Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Wednesday Weigh In - Late Edition

I had hoped to post this earlier this morning but, as usual, the day got away from me!  Such is summer life I guess!  LOL  I'm still trying to find my adjusted schedule but add taking care of Rum's new needs to the Guppies being home and well, who has time for much of anything anymore?  =)

Anyway, I DID remember to weigh myself first thing this morning so let's see how I did....

Last week I weighed in at

This morning I was

So a loss of
1.6 lbs
this week.

Truthfully, I'll take it!  My eating has to be reigned back in again - too much hibachi and pizza nights!  I keep thinking about how much LARGER these numbers could be week after week if I could just get a grip food wise!

There is always this week to try!

In the steps department, I feel like I am still coming up shorter than I would like to be.  I want to aim for 75 plus miles per week.  Sadly, I didn't hit that this week....

135932 steps = a little over 63 miles for the week

It's okay though.  I know I will get back to my goal mileage sooner than later.

How did you do this week if you are trying to get healthier/lose weight/exercise?

Hope your Wednesday was amazing!

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  1. Someone osted on my blog, slow weight loss is permanent weight loss. The fact that you are losing while still particpatin in things like hibachi and pizza night measn you are doing it right. I'm happy for anything now-though I really want to hit my first milestone marker tomorrow, and hit my starter goal of losing 20 pounds by the day we leave for my nieces wedding a week ealier so I am lighter when I dress shop. That will be a stretch, but I've got my eyes on that prize.