Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Vet Bills, Hives, & Freebies...Oh My!

Wow, for some reason this weekend really messed up my sense of days!  I completely missed my Positively Monday post yesterday - and truth be told I was unable to keep up with the daily good thoughts last week due to how crazy life has been with the end of school looming.
So, be patient with me as my posts most likely won't be as regular as usual until school is officially out!
Let's do a little catch up!

It has been a wicked spendy few days with the animals!  Both the dog and the ferret needed their annual exams - a necessity I can't skip due to the fact they both needed their rabies boosters!
Daphne the dog went in on Friday and I came out of the appointment $271 poorer. She needed her kennel cough, rabies, distemper, lepto, and one more booster whose name I can't remember taken care of this visit.  The tiny silver lining is that the rabies and *I think* distemper are good for three more years.  Blood was also drawn and I got the results yesterday.  The vet we were stuck with this time (can't stand him as he is afraid of dogs) was trying to talk me in to brining Daph back to get an ultrasound because two of her liver enzymes were elevated - like they have been every year of her life!  Other vets we have seen at the same practice have said that, since she isn't displaying any symptoms of liver issues/failure, this is just one of "those quirky things".  So, yeah, no ultrasound needed buddy.  Sadly, she did test positive for Lyme's but thankfully isn't displaying any sort of symptoms there either. (She had a very bad reaction to the Lyme's vaccine as a puppy so we pulled it from her yearly exam.)  The vet said once they test positive it stays that way so there is no way of telling if this was a super recent issue.  Either way I will keep an eye on her behavior and call back for a round of meds if necessary.
Rummy the ferret went to the vet (a different office specializing in exotics) yesterday for her rabies and distemper boosters.  Her weight is continuing to go down even though she is alert, active, and happy otherwise.  The vet thinks it could be residual stress from when she hurt her back legs and had her cage reconfigured while recuperating.  So, she is now on two separate meds to be given twice per day - one is for possible ulcers (to which ferrets are susceptible) and the other is an antibiotic for a possible bacterial overgrowth (may be the weight loss culprit).  I told Guppy 1 that of course she would get the ferret with anxiety/stress issues!  LOL   So, the plan with Rummy is to give her the meds, supplement her diet with chicken baby food - hand fed twice per day, and weigh her at home every other week to see if there is any progress.  I walked out of that appointment $154 dollars poorer.  Plus, now I am on the lookout for a relatively cheap food scale since Rum has to be weighed in grams.  While some may think this is overkill, she is a tiny peanut already and doesn't have room to lose much if any weight.

As a result of these bills....

I am lowering my grocery budget back down!  I'm not sure of the new amount I want to aim for yet but I wasn't expecting the vet bills to be as high as they were - Daph's vet got a LOT more expensive than years past.  I know I want to cut it as much as possible though.  I need to set some time aside to really look at what's in the kitchen/pantry and brainstorm.
I'll do a separate post on this once I figure out a new dollar amount.

And, because life has been so boring - haha!, Guppy 2 came down with hives yesterday!  At first we thought it was due to the lemon chicken she had the night before (Papa and G1 get reactions when they have too much citric acid) but this morning she woke up with more in a different area of her body.  To make things more interesting, she did just start a new medication last night too!  But, since the hives began before the new meds did, I am starting with ruling out the environmental stuff first.  I had done a HUGE amount of her dirty laundry...in a new detergent.  So, today I spend a good part of the day rewashing all her bedding/clothing in another detergent to see if it helps.  Thank goodness I still had Benadryl in the closet - it has at least helped with the itching!

My parents went to Costco yesterday and bought some items for my family as well....Why hello there Perfect Timing!  Here's what they gifted us with:

6 lbs of ground beef - 1 lb used for burgers last night.  The remaining five were portioned out into 1 lb amounts for the freezer
4 lbs of bacon
4 lbs of butter
1 large container of honey roasted nuts (Papa and G1 favorite)
1 box of Nature Valley granola bars (G2 and my favorite)
1 flat of diet coke
1 flat of Gatorade
1 flat of Poland Spring water

Helpful stuff for sure!  And should help me bring down my grocery bill this month!

I want to do another post about Papa and my Saturday adventure!  I will at least say that we had a great time celebrating our 22nd anniversary!  It was a day we both very much needed in one of our absolute favorite places in the world!  Well worth the 8 plus hour round trip!  And I felt very comfortable in my dress the whole time so, yes, I am finally happy I bought it!  =)

Have a great Tuesday all!


  1. Pet care is definitely expensive, but they do enrich our lives. :-)

    Hope you have a great day!

  2. Vets are not cheap that is for sure.
    I am glad you bought that dress. It is worth it when you feel and look good in something.