Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Five Things That Make Me Happy....and One That Doesn't!

Because I missed my usual "Positively Monday" yesterday (oops!), I thought I would do this instead.

So, let's start with Happy Thoughts!

1.  My washer is finally fixed!  And the fix was under $40 and about thirty minutes of Papa's time!  I love that we were able to fix it since, not only did it save us a boatload of money, but it also kept the machine out of the junkyard for awhile longer.

2.  My Fitbit!  Not to sound like a broken record but this thing is actually FUN!  And pretty motivational!  I *may* be a bit obsessive about reaching/exceeding my step goals BUT I haven't been nearly as sedentary as I had been!  Strangely enough, I am finding out that I am competitive?  Never have been before but add me to a "Weekend Warrior" Challenge (most steps over the weekend) and I go into "beast mode".  LOL  I won four of the five challenges I was invited to participate in last weekend.

3.  The Comeback Kid!  Papa's brother, W, has such a long way to go healthwise, but, he is amazing doctors with his progress!  He has even become a bit of a celebrity because no one expected him to pull out of his situation last week.  The internal bleeding has stopped and his kidneys are actually functioning a bit again - with dialysis continuing for now too.   He is just "him" again, if that makes any sense.  It's like he has awoken from a stupor and is the guy I met so long ago at Papa's birthday party at college.  Papa says this is the closest he has felt to his brother in years and that makes me happy too!

4.  G1 graduates in about six weeks!  Middle school and high school has been a very long road for her so I am excited to get her out of the school system in our town.  She'll take her gap year and then we can go from there.  My hope is to encourage her to take some community college classes so she can see that not every schooling experience is like what she has dealt with for the past six years.

5.  Everything is so GREEN around here all of a sudden!  I love being outside now that Spring has actually arrived.  I'm usually such a Fall/Winter person but this year I really do appreciate what's around me right now.

And, the one thing that is making me unhappy....

G2 is home sick today.  My poor little shloopy!

Have a good Tuesday everyone!


  1. So glad things good things are happening there. I understand the competitive bit. My tag line is "It's not a competition as long as I'm winning"
    Have a great day and hope G2 feels better quickly.

  2. What a wonderful post. Made me so happy to read it. Well except for the little one being sick. Hope she feels better soon.

  3. Thank you ladies! G2 is doing much better! =)