Friday, June 23, 2017

Day Book Friday June 23, 2017

I'm going to be a busy bee today I think!

Outside my window...
Sunny-ish start to the day.  I think there are supposed to be thunderstorms later this afternoon.

What I am hearing...
The dog chowing on her breakfast.  That's pretty much it.  G1 is at Ramsey's and G2 is in her room reading.

What I am wearing...
Blue V-neck Tshirt, gray shorts.  However, in case you think I have it together this morning, I actually don't.  I slept in yesterday's clothing because I was too tired to change when I collapsed into bed last night!  LOL

What I am reading....
I just finished The Graveyard Apartment.  It was originally written in Japanese and read like a Japanese horror movie - G2 loves watching these on Netflix so that's why I am making the comparison.  I'm not sure if anything got lost in translation, but, I think there were too many gaping holes at the end of the book.  It didn't make much sense to me to be honest.
Now I started a new book called (excuse my language) Unfuck Your Habitat.  I saw it at the library and the cover caught my eye - the word "unfuck" isn't completely spelled out because there is a banana peel in it  LOL!  It's supposed to be a housekeeping book for "the rest of us".  You know, the people who have a hard time keeping up with routines and schedules.  Haha!  If I like it, I will write another post about it.

What I am feeling...
Honestly, I'm emotionally and physically beat beyond belief!  This summer is kicking my great big behind already!  I think part of that could be all the extra care having to be given to Rum - but I am thrilled to still have her here with us.  She's doing pretty darn good so far but I know it's only a matter of time until that changes.  She appears to be pain free (thank you medication) and is still her curious self.  Of course she will only eat Gerber chicken baby food by hand (she eat it off my pinky) but that's okay.  She can be a prima donna for the rest of the time she is with us. 
Anyway I am juggling a LOT of balls right now and trying very hard to not drop any!

From the kitchen...
Nothing at the moment....unless you count G2's toast in the toaster!  Haha!
The kitchen is actually pretty clean this morning.  It won't be staying that way for long though! My parents invited me along for a Costco run.  I know this is a controversial topic as some people think I shouldn't be receiving help from my parents.  They offered this trip and, after the nearly $1500 I have spent since the beginning of this month on our animas (dog yearly check up is included here), I could use the help tremendously.

On the weekend agenda....
Today I have to spend some time cleaning the house!  G2 *may* have friends sleep over tonight so I want to make sure the family room is ready in case!
Tomorrow is our usual farmer's market run but, since we still have quite a bit of milk left, we may either skip it or just grab Papa's yogurt.  I guess we will decide when we wake up tomorrow since the weather is supposed to be iffy.
Sunday, G2 is off to Lake Compounce with friends so the house should be quiet during the day.  Sunday night we are picking G1 up from Ramsey's house.  They have been together consistently since June 10th!  First for over a week here and then to Ramsey's for the past five or so days!  They were really squeezing as much time in as possible since Ramsey starts his full time job on Monday and G1 starts ramping her job search up then too.

Have a great Friday all!


  1. I need the housekeeping book you have!
    Officially it is no ones business but yours if your parents pitch in occasionally or not. I have adult children and when I do something like that for them, I think of it more as a gift to me that I am able to help them, than a gift to them. I kind of live by the theory that it is a blessing to be a blessing.

    1. Anne, the book is actually kind of funny - practical too but I find myself laughing as I read some of it. =)
      And, while I agree it's no one else's business, I do try to keep this blog "real". Since I am not even close to be a complete frugal and do struggle with things, I feel it's important to stay truthfull. =)

  2. I feel bad if anyone implied your shopping or an occasional gidt grom your parents is not OK. Like Anne, I'll help my kids from time to time out of love. Hubs mom still picks up "extra's" on shopping trips and distributes to us-cheese, baking supplies, socks etc.. It's called family and I'm trying to just appreciate things as gifts.

    1. Sam, my "regular" readers didn't imply anything of the sort. =)
      As I said to Anne, I just feel the need to keep it real here. And this is a real happening here. I am not anywhere near able to squeeze our pennies the way some are able But, I am trying to learn and do it in a way that fits my family, our morals, etc. =)