Thursday, June 1, 2017

No Longer a Mall Rat....

If you were a teenager anytime in the 80's, I'm guessing you know what a "mall rat" is.  (If anyone doesn't know, it's a person who spends all their time at the mall shopping and hanging out.)
I was the epitome of this moniker in the mid to late 80's....
But, let me tell you, I am a LOOOOOONG way from that teenager I once was and not just for financial reasons either!

While I love going to the mall with the Guppies, I hate going for myself.  I hate trying on clothes now due to my weight!

But, today I am braving the mall because I don't have anything appropriate to wear for our anniversary dinner this weekend nor G1's graduation.  I am hoping to find one sundress and cardigan to fit both since my clothes are really two extremes - completely fancy (I have two dresses for this) or complete roll out of bed homeless cat lady (I have many clothes for this)!  LOL

So, if sometime this morning, you are sitting somewhere quiet and hear the faint sound of a woman screaming/cursing, well, that will be me!  =)

Have a great Thursday!


  1. Hope you found some things that made you feel like a million bucks!