Saturday, June 3, 2017

June Groceries - First Week of June

**** Setting this to automatically post for Saturday!  While you are reading this, I will be on my Vermont day adventure with Papa!****

So happy it's a new month!  That "pantry challenge" I had originally wanted to do didn't quite work as well as I wanted.  But, I'm dusting myself off and moving on from the shitstorm that was May....

The Guppies are out of school on the 14th - not that I am counting the days or anything haha!  So, I consider our "official" start of summer then.  So, I am going to raise my grocery budget for June to $650.  My hope is to do some stocking (and hiding) up since our house is usually one of the main hubs for Guppy 2 and her friends.

That being said, here's how the first few days of June went...

CVS:  $31.87*
*earned $5 extra care bucks I could use towards a few makeup needs

3 packages (16 double rolls each) Charmin toilet paper

We were down to the last roll in each bathroom so this was almost crisis level!  ;)

Stop & Shop:  $144.64

1 package Entenmann's Chocolate Chip Little Bites
1 package Entenmann's Coffee Cake Little Bites
1/3 lb olives from olive bar
1 (36 oz) tub of Tollhouse cookie dough
10 Dannon Light & Fit individual yogurts (assorted flavors)
1 canister of Cabot whipped cream
1 bag of pizza dough
1 box of Philly Cheesesteak eggrolls
1 box Bagel Bites
1 box potato skins
1 box mozzarella sticks
1 box Good Humor chocolate eclairs ice cream
2 boxes Kraft mac-n-cheese
1 large bottle of Heinz ketchup
1 bottle Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce
1 bottle store brand honey BBQ sauce (free to try when purchasing the Baby Ray's)
5 individual bottles of diet Raspberry Snapple
2 (12 packs) diet Dr Pepper (1 hidden away)
1 (12 pack) regular Dr Pepper (will hide what is left after Ramsey leaves on Sunday night to save for the next time he is here)
1 (12 pack) diet cherry Pepsi
1 family sized bag of Tostitos chips
1 family sized bag of Doritos
1 regular sized bag of Sweet Chili Doritos
1 bag of Wise potato chips
1 bottle (46.5 oz) All laundry detergent
1 package of Dixie paper plates (for the kids to use on Saturday so I don't have a mess to come home to!)
1 package Perdue chicken nuggets
1 lb of Smithfield bacon
2 packages of Perdue skinless boneless chicken cutlets
1 family pack of chicken drumsticks
1 bag of popcorn chicken
1 package of cheese tortellini
2 lbs of cherries
5 lbs of red potatoes
2 lbs of apples
1 package (8 oz) button mushrooms
1 package (5 ears) corn on the cob
1 large package of green beans
2 pints of blueberries

Farmer's Market: $0*
*no market for us this week as there wasn't going to be time before we headed out to Vermont

Total Spent This Week:  $176.51
Left In June Budget:  $473.49

Have a great Saturday!

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