Monday, May 15, 2017

Positively Monday....Sort Of...

Happy Monday everyone!

I am really hoping to get G1's "approval" to share some pictures on my blog from Saturday's prom.  It may prove worse than pulling teeth however but I will do my best!  LOL

I hope everyone enjoyed their Mother's Day!  Mine was quiet, which would have been very lovely if I wasn't feeling sick!  Thankfully, we had already decided that we would "celebrate" Mother's Day (aka do what Mom wants to do!) a few weekends from now with a day trip to Stowe to go hiking.  (Technically, they prefer everyone stay off the mountain until after Memorial Day to protect the trails and ensure "mud season" is completely over.)

Anyway, let's see what I can come up with for "positives" to start this week off right!

1.  G1 had a great time at prom!  Ramsey really stepped up to the plate and was a good sport/doted on her like she was a princess!  I think her self confidence got a very big and much needed boost which makes me very happy!  We all remember the "mean girls" in high school and G1 had fun with the fact that these girls couldn't stop staring at Ramsey, who is a pretty handsome kid. 

2.  Mrs. Bird WAS one of the prom chaperones but left G1 alone.....mostly.  At the end of the night, while in line for their umbrella, G1 saw Mrs. Bird mouth to the principal "That's her" and pointed directly at G1, who actually got a good laugh out of it rather than freaked out.

3.  I learned an...ummmmm...interesting life hack over the weekend....
It is pretty fitting I guess, considering the prom theme was Hollywood Red Carpet....
Apparently many of the "stars" duct tape their chests when a bra won't work with their dresses.  Well, I, in fact, learned how to do that on Saturday night!  And it worked like a charm!  LOL

4.  Mother's Day dinner was AH-MA-ZING!  Papa made me some of my favorite things...
Homemade Buttermilk Fried Chicken
Twice Baked Potatoes
Homemade KFC style biscuits
I'm sure my scale will show it on Wednesday, but it was worth it!  =)

5. We have decided to confront the school on some of the issues surrounding G1.  I wrote an email to a teacher this morning questioning how G1 could have two Fs for future assignments.  I got a reply that these are just "place holders".  I wrote back asking WHY AN F would be a place holder!  So far, no response.  Why am I adding this on my positively Monday list?  Because, while I have faith in G1's guidance counselor, I am beginning to think that *maybe* a little parental heat will stop this crap from happening too.  Instead of sitting back in a pool of anxiety, I have taken some action!  Haha!

I'm not sure I can think of much more than five for today....

Have a great Monday all!


  1. So glad your daughter had a good time at prom despite everything going on with her school. And good for you for taking the steps to confront the school. Hope you have a good day!