Monday, May 8, 2017

Positively Monday!

I'm not going to lie....Between an emergency trip to the vet for the ferret on Tuesday to the debacle G1 had at school on Friday (and everything else in sandwiched in there too!), last week was a rough one.

Here's to a positive beginning to a (hopefully) much better week!

1.  Tying in to yesterday's post about G1 and school, I woke up this morning to a very ummmm interesting situation!  I had gone on PowerSchool to check something else out and saw a little icon that said one of G1's grades had changed.  I clicked on it and found that the gym teacher decided to give G1 credit for her missed classes so the grade Mrs. Bird was screaming about is no longer an F!  Here's what I think is happening....
The guidance counselor is most likely having trouble getting the assistant principal (Mrs. Bird) to change her mind about revoking G1's senior privilege.  After what happened on Friday and knowing us as well as she does, the guidance counselor knows we will not be letting this go easily - especially if privileges are not reinstated.  So, we think she went to the gym teacher and talked with him to fix the situation for us.  G1 was all set to schedule her makeup classes this morning too. 
While I do not condone giving students a pass for doing nothing, this is gym we are talking about so I am not going to question it.  Plus, I am sure that G1's 504 helped her out because the original 504 was written for anxiety/depression AND anorexia (thankfully G1 has been stable/recovered since at least the middle of sophomore year).
Today is going to be interesting as we find out if G1 gets out early or not!

2.  My parents gave me a gift card to my favorite salon for a haircut and color!  I haven't had this done professionally in over two years and MY gray is really bothering my mom for some reason!  LOL

3.  I'm on a decent track food budget wise for the month!  May is a crazy month but so far so good!

4.  Senior Prom is this Saturday!  I'm really excited for G1 as she has been dreaming about this since she was in elementary school!  She has a great table of friends to sit with and an adorable boyfriend to go with!

5.  Rum the ferret seems to be on the mend!  As I mentioned above and in my Cinco de Mayo Day Book post, we had an emergency vet trip last Tuesday since her back leg(s) didn't seem to be working very well.  She seems to be doing better now - with lots of rest and all her upper levels of her cage taken out so she can't jump around.  In a few days, I'll start taking her out of the cage for a little bit of exercise time and maybe I'll put the second level back in...albeit not as high for a bit.

6.  Still going strong with my Fitbit, even though the weight isn't exactly falling off me!  I have SO much more energy lately!   I have a LOT of work to improve all of my bad eating habits but I'm happy that I *should* be able to do the hiking we want to do over this summer.

And, I guess that's it for my positives right now.

Have a happy Monday everyone!


  1. Happy Monday! I hope G1 gets to enjoy Sr. Privileges. By this time of the year the schools I have ever dealt with are concerning themselves with real issues, like the kids who need additional academic help just to graduate than to worry about harassing a kid over a gym grade.