Friday, May 5, 2017

Day Book May 5, 2017 Plus Gas & Garbage

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

We don't really do much to celebrate it here...maybe I'll make some sort of Mexican dish tonight but that's about as far as we roll these days.  LOL

Onto the Day Book....

Outside my window....
It's very gloomy! While not raining at them moment, we are supposed to have a soaker on tap for this afternoon!  Right around when I have to drive G1 and Ramsey back to that will be a lot of fun...NOT!  Anyway, there are a few more cars going by than usual - probably parents driving their kids to school? 

What I am hearing....
The dog snoring on the couch and cars going by.

What I am wearing....
Yoga capris, Jean Lafitte's Blacksmith shirt (from our New Orleans trip 19 years ago!), sneakers, and my Fitbit.  =)

What I am feeling....
I'm still worried about Rum the ferret!  Last week her back left leg seemed to be bothering her but we gave her a few days to see if it would get better.  It didn't so on Tuesday I called the vet and took her in to see what was up.  They took x-rays and nothing seems to be broken so they put her on pain meds and what basically amounts to ferret Pepto.  If she isn't better by next week, I have to bring her back for some more diagnostics.  She also lost a bit of weight - which the vet said could be from not wanting to eat because of the pain.  So, three times a day I am hand feeding her baby food chicken with gravy to supplement her dry food.
Yes, I know I am crazy!  LOL  Ferrets have always been close to my heart so Rum is getting the royal treatment!

What I am reading....
One Way Down by Terica Martin.  It's a limited release book by a lovely young woman we know from Long Island.  It's basically her diary about life touring with a small pop punk band as their merchandise girl. But, it's also more about her struggles navigating through her own life.  I'm really enjoying it - with the added bonus of knowing some of the people (other Long Island people/bands)who makes cameos in the book too.

From the kitchen....
Nothing at the moment.  The kitchen is still pretty wrecked from Ramsey cooking in it last night!  He makes SUCH a mess when he cooks here but dinner was delicious!  Like seriously good!
Later after I get the kitchen cleaned, I may try to whip up some sort of Mexican dinner - as I said above.

One bag (13 gallon sized) this week!  Woo Hoo!!!  Not sure how it happened to be honest but I'll take it!

Well, as predicted I DID use the final $15.43 in my top off last week.  So not extra money got tucked away into the summer driving fund from April's budget!
For May, I am going to continue with the $130 budget for my car's gas only.  Yesterday I filled my car up (since it was almost on E) to the tune of $29.41.  So, I have $100.59 left for gas in May.  Not sure how it's gonna go but it should be interesting!

Lastly, I wanted to leave a video from This Good Robot, a Long Island band we love.  They are an awesome and very talented bunch of young men and we have a TON of respect for them.  Most of their own music is an acquired taste but this cover is so pretty, I had to share it!  (P.S.  They chose images from the movie Guardian of the Galaxy since the sequel is soon to be out in theatres.)

Happy Friday!

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  1. Have a great day! I love reading all your posts but have been in some weird time vortex that hold me captive. I have been reading them on the fly but commenting little since they seem to disappear into some other dimension after leaving my phone.