Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Day Book for Tuesday May 16th, 2017

Sadly I still can't get Guppy 1 to approve any prom photos yet!  Haha!

Outside my window...
It's sunny and absolutely perfect weather today! 

What I am wearing....
Black T shirt, olive green shorts, sneakers

What I am hearing...
The convection oven warming up my lunch, birds chirping, some construction going on down the road.

What I am reading....
I'm re-reading one of my all time favorite books....Weaveworld by Clive Barker!  I haven't read it in at least twenty years so it's almost like reading a new book again since I have forgotten many of the details.  ;)

From the kitchen...
I'm heating up the last of the Mother's Day fried chicken and twice baked potatoes.  I'm quite sure this week isn't going to be great weight wise but, since Papa only makes this once or twice per year, I'm going to enjoy every last morsel.  LOL 
Later I need to bake some brownies for the Guppies to snack on afterschool this week.  And probably make some sort of portable baked breakfast type good for G1.  (Thank goodness G2 is pretty reliable with only wanting her croissants 99% of the time.)

From the learning rooms....
The Guppies have a half day today as the school promotes "Be One" day.....Personally, I am not a fan of this program at our high school.  Here's why:  Be One Day is a day where the school is supposed to "unify" and let the students share their feelings/stories of depression/anxiety and how they overcame it.  Sounds like it would be a very nice day right?  It would be but, to about 80% of the administration and students, the whole thing is a farce.  I have seen the way MY kids with diagnosed issues get treated and it's not always that warm and fuzzy.  Plus, as G1 put it this morning, she gets to sit in an auditorium and listen to the popular kids get up to the podium and complain about how they got a used car for their birthday rather than a new one - very depressing stuff. ((insert eye roll))  If anyone is around my age and remembers their kids watching "As Told By Ginger", there is an episode where the school thinks Ginger is depressed.  Courtney, the rich popular girl, doesn't like all the extra attention Ginger is getting so she comes into school wearing all black, with black eyeliner, bemoaning how depressed she feels.  This sums up our high school's Be One day.

Yesterday I mentioned that I had emailed G1's Senior Experience teacher to see why those future F's were still on PowerSchool.  The email conversation went a little something like this...

Me:  We were very curious as to why our daughter has Fs (and the comment "missing") for two future assignments when a friend has As for the same future assignment.  Please advise.
Teacher:  The dates are placeholders.  She has an all day presentation on the 24th and said you are helping her with the project.  Are you aware of this?
Me:  Yes, I am aware.  I'm not questioning the date.  I am questioning the Fs.  Why would an F be a placeholder?
Teacher:  All fixed
Me:  Thank you
Teacher:  Oh I'm just here to give support and remind the students of dates.  Just because I took the Fs out doesn't mean she is passing. Mrs. R (assistant principal who G1 loves and we have dealt with through the years during the 504 meetings) has the final say and records all the grades. 

Oh really?  I  called Papa and he said to email Mrs. R the entire email chain.  Mrs. R has a right to know that the teacher pretty much just threw her under the bus!   Mrs. R and I have an very nice back and forth regarding the Fs - where she says the teacher is the one who takes care of grades but she's sorry for the extra stress to G1, and then we emailed a bit more about G1 and how much Mrs. R loves her - which we believe wasn't just schmoozing because she has told us the same thing on many occasions.

So where does this all leave us?  It's pointing more and more to the OTHER assistant principal (Mrs. Bird) who went into PowerSchool and changed G1's grades....Don't forget there was another grade she was given an F for that THAT teacher said she had no clue how it got there - AND G1 got a perfect score on it once the teacher graded it.  If anything else happens, we will pursue finding out who put those Fs in there - like Papa said, there are computer fingerprints so it wouldn't be that hard to figure out.  And, if it is Mrs. Bird, we will take her down because she is interfering with student grades.

Think it's over?  Nope!  This morning, G1 has her Senior Experience class where the teacher approaches G1 and apologizes for the "grade mixup".  Then went on to tell my daughter that I was "just down her throat" about it.  Ummm...no.  I wanted an answer, plain and simple.  I'm sorry that you, Miss Teacher, decided to throw an assistant principal under the bus and I relayed the message.

Honestly, hurry up June 14th!

And with that, I'm off!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Well, how dare you question the teacher!! And you questioned the great PowerSchool system? Are you completely off your rocker? LOLOLOL
    You know, they are well within their rights to question how you parent don't you?

    That's one if the reasons I pulled mine and went parochial school. I got tired of the crap at our public school - down to telling us we should switch specialist to one they were working with fir another student with a similar disability.....NOPE! Wasn't going to happen at all ever. Considering who they wanted us go switch to had never treated this kind of Dx (we had checked with them for a second opinion).

    Good for you not taking their crap

    1. It's so ridiculous isn't it?
      And I wouldn't have even started any trouble but, when Mrs. Bird - the nasty of the three assistant principals, brought G1 into her office, started screaming at her about senior privilege being revoked AND G1 sat there and didn't dissolve into a puddle nor talked back YET the very next day random fs starting popping up on her PowerSchool? Yeah, I AM going to start questioning that!
      My only hope is that moving forward we don't get three more years of this kind of garbage. G2 is a completely different kid than G1 (as in G2 WOULD have dissolved into a puddle of tears). G2 is our last kid in the system so all gloves are off moving forward! =)

  2. What is the real mystery to me is the timing of all of this. When it is countdown for a kids Sr. year in high school I always thought all hands were on deck enabling each child to move forward rather than doing everything in their power to make the last few days miserable. Regardless of how this pans out for G1, I probably would have to have a conference with someone from the Board of Ed and the principal.

    1. Trust me we are thinking about going to the superintendent - especially since he has dealt with us in the past as G1's middle school and high school (up to junior year) principal! LOL As for the principal, she is a piece of work and we believe (from all the Gaggling that is being done on G1's work from not just this year but PAST years) that she is in cahoots with the awful Mrs. Bird. I mean G1 is being penalized for creative writing work turned in on Goggle Classroom BEFORE Gaggle was even implemented! Another mystery, I guess?