Thursday, May 11, 2017

Gas, Garbage, & Frustration.....

Finally sitting down at my computer for a few minutes tonight!  It has just been THAT kind of day.  Speaking of which, I probably won't be posting until Monday again since it's going to be busy busy busy with prom being Saturday.

Three 13 gallon sized kitchen bags out this week!  OUCH!  One was just pet cage waste - I had been filling the same bag over the course of two weeks and it was finally full.  Truthfully, I haven't given reducing waste the time it has needed or deserved but there have been other pressing things of late.

Papa is changing my brakes as I type this.  After he's finished he is going to test drive it over to the gas station since I am still running on the dregs of last week's fillup.  So no change in what's left in my May budget as of right now.

The following is a very long rant regarding G1 and the high school...Please don't feel obliged to read if you don't want.  It's okay I understand....LOL

As for the frustration....

I swear to God the night that G1 graduates, I am going out drinking! (Not really - I'm not a drinker but with everything going on right now?  That could change quickly!  LOL)

Today has been just a shitstorm with that high school...

First G1 texts me that a rumor is going around that any senior who misses Monday (first school day after prom) that doesn't have a doctor's note will get an all day Saturday detention and each class absence will count as THREE instead of one....Say what?  This principal is being a super hard ass about Senior Skip Day.  My thoughts are that, unless parents/students are notified of said change and deviation from the student handbook, this is a bluff and just a threat to get more seniors to attend school on Monday.  Even the teachers have planned to have most seniors out.  Truthfully, the jury is out about what we are or are not going to let G1 do because of the other things that have happened today....More on that in a minute.
Oh, and guess what else?  It appears the principal wants to have GRADED study halls next year!  Again, nothing in writing as of yet but I would love to see how that is going to be accomplished.
The new principal is a nightmare...
But not nearly as bad as the Assistant Principal (Mrs Bird) I keep talking about...
She has it out for my daughter like nobody's business!

As I said previously, G1 had her senior privilege revoked and then reinstated....
Well a letter came in the mail today that said her senior privilege was, in fact, still revoked.  BUT, on the bottom of the form letter was a handwritten note that said : Warning: Does not have senior privilege and needs to sign into last period study hall. Upon talking to Mrs. P (G1's guidance counselor), a plan will be established to allow for early dismissal as needed.  Mrs. P had told G1 at the beginning of the week everything was okay again.  I texted Papa and we agreed we would send off an email to Mrs. P when he got home from work.  But, that didn't happen because... read on.

When G1 got home from school, we logged onto PowerSchool to take a look again at everything...

And found some very alarming things!

1.  She is now "failing" her Senior Experience project - Seniors choose the topic they want to explore and have teacher guided help and are ultimately graded by an Assistant Principal.  (G1 thankfully doesn't have Mrs. Bird as hers)  But, upon further investigation, someone in administration put "F"s in for assignments not even due yet!  Yeah you read that right....

2.  Ditto the above for a writing assignment G1 turned in last week.  Her English teacher allowed her extra time to finish it and helped her print it at school last week.  Someone (not the English teacher) put an F there too.  G1 took the initiative and emailed this teacher who was confused about it the F being there and removed it.  She also apologized to G1 for not finishing grading the assignment yet.

3.  The attendance protocol for the high school is as follows...
When your child is sick, you must call them out and leave a voice mail stating the date and reason for absence.  When your child returns to school, you are supposed to send a note in stating again why your child was absent.
If you follow the policy, your child has an excused absence.  If you don't, it's considered unexcused and can be used against your child if they miss too many classes and for some reason needs to appeal a loss of credit letter.
Every single time G1 has been absent I have followed this (stupid) protocol.  G1 has turned in the note every time because she knows how important it is - especially with her 504.
You know where I am going with this...
Every single absence is now "unexcused" except interestingly enough ONE where part of the day's classes read "Parent Phone Call" and the other part read "Unexcused Absence".  The interesting thing about this is the unexcused absences are coincidentally placed where G1 would be over the allowed absences because, apparently she is now being penalized for going to guidance too.

Now, what would you think/do if you were G1's parents?

I was livid.  I still am as I type this up actually!

I didn't mess with an email to Mrs. P....I called her and left a very detailed voicemail.
She called back in less than ten minutes - I love this woman seriously I do! 
We had a nice long discussion about everything...
First she had no clue that Mrs. Bird sent us out that letter and had no idea about any "plan being established".
Second she saw the same things I did on G1's PowerSchool.  She told me she was screenshotting the Fs and attaching them to an email to Mrs. Bird stating that these needed to be removed and should not be counting against G1 - especially in the matter of those assignments that aren't even due yet!  We thought it was strange she was sending this to Mrs. Bird....obviously Mrs. P thinks the same thing we do - that Mrs. Bird is sabotaging G1.

Third, she told me to call the Absence Office and demand that the unexcused absences be changed.  She said to be insistent and tell them notes were sent in each and every time.

And, lastly, she said if anything else comes up that we worry about to call her immediately.  I guess I should have asked for her cell phone number because GOD HELP THEM if they give G1 a hard time about anything at prom this Saturday!  (Fortunately the venue is a twenty minute drive from here and I WILL go down there and pull a Mama Bear if needed!)

If you are still reading at this point - thank you!  I know this is quite a rant but I'm seriously so frustrated I could break down and cry.

To put this into perspective, G1 had an evaluation with a nurse practitioner regarding her current medications.  Since G1 was a new patient, we had to go over a lot of background and spent a lot of time regarding the things that have happened at the middle school and high school....
The woman used the words "abuse" and "harassment" with us when discussing what we told her has happened to G1 over the past six years.  AND agreed that of course G1 isn't interested in any more schooling at this point after all she has endured.....

We fought a LOT with the administrations for G1 over these past six years....And trust me at times we weren't very nice - always logical and never screaming lunatics.  But, truthfully?  After today, I wish we had threatened and followed through with a big fat lawsuit or two!

God help us get G2 through the next three years intact.....

Sorry for the rant....

Just had to get it off my chest.


  1. I don't blame you one bit for the rant. As someone who has worked in schools, how dare that assistant principal. This needs to be brought to the attention of her boss-- and if nothing is done then the school board. That is absolutely absurd that your daughter has to deal with that.

    1. Right Rachel? Especially with less than twenty days of school left for her!

  2. I had a friend whose son was sent to the principal ( ruckus exploded in the classroom and the teacher told D to go to the office) when he was home with flu. I believe some educators do have issues with particular kids which is fine because no one likes everybody but it should never be personal. This sounds like the ap is both personal and punitive which smacks of unprofessional behaviors. Go to the principal first then to the board of ed, superintendent preferably

    1. Anne that is so awful that happened to your friend's poor son! You are right that she is being extremely unprofessional! I'm saddened to tell you that our new superintendent is the old high school principal and is a completely spineless jellyfish! BUT, the plus side is that he is afraid of Papa and I because, before being the high school principal, he was the middle school principal when G1 was there and he did NOT like having to deal with us! (G1's worst years were 7th and 8th grade.) We used to joke because he didn't attend a single 504 meeting for G1 over the course of his years at the high school. AND on the occasions we were in the office and he saw us, he would turn mid-step and walk the other way! LOL

  3. For whatever it's worth, my son sometimes gets an F as a placeholder on PowerSchool too! (Because it shows as 0/-- in answer line, it calculates as F. Makes no sense why it happens sometimes and not others but usually resolves after actual grade is entered. Annoying!