Wednesday, June 14, 2017

A Quick Check In and Weigh In Wednesday

The day has finally arrive!  Guppy 1 graduates from high school today!  Part of me feels like it has been one million years and part of me feels like I just sent her off to preschool!  LOL
She's taught me so much over the course of her school years.  And, while she may not be adorned with accolades from the school or weighed down in honor cords, I am very proud of her and I know she has the ability to go on and do great things in her life!
The weather is supposed to be pretty darn nice today (highs in the low 80's and sunny) so there will be an outdoor ceremony this evening.  Papa, G1, Ramsey, G2, and I will head over to hibachi (G1's choice) for a late dinner afterwards.  Then we will come home for G1's favorite ice cream cake and her presents.  We decided to give her things to help with her gap year:  some money, a nice leather journal to record the experience, and two classic books about travelling the US - Travels with Charley by John Steinbeck and On the Road by Jack Kerouac.  (Thank God she isn't planning on leaving until late August/early September!  I don't think my heart could handle graduation AND her leaving quickly!  LOL)
Anyway, after cake and presents, I think I am going to collapse in bed and sleep for a week!  =)

If you recall, I ended up eating breakfast before remembering to get on the scale last week so I skipped my weigh in altogether.
Well, this week I remembered so here goes....

Last time I weighed in at...

This week I am....

So a minimal weight loss of 1.1 lbs in two weeks.

Honestly, it probably was a bit more but last night I had a little "episode" with some cookies and it wasn't pretty!  (Haha!)

I haven't been all too careful with what I have been putting in my mouth lately.  Part of it is how busy things have been.  Part of it has been my stress eating kicking back in.  And, part of it is just being too tired/lazy to do the right thing.

This summer is going to be a crazy one for sure but I am hoping I will have more flexibility in my days so I can get myself completely back on track.

For those curious, I have been *sort of* keeping up with my walking.  I'm a bit disappointed because I just haven't been pulling big numbers but here is how I did for the last TWO weeks:

252,719 steps = 119 miles (approximately)
an average of 59.5 miles/week

While I find that number disappointing, I am also trying to remember where I was at the beginning of the year with mileage.  I have more than double the amount of miles I walk (even on a "bad" week) since January and that IS something to be happy/proud about, even if these past two weeks weren't what I hoped for).

Anyway, I'm off with a zillion and one things to get done today!

Have a great Wednesday everyone!

And, if you are trying to lose weight as well, how did you do?

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