Saturday, May 13, 2017

When Is This Going to Freaking End? Coincidence or Not?

If you aren't following G1's "saga", you don't want to read today's post either!  With any luck, things will be calmed down enough by next week and I can at least go back to some of my regular blogging posts.
This morning I am ranting (again) more to help ME get it off my chest so I can keep G1 calm and relatively happy while getting ready for prom!

Guys I am seriously at my wits end!  Enough is enough you know?

Let's talk about yesterday's new developments, shall we?

The senior student body was sent an email from Mrs. Bird regarding the revocation of senior privilege.  It restated the "punishments" for leaving school when senior privilege is revoked - with the third "offense" resulting in loss of privilege "forever".  But, it also stated that anyone found "writing in their names on the senior privilege roster" would also received said punishments.  G1 had been writing her name down all last week because Mrs. P (the guidance counselor) told her she was all set.
So, up the guidance office, G1 goes to talk about the email.  While there, my smart daughter also decided to tell Mrs. P that the attendance office had only changed the most recent two absences from unexcused to excused.  Mrs. P is getting past annoyed now too and called down to Mrs. Bird's office -who was conveniently at lunch.
Oh, and that "F" that was mysteriously put in for an English paper for G1?  The F that the teacher has no idea how it got there? (WE can sure guess how though.)  Her REAL grade was put in yesterday when the teacher finished grading it - perfect score!  100/100!  Take that Bird!  =)

Before I get to what happened last evening, I have to talk about something that happened to Ramsey...

Ramsey has a CRAZY ex girlfriend...G1 does NOT know her personally as she lives an hour away from us.  Well, the ex is somehow friends with someone who G1 used to be friends with here in town.....Ex found out it is prom weekend here and posted Ramsey's cell number up on all her social media, requesting everyone spam the crap out of him this weekend!  Ramsey pulled out the SIM card from his phone and now has to change his number next week.  BUT, at least he was able to minimize the annoyance for prom night right?

I mention this mostly because of what happened around 10pm last evening....

Let's set the stage, shall we?

G2 was upstairs in her room skyping her boyfriend.
G1 and Ramsey were in the family room watching a Redbox movie.
I was upstairs in my room, watching tv.
Papa was in the dining room, facing the living room, which looks out into the road....

Where Papa saw three cop cars in front of our house with flashlights shining around our yard!
Papa went outside to talk to them.
Apparently, an anonymous phone complaint was lodged with our police department about "kids partying" at an address that doesn't even exist on our street!  The address given was off by the middle digit to ours and the cops thought maybe kids were at the cemetery (across the street from us) or our house (since not many families actually even live on my street, it's mostly older people).  The cops couldn't understand it because everything on the street was completely quiet!
They left without any incident (obviously).
(It should also be noted that I have had police at my house only one other time...
A little old lady rammed into a tree that was in our front yard.)

Am I losing my mind?  Or does this sound completely suspect?

I wouldn't put it past Mrs. Bird.  We are putting up a lot of resistance to what she is dishing out to G1 at school.  And, the school handbook states something regarding what happens to students should they get in trouble with the cops for things like illegal partying and it includes not being able to take part in things like prom.  Did she actually take a chance that G1 was such a "bad kid" that she would be partying night before prom?  Did she just transpose the address?
I think that if school administration had anything to do with this complaint, it will be evident to us  tonight at prom.


Was it Ramsey's crazy ex?  We have a very difficult last name to pronounce and spell.  The chances of her being able to do it are slim.  BUT, Crazy Ex is friendly with one of G1's old friends and could have gotten information (like our address) from her....and took the chance that G1 could have been having a party but messed up the address?  Or maybe just called it in to shake her up?

Besides living on a quiet road full of mostly older people and cemetery, we also have a huge farm that takes up a good one third of our street!  A random complaint regarding kids partying seems very unlikely to me.

I keep hoping I am just getting paranoid from stress and lack of sleep.....

Part of me cannot wait until tomorrow morning....

When prom is over and I will hopefully be relieved it went well.

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  1. Man, you have an interesting month of May. I can attest to your faithful readers.........your last name is VERY difficult.