Sunday, May 28, 2017

Out of the Loop & Quick Day Book for May 28, 2017

I can't believe I haven't posted since last Wednesday!

Phew!  The days are just flying by right now I guess....This seems to be a yearly trend in the last few weeks of school.

I will probably still try to do a May recap of some sort next week even though May has been more than haphazard for me (including losing/throwing out those grocery receipts!).

Onto the....

Day Book for May 28, 2017

Outside my window....
It's a perfect sunny day outside!  I love the way the sun is filtering through the leaves of our giant Maple in the backyard.

I'm hearing....
The clicking of Papa's computer while he sits at the dining room table across from me.  SpongeBob Squarepants on the TV from the family room thanks to G2.  The dog snoring on the living room couch.

I'm feeling....
Pretty tired still (at 10:30 in the morning!) and sore from a great walking day yesterday.

I'm wearing....
My pj's still!  Pink T-shirt and baby blue sleep shorts.

I'm reading....
Nothing really at the moment.  I started to reread my favorite book, WeaveWorld by Clive Barker, but I don't seem to have enough time to devote to it yet.

From the kitchen....
Nothing going on yet but, in a few minutes, Papa is going to start slow roasting some baby back ribs....YUUUUM!  Since the Guppies have tomorrow off, there isn't any need for me to do baking today....I'll do it tomorrow morning since Papa is going to go into work for at least a few hours so he can "save" his Memorial Day for another day during the summer.

On the agenda to accomplish today....
Papa is making the ribs and mowing the lawn
G2 is probably going to the Memorial Day parade since her boyfriend will be marching with the high school band.
I need to move/stretch out my weary hurting body!  LOL
Papa & I have to go to Target and the mall to pick up a 1st birthday gift for our great-nephew.  Since he is still so little (and can't request anything yet!), I asked my sister in law (the grandma) for some ideas of what was needed.  We will go over to Target for some diapers & wipes (always appreciated) and a small toy for him.  Then we will hit the mall to try to find some clothes (requested) and be done.  The birthday party is going to be tomorrow - we will go late after Papa's done at work; however, I won't be making the Guppies come with us as they have plans with their boyfriends.
And, lastly on the agenda, as always is the dreaded laundry!

Looking towards the week....
It's going to be a busy one!  Three separate therapy appointments for the Guppies (one is an intake evaluation for G2 about possible medication), two vet appointments at two different offices since Rum needs a special ferret vet, a trip to the town hall to renew the dog's license, and our anniversary on Saturday!  That's just what has been scheduled - I'm sure more chaos will be added to this list!  LOL

And with that, I'm off! Have a great rest of the Memorial Day weekend everyone!


  1. Ah, the frantic life of living with teens and the end of school! Have a great unholiday!

    1. Thanks Anne! And yep it's crazy! =)

  2. I related to stretching out weary body part of your post. My muscles hurt everywhere in my body from overdoing it. Ribs sound phenomenal.

    1. They were Sam! Although I limited myself to two small ribs! =)
      I am trying to work through the pain and hope for the best at the moment! LOL