Monday, May 29, 2017

Positively Monday!

After a little debate, I have decided to merge the way Anne does her posts by chronicling at least one good thing every day AND (hopefully) finding some extra good things to add at the end!
On to the positives!

Guppy 2's weird sunburn thing on one side of her face healed enough over the weekend so she wasn't feeling too self conscious to go to school.  (Silvadene burn cream for the win!  Glad I had some left in our linen closet from when I burned myself.)  I don't think there is going to be any long term effects either so double positive!

Ramsey was here for dinner and made us some AH-MA-ZING steak sandwiches!  Even though I am stuck with (hand)washing all the dishes, it was so worth it!

Still keeping up with my Fitbit as best as I can.  This was a decent day with me getting in just shy of 21K steps despite some stomach issues and appointments during the day.

I took a really nice night drive with G1.  I promised her a drive by the beach as a reward for finishing up the slides she needed to do for her senior experience project.  We didn't talk a whole lot but spent most of the ride listening/singing to music we both love.

I took time for myself and walked quite a bit!  Initially I was hoping to get 30K steps but, when G2 asked me to hang out and watch a YouTube series with her, I couldn't refuse!  G2 has been having a difficult time lately and needed the extra attention which is worth WAY more than a number on an app!  So, I was satisfied with my 27K and took precious time with my almost 15 year old!

G1 nailed her senior experience project about her gap year!  Remember those future Fs I had to fight to have taken off her PowerSchool record?  Yeah, well, they were replaced with (well deserved) perfect scores!  G1 was worried at first because her two "judges" were old teachers that didn't particularly like her.  (One was the sophomore English teacher who told her she wasn't "good enough" to be in AP for Junior year.)  G1 had to do a 10 to 15 minute presentation and then answer judge's questions.  She was so happy that she was able to handle all the questions - I told her it helped that she picked a project she loved so much!.  When one judge got a little snarky and asked her what she planned on doing if she and her boyfriend didn't last forever and broke up, G1 kept her cool and told the judge/teacher that this plan was happening BEFORE the boyfriend and would happen if he wasn't around.  The judge looked at her and asked if she planned on travelling alone and G1 said she absolutely would.  That judge didn't have anything else to say!  LOL  Also, Mrs. Bird was walking around the room (the seniors' projects were set up science fair style) and stopped at every table but G1's.....We all got a great laugh from that!  =)

I received a phone call back from the nurse practitioner for Guppy 2 and was able to get her in for an intake evaluation pretty quickly!  It took three weeks to get G1 in initially so this is a positive in my book!
I also had a very nice conversation with the high school secretary (who happens to LOVE G1) and she helped me clear up a few new issues that were thrown at us - including an email from the bookkeeper that said G1 couldn't receive her cap and gown because she owed an unspecified amount of money with no further explanation.  (And, of course, my phone calls to the bookkeeper went unreturned.)  G1's record is fine per the secretary with no monies owed.  Hurry up June 14th!  =)

An afternoon trip to the pediatrician for G1 left us (slightly) relieved.  G1 has been having some ongoing complaints which led me to worry that she could have gotten Lyme's disease (ticks are super bad around here this year and we have taken way too many off our dog) but the doctor we saw (not our usual one unfortunately) didn't think it was Lyme's and didn't order bloodwork to rule that out or any other possibilities (like mono).  His opinion is that G1 is over-stressed.  No really?  Haha!  I'm cautiously adding this diagnosis as a positive because this doctor didn't think it was anything worse but truthfully, I am not completely convinced.

G2 had her BFF over to hang out and then go to the movies so Papa and I had a chance to take a really nice hike!
Also, I pushed myself to a new all time high for steps in a day!  40K!  Papa and I literally took a walk at 11pm so I could finish! 

Papa made us a delicious rib dinner!
We had to go grab a gift for our great nephew's 1st birthday and I wanted to keep it under $100 in total.  We were able to get a decent sized package of diapers, wipes, a toy, 1 summer beach outfit/bathing suit, 2 shirts and 1 coordinating pair of shorts for $78.57 in total.  The diapers were our niece's preferred brand and the clothes were all high quality (on clearance) in a size that will last him all summer.

No extra positives today unfortunately...

Have a great Memorial Day!


  1. I'm happy things are going well in the final weeks for G1. Congratulations on all your steps=you are rocking the walking thing.

    1. Thank you Sam! Let's hope that things can continue to remain more calm with G1 and school! LOL As for the walking, the fitbit has made such a difference for me in staying motivated. =)

  2. You are leaving me in the steps dust! Oh well!
    I know G1 has got to be feeling a lot of stress along with a lot of relief. At least now you know the Bird woman dislikes your daughter (family?) so you can be sure to keep a vigilant eye out for any retaliation against G2.

    1. Hi Anne! Getting in all the steps does feel great and is good for my MS in the long run. =)
      And, yes! We will be keeping a close eye on G2 and the next three years! Like Papa said, if anything gets started with G2 we are all in! Last kid in the school system means there is nothing to lose in the future! LOL