Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Weigh In Wednesday!

Time for Weigh In Wednesday already?

Last week I was 182.1 lbs.

When I hopped on the scale this morning, I was....

180.4 lbs!

So, a loss of 1.7 lbs this week.

I know I *should* be happy....

And I am, really.  I know that this is a HEALTHY amount to lose per week...

But, I am still hoping for those big numbers, you know?

Blame it on my earlier years of failed diet attempts and pulling those big losses in the first few weeks.

I just keep reminding myself that this isn't a quick fix....

It's a lifestyle change!

Along with the weigh in, I want to keep track here of my mileage for the week.  Even though our Long Trail hike is about three years away, I still need to get into shape for regular hiking this year.  I don't want to be the one holding my family up by needing to keep stopping on the trail!

So, after a quick calculation, since last Wednesday, I have walked.....

71.3 miles!

An average of ten miles per day!  That makes me feel accomplished at least!  =)

My goal for next week is to be out of the 180's and never EVER see them again!

Have a great Wednesday everyone!


  1. From my point of view you've had a fantastic week with a combination of weight lost and miles walked!! Way to go!

  2. Good for you! Any loss is a good loss! You Go Girl! :)

  3. You are doing AWESOME!!!!

  4. Thank you ladies! I have to say that I DO notice such a difference in my energy level at least! =)