Friday, June 2, 2017

In Defense of Quality

Yesterday I wrote about going to the mall to look for a dress to wear for our anniversary dinner in Vermont and Guppy 1's graduation.
It turned into a two mall over six hour fiasco!
I completely struck out in the morning at Mall #1.  Nothing I thought looked cute on the hanger translated to anything but awful on me!  LOL  I texted a couple of pics to G1 (who always tells me the truth) and she said one of the pictures I sent looked like I turned an oriental rug into a shapeless potato sack....Yeah, good times!  =) 
After dinner I went to Mall #2 with some hope.  THIS mall had to have something right?  There were approximately double the stores so double the possibilities.....right?
It wasn't going well at all....
After about an hour (and 25 dresses) later, I wandered into Lord & Taylor and saw this Michael Kors dress.  I almost fell over when I looked at the price tag, but, since I really liked it, I figured I would try it on, hate it like all the others, and move along.  Well, the dress actually looked decent - which is a LOT for me to say since I was feeling pretty lumpy and low.  I had tried it on with a cute little black (on sale) cardigan and was pretty happy....
But, I still couldn't commit to the expense.
For the next ninety minutes I scoured every store possible (besides Nordstroms) to find another dress that could even come close.  I think I must have seriously tried on another 15 to 20 more dresses without any luck.  The final straw was when I went into the last possible store (Ann Taylor) and saw that even the clearance dresses were more expensive than the one I liked!
I dragged myself back to Lord & Taylor and face timed G1 from the dressing room.  She gave it a thumbs up.  Papa told me if I felt good in it, that was all he needed to hear.

I bought the dress and cardigan for $137.00
I swear I was sweating as I handed over the money to the store clerk.
And fought back tears almost the entire way home.
I just don't make clothing purchases like this anymore.
I haven't since the late 80's to early '90's.

After a decent night's sleep, I began to think about it.
I know some people would call it rationalizing my actions but....
This dress does fit in between my casual clothes and my two dressy dresses.  It's material is fairly forgiving to my body.  And, I am almost 100% positive that this dress will see me through some moderate weight loss because of its shape and size.  Plus, the addition of the cardigan will help extend its usefulness into the early fall.

The final added bonus is that it's a quality dress with a designer label.  When it finally doesn't serve me well anymore,  I should be able to easily consign this and recoup some of the money I initially spent.

So, yes.  I made a major splurge yesterday.
But, today I am at peace (especially since I don't think I will be buying anymore summer clothes for myself)  and excited for my adventure tomorrow with Papa!


  1. I have the same problem. I just hate trying on clothes. I think this dress is fabulous. It seems like you'll get a lot of use out of it and it will last. Good job on finding a dress you like. It's worth it!

  2. And the most important thing is . . . you're worth it!!!!!!!

    1. Thanks Mia! It was still hard to hand over the money but in the end it will serve me really well. =)

  3. I have the same problem which is why I have very few dresses. BTW I love that dress! It is really cute.

    1. Thanks Rachel! I really do like the dress and am glad I purchased it now!

  4. Sometimes a quality piece that you can wear over and over is actually the more frugal piece. Plus it is hard to put a price tag on wearing something that you feel good in.

    1. When I put the dress on, everyone was like "wow" so that felt pretty good! Especially since the Guppies would tell me the truth! LOL