Monday, May 22, 2017

Positively Monday....

Sorry for the lack of posting over the weekend....

I've been in a funk and figured it would be much better to NOT write than to continue complaining over everything that has been going on around here....

You know those times when everywhere you turn something else bad is happening to you, your family, or someone you love?  Yeah, that's me right now.

However, it's Monday and I am determined to find those silver linings and try to set myself up for a good week!

Let's see what I can scrounge up for positives.....

1.  Papa and I made plans for our anniversary in a couple of weekends!  We have wanted to try a restaurant on the Waterbury/Stowe line in Vermont for quite some time but, every time we have gone on vacation to Vermont, never have the time to do it.  So...We are going to take the four-ish hour drive each way on our anniversary and go to dinner!  While it would be nice to do an overnight, it's really not in the budget at the moment and I can't leave the Guppies to take care of/walk our monster of a dog.  G1 and Ramsey will spend the weekend here (rather than Ramsey's house) so that G2 isn't alone - G2 gets kind of freaked being in the house alone at night.  While the idea of driving that many hours JUST for dinner might sound crazy to you, trust me we have done this sort of thing MANY times in the past - As a matter of fact, before our favorite pizza place closed in Stowe, we would drive up there just to get a pizza!  LOL  I'm really looking forward to this day!  Besides it being our anniversary and having a lot of time to unwind with Papa on the drive, there is something about this area that calms my soul - which is something I desperately need!

2.  I know I am going to jinx this, but, I *think* we have gotten our point across to the nasty Mrs. Bird at the high school - albeit in a roundabout way!  I'm hopeful we have made enough noise so that she knows we know she tampered with G1 grades (without outright accusing her) and will pursue this if needed.

3.  Papa's brother will be transferred to a physical rehab place within the next couple of weeks.  There was an infection the doctors were worried went to his heart but it thankfully did NOT!  While the liver team at Yale is dismissing him from their care, they have brought up a few times that he should try to get/stay as healthy as possible and get back on his feet because "another hospital" may be willing to put him on their transplant list.  Papa told me this was said a couple of times in passing so they are encouraging his brother to find a new route and not give up.  We both really want to see him fight through this addiction and have the best relationships with the people in his life.

4.  I am trying to figure out what the next chapter in life is going to hold since the Guppies are growing up.  In three short years, G2 will be off to college and I don't want to sit here twiddling my thumbs all day!  Yes, I still want to write.  I am trying to decide to what capacity and how I can feel productive and a contributing member of society.  Haha!

5.  I usually don't have much to say that's "good" about my hometown but I feel I have to share this....An old classmate of mine has a daughter who is six and was just diagnosed with leukemia.  While at the hospital, her dad (my classmate) told her that he was going to get a pool for her when she got out of the hospital.  The pool was purchased but no one was available for weeks to install it/set it up.  Not wanting to let his daughter down, the classmate turned to his friends at our hometown's volunteer firehouse and the town's first selectman (another former classmate).  The firehouse partnered with the firehouse from the town my classmate now lives in and they worked together to build the pool and get it ready for his daughter's return home.  I'm so sad that his daughter is sick but so happy that good people came to the rescue to help spread some happiness for his sweet little girl.

Even though I already posted this, I'm adding two more positive things....

6.  Even though our dishwasher broke again, the part that Papa believes to be the problem isn't that expensive a repair AND we can get free shipping for it from Amazon Prime. 

7.  Ramsey is going to be here for dinner tonight...which means I don't have to cook!  He's going to make us Philly Cheesesteak Sandwiches with fries and sautéed asparagus.  YUMMY!

I wish I had some more positives to share.  I am having a hard time pulling any out of my head right now though!

I'm really hoping things and my mood turn around quickly!

Have a great Monday!\


  1. The fact that you're feel low, but still came up with some should be applauded. It is easy to think "life is great" when good things are happening, but but harder to pull the light through the cracks when it is not, to turn a Leonard Cohen phrase a bit.

    1. That is very true Sam! I definitely tried this morning and will continue to look for the good - no matter how hard it gets sometimes. =)

  2. Enjoy your anniversary dinner!

    That was really sweet about the town coming together to help with the pool

    1. Thanks Bee! It is still two weekends away but I am really looking forward to it!
      I agree about my hometown helping my old classmate out. I was really impressed to be honest and proud at that moment to say that I grew up there. I saw pictures on facebook and it appears one of the two fire departments (not sure if it was our hometown or his current town) let his son "help" get things ready for his sister too....The son (who I'm guessing is only 8 or 9) was even given his own official fireman jacket and pants.

  3. Some days there is just nothing seemingly joyful but I am finding that doing this really does help me. Of course some days the best thing that happened is that I didn't figuratively kill anyone.
    Don't feel bad about feeling normal right now, some weeks just suck.

    1. Thanks Anne! I am wondering if it would be better for me to follow in your footsteps right now and chronicle at least one good thing that happened each day during the week. It may keep me actively looking for good things!

  4. J and I travel to NY STATE for meals at our fav place all the time!

    1. Kindred spirits with being travelers at heart I think! =)

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