Sunday, May 7, 2017

24 More LOOOOONG School Days Left!

or, in G1's case, indefinitely!

I was thinking about writing this tomorrow but then realized that tomorrow is "Positively Monday"....and this is far from a positive post.

So, if you aren't up for hearing a rant about my town's high school, come back tomorrow!  LOL

Friday was Hell Day.  There just isn't a better way to coin it.

Guppy 1 texted me from school early in the morning to say she was called down to the Assistant Principal's office.  I told her it was probably because of the LOC letter (form letter generated to students who are at half of the allowed absences for a class) and to go ahead down and tell them I was in touch with the guidance counselor....Which I have been.  G1's guidance counselor and I have been emailing back and forth regarding G1's depression/anxiety/migraine situation.  Her counselor assured me G1 was fine and if we received a LOC letter she would take care of it.  It's also worth noting that G1 has been absent four times since January when her half year classes began - students are allowed 8 absences for half year classes before there is a possibility of losing credit.  But, because of G1's 504 and my keeping the guidance counselor informed, she should be absolutely fine.


There are three Assistant Principals at our high school.  G1 knows two of them.  First, is the one we all know through her 504 meetings....lovely rational woman.  Second is the one that G1 has for gym whom she likes very much - we have never met him.  Lastly is "Mrs. Bird" whom has a reputation for being a complete and utter in she gave G1's best friend (who is a model kid and student) a detention once for a mistake the assistant principal made regarding attendance of G1's best friend to some special assembly.

You know where I am going with this..

G1 had to meet with Mrs. Bird....

G1 said that while she was waiting to go in to meet with her, there was a lot of screaming coming from the office.  When the door opened, a fellow classmate came out pretty frazzled.  So, you can imagine G1 was nervous.

G1 went in and sat down....and Mrs. Bird didn't say a word to her.  Just glared at her, trying to intimidate her by staring her down.

I guess after that didn't work, the screaming began.

The gist of the "meeting" was that G1 had her senior privileges (being allowed to leave school early and not stay for last period study) taken away because of absences and a failing grade in gym - She was out of school on two gym days and has to schedule the make ups because you can't just walk into another gym class and get credit.  There was no room explaining anything to this woman though because she was on a much so that G1 tried to finagle her phone in her pocket and tried to record her...sadly it didn't work.  G1 was told that if she didn't stay for the full day and go to the last period study hall, she was getting an all day Saturday detention.  G1 held her tongue until she was dismissed and then called me from a stairwell.

She was an absolute mess when she called me.  I told her to head up to the guidance office and talk to her counselor.  Unfortunately her counselor had to proctor the make up AP exams and only had a moment to talk to her.  She told G1 that she had emailed the Assistant Principal who must not have read the email and that she would take care of it.  G1 was supposed to come back up before she left at the normal senior privilege time to speak to guidance again....

That didn't happen because G1 went to her next class and lost it.

Total panic attack.  I swear it was like PTSD from her middle school days when they locked her in a small glorified closet of an office because they didn't like the clothes she wore.

She called me again and I tried to talk her down.  I told her to go back up to guidance but no one was allowed in the office because of the make up testing going on.  I told G1 to go to the health office and see the nurse....

The nurse took one look at her and told her to call me to come get her.

Once home, and slightly calm, G1 emailed the guidance counselor and told her what happened and why she wouldn't be coming back up to see her at the end of the day.  The guidance counselor emailed her back later, apologizing for her bad day, and said she was meeting with Mrs. Bird on Monday morning.  We will see what comes of that.  G1 uses her senior privilege time wisely.  It has helped tremendously for her to get out of school early and not be stuck in an extra study hall at the end of the day.  Plus, her therapy appointments are usually scheduled during this time too.  So if it doesn't turn out satisfactory with her privilege "reinstated", we will be requesting a meeting with this Mrs. Bird and it won't be Papa plans on asking her if we should use the same tactics she used on our daughter or if we should try to work things out with her like a normal human being.

After the last six years of school for G1, it's seriously no wonder why the idea of college is turning her off so badly.

But, wait!  There's more!

Here's the real kicker!

Later on Friday afternoon, the mail came.  There was an envelope addressed "To The Parents of Guppy 1" from the high school.  The letter was an invitation to an awards ceremony in two weeks in which G1 was getting some sort of academic award....

Seriously?  Where's Ashton Kucher?  Am I on the show Punk'd?

G1 has no idea what the award is for so I plan on calling the number on the letter to see if we can figure it out.  My best guess is it's for her creative writing.  But, who knows?

So G1 is down in the Assistant Principal's office in the morning, getting yelled at and made it feel like a "bad kid" who doesn't deserve senior privilege only to get a letter in the afternoon that she is receiving an academic award?!?!

So aggravated right now about the whole situation.....

I absolutely HATE the way 90% of the middle school and high school teachers/administrators have treated Guppy 1.


  1. Ugh! I'm so tired of dealing with teachers who don't get it (504/IEP) issues and the administrators who understand the legalities but don't have the spine to tell the asshat teachers to hit the pavement

  2. What wretched being yells at a student? That alone is hostile and should be grounds for discipline.

  3. Thanks for the support ladies! Today's the day we find out if she can leave early or not! I told G1 that she needed to do whatever the school told her to do today (even if that means sitting through last period study hall). And, that we would take care of the rest if needed. =)