacher:  All fixed
Me:  Thank you
Teacher:  Oh I'm just here to give support and remind the students of dates.  Just because I took the Fs out doesn't mean she is passing. Mrs. R (assistant principal who G1 loves and we have dealt with through the years during the 504 meetings) has the final say and records all the grades. 

Oh really?  I  called Papa and he said to email Mrs. R the entire email chain.  Mrs. R has a right to know that the teacher pretty much just threw her under the bus!   Mrs. R and I have an very nice back and forth regarding the Fs - where she says the teacher is the one who takes care of grades but she's sorry for the extra stress to G1, and then we emailed a bit more about G1 and how much Mrs. R loves her - which we believe wasn't just schmoozing because she has told us the same thing on many occasions.

So where does this all leave us?  It's pointing more and more to the OTHER assistant principal (Mrs. Bird) who went into PowerSchool and changed G1's grades....Don't forget there was another grade she was given an F for that THAT teacher said she had no clue how it got there - AND G1 got a perfect score on it once the teacher graded it.  If anything else happens, we will pursue finding out who put those Fs in there - like Papa said, there are computer fingerprints so it wouldn't be that hard to figure out.  And, if it is Mrs. Bird, we will take her down because she is interfering with student grades.

Think it's over?  Nope!  This morning, G1 has her Senior Experience class where the teacher approaches G1 and apologizes for the "grade mixup".  Then went on to tell my daughter that I was "just down her throat" about it.  I wanted an answer, plain and simple.  I'm sorry that you, Miss Teacher, decided to throw an assistant principal under the bus and I relayed the message.

Honestly, hurry up June 14th!

And with that, I'm off!

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, May 15, 2017

Positively Monday....Sort Of...

Happy Monday everyone!

I am really hoping to get G1's "approval" to share some pictures on my blog from Saturday's prom.  It may prove worse than pulling teeth however but I will do my best!  LOL

I hope everyone enjoyed their Mother's Day!  Mine was quiet, which would have been very lovely if I wasn't feeling sick!  Thankfully, we had already decided that we would "celebrate" Mother's Day (aka do what Mom wants to do!) a few weekends from now with a day trip to Stowe to go hiking.  (Technically, they prefer everyone stay off the mountain until after Memorial Day to protect the trails and ensure "mud season" is completely over.)

Anyway, let's see what I can come up with for "positives" to start this week off right!

1.  G1 had a great time at prom!  Ramsey really stepped up to the plate and was a good sport/doted on her like she was a princess!  I think her self confidence got a very big and much needed boost which makes me very happy!  We all remember the "mean girls" in high school and G1 had fun with the fact that these girls couldn't stop staring at Ramsey, who is a pretty handsome kid. 

2.  Mrs. Bird WAS one of the prom chaperones but left G1 alone.....mostly.  At the end of the night, while in line for their umbrella, G1 saw Mrs. Bird mouth to the principal "That's her" and pointed directly at G1, who actually got a good laugh out of it rather than freaked out.

3.  I learned an...ummmmm...interesting life hack over the weekend....
It is pretty fitting I guess, considering the prom theme was Hollywood Red Carpet....
Apparently many of the "stars" duct tape their chests when a bra won't work with their dresses.  Well, I, in fact, learned how to do that on Saturday night!  And it worked like a charm!  LOL

4.  Mother's Day dinner was AH-MA-ZING!  Papa made me some of my favorite things...
Homemade Buttermilk Fried Chicken
Twice Baked Potatoes
Homemade KFC style biscuits
I'm sure my scale will show it on Wednesday, but it was worth it!  =)

5. We have decided to confront the school on some of the issues surrounding G1.  I wrote an email to a teacher this morning questioning how G1 could have two Fs for future assignments.  I got a reply that these are just "place holders".  I wrote back asking WHY AN F would be a place holder!  So far, no response.  Why am I adding this on my positively Monday list?  Because, while I have faith in G1's guidance counselor, I am beginning to think that *maybe* a little parental heat will stop this crap from happening too.  Instead of sitting back in a pool of anxiety, I have taken some action!  Haha!

I'm not sure I can think of much more than five for today....

Have a great Monday all!

Saturday, May 13, 2017

When Is This Going to Freaking End? Coincidence or Not?

If you aren't following G1's "saga", you don't want to read today's post either!  With any luck, things will be calmed down enough by next week and I can at least go back to some of my regular blogging posts.
This morning I am ranting (again) more to help ME get it off my chest so I can keep G1 calm and relatively happy while getting ready for prom!

Guys I am seriously at my wits end!  Enough is enough you know?

Let's talk about yesterday's new developments, shall we?

The senior student body was sent an email from Mrs. Bird regarding the revocation of senior privilege.  It restated the "punishments" for leaving school when senior privilege is revoked - with the third "offense" resulting in loss of privilege "forever".  But, it also stated that anyone found "writing in their names on the senior privilege roster" would also received said punishments.  G1 had been writing her name down all last week because Mrs. P (the guidance counselor) told her she was all set.
So, up the guidance office, G1 goes to talk about the email.  While there, my smart daughter also decided to tell Mrs. P that the attendance office had only changed the most recent two absences from unexcused to excused.  Mrs. P is getting past annoyed now too and called down to Mrs. Bird's office -who was conveniently at lunch.
Oh, and that "F" that was mysteriously put in for an English paper for G1?  The F that the teacher has no idea how it got there? (WE can sure guess how though.)  Her REAL grade was put in yesterday when the teacher finished grading it - perfect score!  100/100!  Take that Bird!  =)

Before I get to what happened last evening, I have to talk about something that happened to Ramsey...

Ramsey has a CRAZY ex girlfriend...G1 does NOT know her personally as she lives an hour away from us.  Well, the ex is somehow friends with someone who G1 used to be friends with here in town.....Ex found out it is prom weekend here and posted Ramsey's cell number up on all her social media, requesting everyone spam the crap out of him this weekend!  Ramsey pulled out the SIM card from his phone and now has to change his number next week.  BUT, at least he was able to minimize the annoyance for prom night right?

I mention this mostly because of what happened around 10pm last evening....

Let's set the stage, shall we?

G2 was upstairs in her room skyping her boyfriend.
G1 and Ramsey were in the family room watching a Redbox movie.
I was upstairs in my room, watching tv.
Papa was in the dining room, facing the living room, which looks out into the road....

Where Papa saw three cop cars in front of our house with flashlights shining around our yard!
Papa went outside to talk to them.
Apparently, an anonymous phone complaint was lodged with our police department about "kids partying" at an address that doesn't even exist on our street!  The address given was off by the middle digit to ours and the cops thought maybe kids were at the cemetery (across the street from us) or our house (since not many families actually even live on my street, it's mostly older people).  The cops couldn't understand it because everything on the street was completely quiet!
They left without any incident (obviously).
(It should also be noted that I have had police at my house only one other time...
A little old lady rammed into a tree that was in our front yard.)

Am I losing my mind?  Or does this sound completely suspect?

I wouldn't put it past Mrs. Bird.  We are putting up a lot of resistance to what she is dishing out to G1 at school.  And, the school handbook states something regarding what happens to students should they get in trouble with the cops for things like illegal partying and it includes not being able to take part in things like prom.  Did she actually take a chance that G1 was such a "bad kid" that she would be partying night before prom?  Did she just transpose the address?
I think that if school administration had anything to do with this complaint, it will be evident to us  tonight at prom.


Was it Ramsey's crazy ex?  We have a very difficult last name to pronounce and spell.  The chances of her being able to do it are slim.  BUT, Crazy Ex is friendly with one of G1's old friends and could have gotten information (like our address) from her....and took the chance that G1 could have been having a party but messed up the address?  Or maybe just called it in to shake her up?

Besides living on a quiet road full of mostly older people and cemetery, we also have a huge farm that takes up a good one third of our street!  A random complaint regarding kids partying seems very unlikely to me.

I keep hoping I am just getting paranoid from stress and lack of sleep.....

Part of me cannot wait until tomorrow morning....

When prom is over and I will hopefully be relieved it went well.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Gas, Garbage, & Frustration.....

Finally sitting down at my computer for a few minutes tonight!  It has just been THAT kind of day.  Speaking of which, I probably won't be posting until Monday again since it's going to be busy busy busy with prom being Saturday.

Three 13 gallon sized kitchen bags out this week!  OUCH!  One was just pet cage waste - I had been filling the same bag over the course of two weeks and it was finally full.  Truthfully, I haven't given reducing waste the time it has needed or deserved but there have been other pressing things of late.

Papa is changing my brakes as I type this.  After he's finished he is going to test drive it over to the gas station since I am still running on the dregs of last week's fillup.  So no change in what's left in my May budget as of right now.

The following is a very long rant regarding G1 and the high school...Please don't feel obliged to read if you don't want.  It's okay I understand....LOL

As for the frustration....

I swear to God the night that G1 graduates, I am going out drinking! (Not really - I'm not a drinker but with everything going on right now?  That could change quickly!  LOL)

Today has been just a shitstorm with that high school...

First G1 texts me that a rumor is going around that any senior who misses Monday (first school day after prom) that doesn't have a doctor's note will get an all day Saturday detention and each class absence will count as THREE instead of one....Say what?  This principal is being a super hard ass about Senior Skip Day.  My thoughts are that, unless parents/students are notified of said change and deviation from the student handbook, this is a bluff and just a threat to get more seniors to attend school on Monday.  Even the teachers have planned to have most seniors out.  Truthfully, the jury is out about what we are or are not going to let G1 do because of the other things that have happened today....More on that in a minute.
Oh, and guess what else?  It appears the principal wants to have GRADED study halls next year!  Again, nothing in writing as of yet but I would love to see how that is going to be accomplished.
The new principal is a nightmare...
But not nearly as bad as the Assistant Principal (Mrs Bird) I keep talking about...
She has it out for my daughter like nobody's business!

As I said previously, G1 had her senior privilege revoked and then reinstated....
Well a letter came in the mail today that said her senior privilege was, in fact, still revoked.  BUT, on the bottom of the form letter was a handwritten note that said : Warning: Does not have senior privilege and needs to sign into last period study hall. Upon talking to Mrs. P (G1's guidance counselor), a plan will be established to allow for early dismissal as needed.  Mrs. P had told G1 at the beginning of the week everything was okay again.  I texted Papa and we agreed we would send off an email to Mrs. P when he got home from work.  But, that didn't happen because... read on.

When G1 got home from school, we logged onto PowerSchool to take a look again at everything...

And found some very alarming things!

1.  She is now "failing" her Senior Experience project - Seniors choose the topic they want to explore and have teacher guided help and are ultimately graded by an Assistant Principal.  (G1 thankfully doesn't have Mrs. Bird as hers)  But, upon further investigation, someone in administration put "F"s in for assignments not even due yet!  Yeah you read that right....

2.  Ditto the above for a writing assignment G1 turned in last week.  Her English teacher allowed her extra time to finish it and helped her print it at school last week.  Someone (not the English teacher) put an F there too.  G1 took the initiative and emailed this teacher who was confused about it the F being there and removed it.  She also apologized to G1 for not finishing grading the assignment yet.

3.  The attendance protocol for the high school is as follows...
When your child is sick, you must call them out and leave a voice mail stating the date and reason for absence.  When your child returns to school, you are supposed to send a note in stating again why your child was absent.
If you follow the policy, your child has an excused absence.  If you don't, it's considered unexcused and can be used against your child if they miss too many classes and for some reason needs to appeal a loss of credit letter.
Every single time G1 has been absent I have followed this (stupid) protocol.  G1 has turned in the note every time because she knows how important it is - especially with her 504.
You know where I am going with this...
Every single absence is now "unexcused" except interestingly enough ONE where part of the day's classes read "Parent Phone Call" and the other part read "Unexcused Absence".  The interesting thing about this is the unexcused absences are coincidentally placed where G1 would be over the allowed absences because, apparently she is now being penalized for going to guidance too.

Now, what would you think/do if you were G1's parents?

I was livid.  I still am as I type this up actually!

I didn't mess with an email to Mrs. P....I called her and left a very detailed voicemail.
She called back in less than ten minutes - I love this woman seriously I do! 
We had a nice long discussion about everything...
First she had no clue that Mrs. Bird sent us out that letter and had no idea about any "plan being established".
Second she saw the same things I did on G1's PowerSchool.  She told me she was screenshotting the Fs and attaching them to an email to Mrs. Bird stating that these needed to be removed and should not be counting against G1 - especially in the matter of those assignments that aren't even due yet!  We thought it was strange she was sending this to Mrs. Bird....obviously Mrs. P thinks the same thing we do - that Mrs. Bird is sabotaging G1.

Third, she told me to call the Absence Office and demand that the unexcused absences be changed.  She said to be insistent and tell them notes were sent in each and every time.

And, lastly, she said if anything else comes up that we worry about to call her immediately.  I guess I should have asked for her cell phone number because GOD HELP THEM if they give G1 a hard time about anything at prom this Saturday!  (Fortunately the venue is a twenty minute drive from here and I WILL go down there and pull a Mama Bear if needed!)

If you are still reading at this point - thank you!  I know this is quite a rant but I'm seriously so frustrated I could break down and cry.

To put this into perspective, G1 had an evaluation with a nurse practitioner regarding her current medications.  Since G1 was a new patient, we had to go over a lot of background and spent a lot of time regarding the things that have happened at the middle school and high school....
The woman used the words "abuse" and "harassment" with us when discussing what we told her has happened to G1 over the past six years.  AND agreed that of course G1 isn't interested in any more schooling at this point after all she has endured.....

We fought a LOT with the administrations for G1 over these past six years....And trust me at times we weren't very nice - always logical and never screaming lunatics.  But, truthfully?  After today, I wish we had threatened and followed through with a big fat lawsuit or two!

God help us get G2 through the next three years intact.....

Sorry for the rant....

Just had to get it off my chest.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Weigh In Wednesday

As I was laying in bed last night, I began to think about how I was going to "spin" this post....

The only thing I could come up with was making the following the header...

The Weight Loss Gain Edition of Weigh In Wednesday

I really was THAT sure when I got on the scale this morning I would not like what I saw!

I'm an emotional eater and well....last week was pretty stressful/emotional.  And I did what I do best....Reach for and EAT comfort foods - for me that means a LOT of carbs!

I did keep up with my exercising though so I was able to go to sleep last night happy about one thing.

Morning came and I shooed Papa out of the room so I could get on the scale alone....

I weighed myself three times because I couldn't believe the number...


Last week I was 180.4 so that's a loss of

2.9 pounds!

I'm super excited (obviously)!

And I never want to see the 180's again!  LOL

As for the exercise part of last week, I walked a total of

158,123 steps or almost 75 miles!

I really hope I am on my way to better hiking this summer!

If you are trying to lose weight, how did your week go?

Monday, May 8, 2017

Positively Monday!

I'm not going to lie....Between an emergency trip to the vet for the ferret on Tuesday to the debacle G1 had at school on Friday (and everything else in sandwiched in there too!), last week was a rough one.

Here's to a positive beginning to a (hopefully) much better week!

1.  Tying in to yesterday's post about G1 and school, I woke up this morning to a very ummmm interesting situation!  I had gone on PowerSchool to check something else out and saw a little icon that said one of G1's grades had changed.  I clicked on it and found that the gym teacher decided to give G1 credit for her missed classes so the grade Mrs. Bird was screaming about is no longer an F!  Here's what I think is happening....
The guidance counselor is most likely having trouble getting the assistant principal (Mrs. Bird) to change her mind about revoking G1's senior privilege.  After what happened on Friday and knowing us as well as she does, the guidance counselor knows we will not be letting this go easily - especially if privileges are not reinstated.  So, we think she went to the gym teacher and talked with him to fix the situation for us.  G1 was all set to schedule her makeup classes this morning too. 
While I do not condone giving students a pass for doing nothing, this is gym we are talking about so I am not going to question it.  Plus, I am sure that G1's 504 helped her out because the original 504 was written for anxiety/depression AND anorexia (thankfully G1 has been stable/recovered since at least the middle of sophomore year).
Today is going to be interesting as we find out if G1 gets out early or not!

2.  My parents gave me a gift card to my favorite salon for a haircut and color!  I haven't had this done professionally in over two years and MY gray is really bothering my mom for some reason!  LOL

3.  I'm on a decent track food budget wise for the month!  May is a crazy month but so far so good!

4.  Senior Prom is this Saturday!  I'm really excited for G1 as she has been dreaming about this since she was in elementary school!  She has a great table of friends to sit with and an adorable boyfriend to go with!

5.  Rum the ferret seems to be on the mend!  As I mentioned above and in my Cinco de Mayo Day Book post, we had an emergency vet trip last Tuesday since her back leg(s) didn't seem to be working very well.  She seems to be doing better now - with lots of rest and all her upper levels of her cage taken out so she can't jump around.  In a few days, I'll start taking her out of the cage for a little bit of exercise time and maybe I'll put the second level back in...albeit not as high for a bit.

6.  Still going strong with my Fitbit, even though the weight isn't exactly falling off me!  I have SO much more energy lately!   I have a LOT of work to improve all of my bad eating habits but I'm happy that I *should* be able to do the hiking we want to do over this summer.

And, I guess that's it for my positives right now.

Have a happy Monday everyone!

Sunday, May 7, 2017

24 More LOOOOONG School Days Left!

or, in G1's case, indefinitely!

I was thinking about writing this tomorrow but then realized that tomorrow is "Positively Monday"....and this is far from a positive post.

So, if you aren't up for hearing a rant about my town's high school, come back tomorrow!  LOL

Friday was Hell Day.  There just isn't a better way to coin it.

Guppy 1 texted me from school early in the morning to say she was called down to the Assistant Principal's office.  I told her it was probably because of the LOC letter (form letter generated to students who are at half of the allowed absences for a class) and to go ahead down and tell them I was in touch with the guidance counselor....Which I have been.  G1's guidance counselor and I have been emailing back and forth regarding G1's depression/anxiety/migraine situation.  Her counselor assured me G1 was fine and if we received a LOC letter she would take care of it.  It's also worth noting that G1 has been absent four times since January when her half year classes began - students are allowed 8 absences for half year classes before there is a possibility of losing credit.  But, because of G1's 504 and my keeping the guidance counselor informed, she should be absolutely fine.


There are three Assistant Principals at our high school.  G1 knows two of them.  First, is the one we all know through her 504 meetings....lovely rational woman.  Second is the one that G1 has for gym whom she likes very much - we have never met him.  Lastly is "Mrs. Bird" whom has a reputation for being a complete and utter in she gave G1's best friend (who is a model kid and student) a detention once for a mistake the assistant principal made regarding attendance of G1's best friend to some special assembly.

You know where I am going with this..

G1 had to meet with Mrs. Bird....

G1 said that while she was waiting to go in to meet with her, there was a lot of screaming coming from the office.  When the door opened, a fellow classmate came out pretty frazzled.  So, you can imagine G1 was nervous.

G1 went in and sat down....and Mrs. Bird didn't say a word to her.  Just glared at her, trying to intimidate her by staring her down.

I guess after that didn't work, the screaming began.

The gist of the "meeting" was that G1 had her senior privileges (being allowed to leave school early and not stay for last period study) taken away because of absences and a failing grade in gym - She was out of school on two gym days and has to schedule the make ups because you can't just walk into another gym class and get credit.  There was no room explaining anything to this woman though because she was on a much so that G1 tried to finagle her phone in her pocket and tried to record her...sadly it didn't work.  G1 was told that if she didn't stay for the full day and go to the last period study hall, she was getting an all day Saturday detention.  G1 held her tongue until she was dismissed and then called me from a stairwell.

She was an absolute mess when she called me.  I told her to head up to the guidance office and talk to her counselor.  Unfortunately her counselor had to proctor the make up AP exams and only had a moment to talk to her.  She told G1 that she had emailed the Assistant Principal who must not have read the email and that she would take care of it.  G1 was supposed to come back up before she left at the normal senior privilege time to speak to guidance again....

That didn't happen because G1 went to her next class and lost it.

Total panic attack.  I swear it was like PTSD from her middle school days when they locked her in a small glorified closet of an office because they didn't like the clothes she wore.

She called me again and I tried to talk her down.  I told her to go back up to guidance but no one was allowed in the office because of the make up testing going on.  I told G1 to go to the health office and see the nurse....

The nurse took one look at her and told her to call me to come get her.

Once home, and slightly calm, G1 emailed the guidance counselor and told her what happened and why she wouldn't be coming back up to see her at the end of the day.  The guidance counselor emailed her back later, apologizing for her bad day, and said she was meeting with Mrs. Bird on Monday morning.  We will see what comes of that.  G1 uses her senior privilege time wisely.  It has helped tremendously for her to get out of school early and not be stuck in an extra study hall at the end of the day.  Plus, her therapy appointments are usually scheduled during this time too.  So if it doesn't turn out satisfactory with her privilege "reinstated", we will be requesting a meeting with this Mrs. Bird and it won't be Papa plans on asking her if we should use the same tactics she used on our daughter or if we should try to work things out with her like a normal human being.

After the last six years of school for G1, it's seriously no wonder why the idea of college is turning her off so badly.

But, wait!  There's more!

Here's the real kicker!

Later on Friday afternoon, the mail came.  There was an envelope addressed "To The Parents of Guppy 1" from the high school.  The letter was an invitation to an awards ceremony in two weeks in which G1 was getting some sort of academic award....

Seriously?  Where's Ashton Kucher?  Am I on the show Punk'd?

G1 has no idea what the award is for so I plan on calling the number on the letter to see if we can figure it out.  My best guess is it's for her creative writing.  But, who knows?

So G1 is down in the Assistant Principal's office in the morning, getting yelled at and made it feel like a "bad kid" who doesn't deserve senior privilege only to get a letter in the afternoon that she is receiving an academic award?!?!

So aggravated right now about the whole situation.....

I absolutely HATE the way 90% of the middle school and high school teachers/administrators have treated Guppy 1.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Groceries This Week! First Week of May 2017

May is here!  And, with it, a new fresh grocery budget!  I'm going to keep my goal at $550 for May.  I am *hoping* to come in under that but, this month is going to be a bit crazy, so I will just do my best!  =)

What is included in my monthly budget?  Food, paper and cleaning products, and health/beauty items.  We are a family of four....Papa, Me, Guppy1 (18), and Guppy2 (14).  Plus we often will have an impromptu dinner guest or two thanks to the Guppies!  =)

Now, let's see how this week turned out!

CVS:  $.05*
*FIVE CENTS?!?!  Yup!  That's all thanks to some ECBs I needed to use!

100 oz of Just the Basics (CVS brand) laundry detergent
1 loaf of Pepperidge Farm hearty white bread
1 2 ltr bottle of Diet Dr Pepper (for G2 - I hate Dr Pepper!)

Big Y:  $37.54
2 packages of store brand shredded cheddar cheese
1 lb deli American cheese
1 large rotisserie chicken
2 boxes store brand stuffing mix
1 box Kraft mac n cheese
3 - 12 packs Pepsi products

Farmer's Market:  $21
2 quarts whole milk
1 pint maple yogurt
1 loaf walnut & black pepper bread
1 bunch baby lettuce

Total Spent This Week:  $58.59
Money Left for May:  $491.41

Overall, I am pretty happy with how grocery shopping went this week!  The freezer is still pretty full meat wise which is great as long as I remember to pull it out to defrost before I need it! (Remember, I am still refusing to buy a new microwave since mine died last year.)  We are also in good shape with available drinks and snacks - strangely enough the chips are not getting consumed nearly as quickly as they usually are! 
Next week, I will have to top up with the bread and fruits/veggies.  Not sure what else next week will bring....Besides senior prom next Saturday!  =)

Have a great day all!

Friday, May 5, 2017

Day Book May 5, 2017 Plus Gas & Garbage

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

We don't really do much to celebrate it here...maybe I'll make some sort of Mexican dish tonight but that's about as far as we roll these days.  LOL

Onto the Day Book....

Outside my window....
It's very gloomy! While not raining at them moment, we are supposed to have a soaker on tap for this afternoon!  Right around when I have to drive G1 and Ramsey back to that will be a lot of fun...NOT!  Anyway, there are a few more cars going by than usual - probably parents driving their kids to school? 

What I am hearing....
The dog snoring on the couch and cars going by.

What I am wearing....
Yoga capris, Jean Lafitte's Blacksmith shirt (from our New Orleans trip 19 years ago!), sneakers, and my Fitbit.  =)

What I am feeling....
I'm still worried about Rum the ferret!  Last week her back left leg seemed to be bothering her but we gave her a few days to see if it would get better.  It didn't so on Tuesday I called the vet and took her in to see what was up.  They took x-rays and nothing seems to be broken so they put her on pain meds and what basically amounts to ferret Pepto.  If she isn't better by next week, I have to bring her back for some more diagnostics.  She also lost a bit of weight - which the vet said could be from not wanting to eat because of the pain.  So, three times a day I am hand feeding her baby food chicken with gravy to supplement her dry food.
Yes, I know I am crazy!  LOL  Ferrets have always been close to my heart so Rum is getting the royal treatment!

What I am reading....
One Way Down by Terica Martin.  It's a limited release book by a lovely young woman we know from Long Island.  It's basically her diary about life touring with a small pop punk band as their merchandise girl. But, it's also more about her struggles navigating through her own life.  I'm really enjoying it - with the added bonus of knowing some of the people (other Long Island people/bands)who makes cameos in the book too.

From the kitchen....
Nothing at the moment.  The kitchen is still pretty wrecked from Ramsey cooking in it last night!  He makes SUCH a mess when he cooks here but dinner was delicious!  Like seriously good!
Later after I get the kitchen cleaned, I may try to whip up some sort of Mexican dinner - as I said above.

One bag (13 gallon sized) this week!  Woo Hoo!!!  Not sure how it happened to be honest but I'll take it!

Well, as predicted I DID use the final $15.43 in my top off last week.  So not extra money got tucked away into the summer driving fund from April's budget!
For May, I am going to continue with the $130 budget for my car's gas only.  Yesterday I filled my car up (since it was almost on E) to the tune of $29.41.  So, I have $100.59 left for gas in May.  Not sure how it's gonna go but it should be interesting!

Lastly, I wanted to leave a video from This Good Robot, a Long Island band we love.  They are an awesome and very talented bunch of young men and we have a TON of respect for them.  Most of their own music is an acquired taste but this cover is so pretty, I had to share it!  (P.S.  They chose images from the movie Guardian of the Galaxy since the sequel is soon to be out in theatres.)

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Weigh In Wednesday!

Time for Weigh In Wednesday already?

Last week I was 182.1 lbs.

When I hopped on the scale this morning, I was....

180.4 lbs!

So, a loss of 1.7 lbs this week.

I know I *should* be happy....

And I am, really.  I know that this is a HEALTHY amount to lose per week...

But, I am still hoping for those big numbers, you know?

Blame it on my earlier years of failed diet attempts and pulling those big losses in the first few weeks.

I just keep reminding myself that this isn't a quick fix....

It's a lifestyle change!

Along with the weigh in, I want to keep track here of my mileage for the week.  Even though our Long Trail hike is about three years away, I still need to get into shape for regular hiking this year.  I don't want to be the one holding my family up by needing to keep stopping on the trail!

So, after a quick calculation, since last Wednesday, I have walked.....

71.3 miles!

An average of ten miles per day!  That makes me feel accomplished at least!  =)

My goal for next week is to be out of the 180's and never EVER see them again!

Have a great Wednesday everyone!

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Five Things That Make Me Happy....and One That Doesn't!

Because I missed my usual "Positively Monday" yesterday (oops!), I thought I would do this instead.

So, let's start with Happy Thoughts!

1.  My washer is finally fixed!  And the fix was under $40 and about thirty minutes of Papa's time!  I love that we were able to fix it since, not only did it save us a boatload of money, but it also kept the machine out of the junkyard for awhile longer.

2.  My Fitbit!  Not to sound like a broken record but this thing is actually FUN!  And pretty motivational!  I *may* be a bit obsessive about reaching/exceeding my step goals BUT I haven't been nearly as sedentary as I had been!  Strangely enough, I am finding out that I am competitive?  Never have been before but add me to a "Weekend Warrior" Challenge (most steps over the weekend) and I go into "beast mode".  LOL  I won four of the five challenges I was invited to participate in last weekend.

3.  The Comeback Kid!  Papa's brother, W, has such a long way to go healthwise, but, he is amazing doctors with his progress!  He has even become a bit of a celebrity because no one expected him to pull out of his situation last week.  The internal bleeding has stopped and his kidneys are actually functioning a bit again - with dialysis continuing for now too.   He is just "him" again, if that makes any sense.  It's like he has awoken from a stupor and is the guy I met so long ago at Papa's birthday party at college.  Papa says this is the closest he has felt to his brother in years and that makes me happy too!

4.  G1 graduates in about six weeks!  Middle school and high school has been a very long road for her so I am excited to get her out of the school system in our town.  She'll take her gap year and then we can go from there.  My hope is to encourage her to take some community college classes so she can see that not every schooling experience is like what she has dealt with for the past six years.

5.  Everything is so GREEN around here all of a sudden!  I love being outside now that Spring has actually arrived.  I'm usually such a Fall/Winter person but this year I really do appreciate what's around me right now.

And, the one thing that is making me unhappy....

G2 is home sick today.  My poor little shloopy!

Have a good Tuesday everyone!

Monday, May 1, 2017

April Goals Recap!

1.  Aim for walking at least 3 miles per day.  (I think an average of 5 may be too aggressive this month.)  I don't have a fitbit (yet - more on that later this week) so I will continue to use my IPhone stepper tracker as a semi accurate indicator. -- CRUSHED THIS! MY AVERAGE WAS DOUBLE THIS!
2.  Strength/Weight training twice per week. --NOPE
3.  Yoga and/or stretching at least once per week. --NOPE
4.  Cutting back on my caffeine (Diet Coke).  I have to do it slowly as to not trigger migraines.  I want to whittle it down to two or three per day.  ( Yes I drink way too much diet soda!)  -- DONE!
5.  Up water intake to at least 16 oz per day. --DONE!
6.  Up my fruit and veg intake to a minimum of five servings per  day. --DONE!
7.  Weight loss -  I would like to lose 5 lbs for April. --SADLY NOPE..THE WEIGHT IS BEING STUBBORN AND LIKES ME TOO MUCH!
8.  Go on at least three small Spring hikes.
9.  Find and sign up for a 5K with Papa for the near future.  --PICKED A 5K FOR AUGUST 27TH WHICH SHOULD LEAVE ME PLENTY OF TIME TO TRAIN!

Even though I am putting my budget back up to it's "normal" $550 for the month of April, I am really going to try to come in a good deal under it.  --NOPE!  MISSED THIS GOAL BY $19.05

I am budgeting $130 again - this is for just my car.  If I am able to stay under this, any money left will be rolled into a "Summer fund" for the extra driving I do in the summer. --DONE! BARELY!

I would like to read at least four books in April.    -- DONE!
The Dead and The Gone (Last Survivor's #2) by Susan Beth Pfeffer
The World We Live In (Last Survivor's #3) by Susan Beth Pfeffer
The Shade of the Moon (Last Survivor's #4) by Susan Beth Pfeffer
Fragile Things by Neil Gaiman

1.  Check out some cookbooks from the library for inspiration.  --DONE
Cooking Light's Fresh Food Fast Weeknight Meals
Cooking Light's Fresh Food Fast Cookbook

2.  Try at least three recipes that are more along the "clean eating" vein.  --NOPE!

Try to bring in an extra $100 this month via Swagbucks, consignment/ebay/facebook tag sales, loose change, and any budget savings.  I am still entertaining the idea of a part time job and started a "soft" search.    --NOPE!  I DIDN'T FOCUS ON THIS ENOUGH
$60 in gifts - I didn't "earn" it but it was extra money that came in
$11.78 cashed in at CoinStar

Master Planner/Journaling:
Keep my calendar and list notebook active and up to date.  Journal at least three to four times per week.  -- DONE!

Decluttering/Spring Cleaning:
While the house is nowhere near an episode of Hoarders, it does need quite a bit of decluttering!  Here is a list of what I would like to declutter/organize/clean.  I'm hoping to possibly do even more than what's on this list...We will see how the month goes.
Declutter silverware drawer  --NOPE
Go through pantry & cupboards - wipe down/organize --DONE!
Wipe down cabinets and appliances  --DONE!
Organize fridge and freezer  --DONE!
Declutter and straighten up spice cabinet, wipe down inside as well --DONE!
Dining Room:
Dust wall sconces  --DONE
Sweep  --DONE
Dust crown moldings  --DONE
Wipe down chairs  --DONE

Living Room:
Declutter/organize desk - HUGE task!  May take pictures to show how big the task really is!  --NOPE
Wash large front window  --DONE
Sweep  --DONE
Family Room:
Sweep fireplace ashes  --DONE
Dust  --DONE
Clean mirror  --DONE
Clean doors to deck  --DONE
Steam clean carpet (Papa)  -- NOPE
Downstairs bathroom:
Isn't too bad...just general mopping/cleaning needed  --DONE BUT ONGOING PROCESS TO KEEP CLEAN OBVIOUSLY
Declutter under sink cabinet  --DONE
My closet:
Go through what's in there - decide what is staying and going  --NOPE
Put away some of the heavier winter sweaters/jammies --PARTIALLY DONE
Straighten/organize upper shelving --NOPE
Straighten/organize floor of closet  --DONE
Upstairs bathroom:
Not too bad - just general cleaning and upkeep mostly  --DONE
Clean out/declutter vanity drawers and under the sink cabinet --NOPE
Linen closet:
Straighten/declutter  --NOPE
Restock first aid/medicinal supplies as needed  --NOPE

So, that's my April in a nutshell..

I think I did okay....all things considered.

How did you do on your April goals?