Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Hard Day

Our little cutie when we first brought her home....

Please feel free to skip today's post as it is all about our ferret.....

Long time readers have probably gathered that I am a bit....ummmm.....passionate? about my animals.  When I was young, 12 or 13 years old, my father made a comment along the lines of "You care more about animals than you do people".  While not accurate these days, I still have a huge weakness when it comes to my little critters.

As I have blogged about recently, Rum (our ferret) has been having some mysterious health issues.  Over the weekend it got a bit worse so off to the vet we went yesterday afternoon....

I spent over 5 hours at two different vet offices....

So, yeah you can imagine the news wasn't good.

Our usual vet (first stop) found a lump in Rum's stomach that hadn't been there a week prior.  They took an x-ray but couldn't determine if it was a foreign body or swollen lymph node.  And, they didn't feel that had decent enough ultrasound equipment to pinpoint what was going on.  So, they referred me to a different vet (just one town over from my home actually) to get the ultrasound done.  They told me to go straight over so I was already nervous.

I'm not going to lie....I lost it on the car ride there.  I was dealing with this alone - Papa was at work and G1 was at Ramsey's, and I didn't want to face decisions that may have had to be made.  I called Papa in the car (hysterical) because my biggest fear at that point was that Rum had somehow swallowed something she shouldn't have and we wouldn't be able to afford the two to three thousand dollar surgery to remove it.  I was also freaked out because the second vet was a 24 hour emergency care facility.  We have a 24 hour emergency place in my town that GOUGES people and it's simply disgusting.  I was worried that the place I was sent would do the same to me.

Thankfully, the second office was quite wonderful and very nonjudgmental.  The vet even hugged me (yes I was that much of a wreck!) and the tech lent me his phone charger when my phone was just about dead while texting Papa and G1 about the situation.


Ultrasound showed no foreign object....rather an enlarged liver and blown up lymph nodes.  Bloodwork revealed high white blood cell counts among other things.  Our one year old ferret most likely has cancer.   I say most likely because we didn't go ahead and get a needle biopsy of any of the sites.  Why didn't I get a definitive answer?  The vet said we should only do the biopsy if we were going to pursue chemo.  I wasn't going to do that to Rum.  That tough decision I was able to make on my own.  It didn't seem fair to do that to her.

So, the vet gave her some injections to make her more comfortable and gave me some oral meds to give her here at home...so we have (hopefully) some time to pamper her (more than she already is!) and say goodbye.  While I was at the vet's, Papa was on the internet checking stuff out for me to help us make informed decisions.  He said that the course of treatment we are on with Rum is the one most people choose rather than chemo.  Typically ferrets with this diagnosis on this course of treatment get up to six more good months, if lucky.

At least Rum is currently not in any pain (thanks to the meds) and we have some time to digest what is happening.

Also, late last night, as I finally crashed into bed, Papa and I had a heart to heart discussion.  We have decided no more animals for awhile.  Besides Rum, we have G2's 10 1/2 year old dwarf rabbit and our crazy 10 year old lab.  Once they pass, I need a break from the heartache.  I take our pets' deaths way too hard, I know that. 

I guess it's just part of who I am.


  1. So sorry about your Ferret. We had one named Randall when the boys were young. They really get under your skin with all the goofy things they do. Just love and care for him as you have been. I think that's the best thing you can do. Know that he has been loved very much and will continue to be loved and pampered. It hurts (we just lost our 18 year old dog a few months ago)but think of how wonderful a life he has with you. It's never long enough with the pets that become our family. Take care.

  2. So sorry to hear about Rum. I live in California and we go to Laughlin quite a bit. There is a ferret farm we pass close to it. I always want to stop but my husband won't because he is afraid I'll bring one home. LOL. We already have 2 dogs and a cat. But I would love one. They are so cute!

  3. Plus, I don't think you can have ferrets in California. I'm not sure though.

  4. Thank you both. Rum seems to be holding her own right now, which is good news. She's eating and still being active at the moment which makes me very happy. And she is getting even more pampered than usual! =)
    Crystal, I am sorry about your pup! 18 years is a long life but, you are absolutely right, it is never enough time with them!
    Mia, I don't know if they are legal across all 50 states or not. I know (back when I had my first one about twenty years ago) they weren't. But, yes they are adorable with their own little personalities. =)

  5. I am very sorry. My Freddie ferret whom I had pre daughter had diabetes. It is so hard to ha bcc e to make medical decisions for our fur babies. Love Rum.